Friday, April 12, 2013

Packing List

     Hey y'all! I thought I would give you a quick post before I head off for Norway! I was super stressed when I was getting ready to leave because I just wasn't sure what I should bring. I knew what I WANTED to bring, but I wasn't sure what I NEEDED to bring, or what other girls were bringing.  When I started to pack, I realized that it would be SUPER helpful if someone would have posted their list, so I sat down with my computer and posted mine! I hope that it comes in handy. I am sure I am going to learn REAL quick what I do and don't need! Best of luck to all of you that are serving missions! You're going to be great! 
1 pair of running shoes
2 pairs of oxfords
1 pair of toms
1 pair of combat boots
1 pair of rain boots
1 set of sticky notes
1 set of flash cards
1 Norwegian to English pocket dictionary
1 set of thank you notes with name on it
2 journals
3 pocket notebooks
1 missionary companion by Richard j allen
1 set of scripture markers
2  two year planners with family and friends birthdays and annavaeries already marked
1 family proclamation in Norwegian
1 five pocket accordion file holder
1 patriarchal blessing
1 small shutterfly book of family pictures
1 quad of scriptures in english
1 quad of scriptures in Norwegian
2 bars of dove soap
1 razor
2 new razor heads
104 tampons
1 small first aid kit
1 box of band aids
1 Neosporin on the go for backpack
1 set of Mary Kat soft hands and lips
604 Calcium + Vitiam D pills
500 Tylenol pills
250 simply right womens vitamins
1 ariborne
1 can of dry shampoo
6 pair of flat no show socks
8 pairs of no show socks
3 pairs of ankle socks
3 pairs of tights
24 pills of Nyquil flu
24 pills of Zquil
24 hair elastics
100 q-tips
1 tube of toothpaste
1 nail cliper
8 packs of nail polish remover wipes
1 bottle of black nail polish
3 bottles of travel shampoo
3 bottles of travel conditioner
1 bottle of travel hair spray
1 travel lotion
1 bottle of sun screen
1 lofa
1 toiletry bag
4 skinny belts
3 slip extenders
2 pair of workout bottoms
1 workout sweatshirt
1 towel
1 face towel
1 blanket with family pictures
1 set of twin size sheets
9 skirts
7 dresses
22 shirts
8 cardigans
2 blazers
5 t-shirts
1 light coat
1 bag of make up
1 jar of Cetaphil
1 sentportable
1 Ipod full of church music
1 Cannon camera
24 Stamps
1 box of envelopes
1 package of paper
Multiple pens 
May the odds be ever in your favor,
Sister Hodgkiss 

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