Tuesday, April 30, 2013


Dear Weasley Family & Friends,
    "And that's my point: all great things worth having require great sacrifice worth giving." - The Bronze Horseman
           This is REAL. This is HAPPENING! TODAY IS P-DAY!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! Eeeekkkkk! I have been waiting all week for this moment. I could hardly sleep last night because I was so excited! I thought that me and my compy compy had the earliest alarm set, so when an alarm went off I just jumped out of bed. Once I had my clothes on and was grabbing my laundry I realized it was 5:45am. I didn't even care. I was like let's get this show to the computer lab right NOW! Can't even process real thoughts right now, because I just have so much to tell you all!!
            But I will try to break it all down for you! So first off you all probs want to know my schedule and what it is like. I will give you a break down of it. I usually wake up at 5:45 or 6 at the latest. It's funny, but it isn't hard to do that here. Am I tired? Of course, but there is just so much to do and not enough time. Here is what my basic schedule looks like:
   6 am- arise and prepare
   7-7:30 - additional study time (mostly focus on language and the lesson we are teaching that day)
   7:30-8 - Breakfast
   8-9 - personal study time (I try to have like a scripture reading party, but usually I am just too nervous for the lesson so I do more language study) 
   9-12- classroom time (sometimes our teachers come in and other times we teach our investigator)
   12:15-1- lunch
   1-2:15- language
   2:15-5:15- classroom time (more language, a little bit of gospel)
   5:15-6 - dinner
   6:10-7 gym (this moves around)
   7-7:35- get ready for next activity
   7:35-8:35- TALL (online cooleyo language learning program)
   8:35-9 - additional study time (usually end up talking to the Elders, but I try to do some reading or language study)
   9-9:30 - compy comp planning time
   9:30-10:15- compy comp prayer, compy comp reading of BOM in Norsk, get ready for bed, personal time, personal prayer 
   10:15-10:30- bed time, lights out
And then............. I get up and do it all over again. Except Tuesdays, Thursdays, and Sundays. Tuesdays are service days so we serve in the morning and only have 1 set of classroom time. We also have devotional. Thursdays as you can see are my pdays so I have laundry, naps, letters, emails, Temple visit, and other stuff to do. Sundays are church meetings all day and devotional at night. Its fab. My schedule is perfectly set up so that every other day or so we have something different. Helps you to keep your mind.
          As you can see we do language all the time. Everyone told me that we would hardly do any langyage, BUT that's not the case. Sometimes I want to literally shoot myself in the face because of all the Norsk coming into my brain. The last group that sent off didn't have time for everything they wanted, so they are "fire hosing" us the first 2 weeks, and then the last bit we will just do tons of verbs and lots of practice. This is real. The schedule is crazy, but it's great. I don't feel like it's hard to follow at all. Sometimes its hard to stay on track, but everything is planned. I will tell you that there is no one inforcing the rules. You spend the whole time with your compy compy or district and just have to motivate yourself unless you have class time and your teachers are there. #letsgoofoff 
     Quote of the week:
        - Elder Gustafson is walking all werid beside me
        Me: Elder, are you okay?
     Elder G: Yeah, there is just something werid poking me in my pants.....
       Me: Um.......
        So the first week.... um... to sum it all up? LIFE IS ROUGH! I have never been on such a roll-a-coster in my life. One minute I'm up, the next I'm down. I'm on cloud nine and then my lesson sucks, and I want to cry. The first day wasn't bad. I was so busy that I didn't have time to even process anything. The second day... oh let me tell you. I had time to process it, and I had time to cry. Seriously the lang. was so tough. We went over so much that day and I was just like this isn't real life. PEOPLE THIS IS NOT A DRILL. I don't know what you are saying! Our teachers only speak to us in Norsk, which is tough, but it pushes you. I cried off and on all day long that day. But each day got better. Sunday is always amazing. It's so uplifting and you get to take a break from everything. So that helps. The food is actually way good. They have BYU ice cream every Wednesday and Sunday. After my rough week I def had 3 bowls of ice cream in ONE day. #thankgoodnessforgymtime. Love gym time. I take my flash crads with me and hit either the bike or the eliptical. I aint got time to take a break from this Norsk stuff. Lines in the lunch room aren't bad at all. I mean it's busy, but you just have to be stern. #getoutofmywayelders.
      There are so many girls here. Why aren't they married? They are all so cute. Their clothes look just like mine! Actually some of them are cuter. On Sunday we had this "what you can't wear meeting, where I am going to make you feel guilty". It was rough. We all came out and were like "Great. We have to throw everything away!" But we decided that it was between us and the Lord, and we liked out clothes too much, so we kept them. #whycantiwearalongdress Honestaly. I am going to Norway. I need to be able to wear sweat pants AND leggins under my clothes. People these days....
       There are 6 people in my room.... Spoiler alert: The rooms are built for 4. It's close quaters, but it's not bad at all. We are hardly in there, so there isn't my time to get annoyed. We have 3 sets of companionships in there. Love all the girls to death. As far as crying goes, it's been okay. Girls have only cried them self to sleep like 6 out of the 7 nights we have been here. It's a quiet cry though, so thats good. Hahaha. I think that most of the time we are crying from our prayers. More of a good cry. You don't have much time to think about home in prisIon.... I mean... the MTC....
        What's the difference between prision and the MTC?
        In prision you get visitors and a phone call.
        I will be in the MTC till May 27th. Not sure when we leave for surzies. I will get travel arrangements the week before I leave. Now for some trivia on my mission. Transvers are 12 weeks long because of the fact that we fly EVERYWHERE. We fly to transver. We fly for district conferences, and zone conferences. One of the teachers that just got back said he flew over 75 times. We are one of the most expensive missions in the world. The 10,000 dollars we pay is used up in the first 3 months. #thankscheapmexicomissionforpayingforNorway
         Real Talk (Miracles!!!):   Okay so have you ever heard the term "Baptisim by fire"? Okay well this is real. This is their idea of a "good idea" here at the MTC/Hogwarts/Hunger Games arena. So on our 3rd day here, aka Friday, aka less than 48 hours from being here they decide that it is time that we have our first lesson with our investigator. Okay so that's okay right. Well.... it has to be in full Norsk, and we get to use NO notes. So we are freaking out. The thing is that we weren't freaking out enough, because if we had known what was coming I think we would have left to go home right then. So, we prepare this lesson. We decide that its a good idea to teach the full Apostasy, Restoration, and I don't even know, that's how crazy it was. Well we memorize it all. We are so nervous. We knock and walk into the "house" and meet ARMAND JOHANSEN. Let me tell you something Armand may or may not be the devils child. I'm not kidding. Me and the compy comp were sure everytime he just starred at us (aka, always) that he was sucking our souls. It was rough.
      He is just so blah. He would never smile. Never really show emotion. Looked at us like we were dumb. We LITERALLY cried in our first lesson. But let's take a second to look at the good. We taught everything we wanted to teach, in Norsk, bore our testimonies, and prayed and we had only been at the Hunger Games Arena for 48 hours. It was amazing. But understanding him was hard. And he was so scary! I would get sick to my stomach everytime I saw him. Our second lesson went better. The third was okay. The Spirit was strong and I was basically able to understand everything he was saying, and speak back. In the middle of me talking he stopped me and asked me if I had ever lived in Russia. I was like is this real life? I said um yes sir I did! Only in Norsk! And he was like yeah, you speak Norsk like one. Well isn't that nice. #whydoyouhatemearmand
       Let me tell you about our 4th lesson with him. It was amazing. We walked in there even though we wanted to throw up. Background story: Armand doesn't believe that God loves him. We said a prayer and then sang I am a child of God in Norsk. We asked him how he felt and he said he felt peacful. My compy comp up to this point was having trouble with the language, but she was so great. She talked about what prayer meant to her and asked him questions. I looked at her and just started crying because I was so proud. It was amazing. Then it was my turn. I shared my entire experience with him about my cancer, and how I felt so alone on treatment. I told him that I prayed and I felt Christ's arms around me. I said I know that God loves me. I know that God loves you. Jesus Christ atoned for you, so that you are never alone. You are God's son. He knows your sucesses and he knows your trials. He knows you. He cares about you. He loves YOU. Of course I had dramatic pauses that were steller. I was crying, and I looked up and he was crying. I was so happy. We had finally made a break through. I get chills just writing it. All the word came to me I needed. His face when I said I had "kreft" was priceless. He asked three times to make sure I knew what I was saying. Finally I was like "Ya, jeg har kreft!" Guys, for real I have never felt so close to the Spirit in my life. I don't even know half the things I said. It was such a humbling experience.
        Of course the next lesson we go in and it sucks. It was our 5th and final lesson. Now up to this point we know that Armand is actually a teacher, and will later teach us, but we had never seen that side of him. He was always Armand to us. The personality of a door, the no smile, I am going to suck out your soul. Well we come out of the last lesson and Armand comes down and is like okay everyone group meeting. Were upset from our lesson. You have no idea how hard it is to sit and not understand what is going on. Or to study all day and not be able to say what you want, not even the things you studied. It's not bad, it's just life here, but please homeboy give me a second to be upset before we have a rally. So he comes in and completely drops the Armand act and becomes Brother Diego (I don't know his real name so I call him that). Let me tell you something Brother Diego is not the jerk we saw who hated us. He is the exact opposite. He is super loud and smilely and sarcastic. Now I think I would have loved him, if I hadn't just had the hardest week of my life with him as Armand, so I sat in the corner and I was just pissed. I was like come on! Are you serious! I cried over you! He is crazy y'all. So much personality and I was snorting laughing so hard. But for real, I think I'm going to hit him in the face. I feel we would be even then. So, I am sure once the memories of how terrified I was/ me crying in every lesson because I can't remember anything go away, then I will love him to death. Right now though?....... #prayingforcharity
         My compy comp is Sister McArthur. I love her to death. I had no idea you could love so many people so fast. She is so cute. My district is great too. The Elders here Elder Gustafson & Elder Schultz are like my best friends. They make me laugh so hard. We all have such a good time. They call me sister Katniss here! Love it
   I have to go! Keep it real. Keep it classy. And may the odds be ever in your favor. I will send pics next week!
Love you all,
Sister Hodgkiss
Shout Outs this week:
Cor & Ash: Happy 1st Annv.
Lori: Happy Birthday!
Jordan & Lins: Good luck this week! Can't wait to hear!
Darrin & Annie: Happy 11th Annv.

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