Friday, May 3, 2013

#3 Its a long one!!

Dear Weasley family,
            It’s P-Day!! It’s not even 9am and we have already done laundry, emailed home, and had breakfast. Crazy what you can do when you wake up at 5:45am. Goodness how life has changed.  I’ve decided you can just go ahead and put my letters on my blog. 60 min. of email goes by so quickly and I just don’t have time to write everything I want to say. So this will be an added bonus.
            The MTC life is strange. Honestly I never knew it was possible to be so happy. The spirit is so strong, you almost forget its there. Its only when its like a billion times strong that you cry…but you feel it all the time.. Its amazing. Everyone you meet is so happy and excited. Your teachers are constantly baring their testimonies—its like heaven.
            My compy comp is amazing. We have this crazy connection As soon as I met her I was able to share everything with her. We are constantly throwing our struggle out there. It makes it easier for us knowing that we have someone to share the burden with. She supports me in everything. I didn’t realize having a compy-comp would be such a fulfilling thing. I promise to send pics next week! Seriously I get why emails from missionaries are so short!! THERE IS NO TIME!!!
            My district is made up of sisters and 2 elders. The sisters are (by companionship)
Sister Roe and Sis. Ausen….Sis. Pitts and Sis Nance…Sis Hansen and Sis. Johnson & Sis. Thurgood.  ELDERS are: Elder Gustafson and Elder Schultz….and of course there is Sister McArthur and myself. Sister McArthur gots jokes. She is so funny and makes me laugh all the time. It’s funny because she says she is quiet and shy in her previous life. Nobody gots time for that. Everyone and I mean EVERYONE tells us how much they love our companionship. From like day two they would always say,” I just love your companionship”, or people stop us and say something. Its strange because that isn’t said about anyone else. People always say we are their favorites. Its weird! I mean you know I love attention so its all good, but I’m just like okay what is it about us. We get along so well though. We are like like very close. We always hve the same feelings, and even if we might not be feeling the same way at the exact time, we get what its like. I’m lucky to have her.
            My district is awesome. We get along so well.  We always have to watch the clock at night because we just talk and talk. We laugh so much and cry. We all talk about our  “stones”and why we are us. Can I tell you one that inspired me? It’s Elder Gustafson’s.
            When he was 14, he, his siblings, parents, and grandparents were driving to see his older sister play basketball. It was snowy outside. They hit ice and couldn’t stop and spun out and the car started rolling. It finally stopped in a field. Everyone was in shock. Elder G. had a broken arm and a messed up leg. His grandpa had been thrown out of the car and was instantly killed. Elder G. got out of the car and started looking everyone over. His dad was ok and his siblings, his dad and his grandma was ok, but he hadn’t checked his mom. He went to her in the car and saw her arm hanging. He realized nothing was supporting it. He checked her pulse and he hand was covered with blood. They were in the middle of nowhere, no service…but a random morman family pulls up and minutes later an ambulance comes and they drove an hour to the nearest hospital. There he askes about his mom and they tell him she is dead. It finally sinks in and he loses it. He gets it together for his family.
            The hospital keeps his grandma over night to just check her out. His grandpa was Swedish and his grandma Norwegian. Their families moved to America when they were young and they lived next door to each other. They fell in love and spent all their lives together. That night his grandma died of a” heart attack” They had never spent time apart and the didn’t want to then. That is Love!
            Through everything Elder G. kept trekking. He never blamed God or got mad.  He just kept pushing through life. He is so funny and so happy and so patient. I just love him. He keeps me sane when times get tough. He is amazing.
            I forgot to touch on the boys here. All of them are so cute. There are even some that are hot (aka Tons) but its funny how easy it is to not think about it. Of course I notice, but its just like well sure the’re cute, but Norwegian is harder.  Norsk is always on my mind. The only time is when we’re in gym. If we go to the big gym where all the team sports are and if I play volleyball and if I see some of the elders shirts come up then…I’m like “quick bare your testimony in Norwegian” in my head. Hahaha. I feel bad for the elders because there are some cute girls here.
            The language is tough. I have never worked so hard for anything in my life. When I explained Armand(my investigator) in my email, I wasn’t kidding. I am terrified of him. See to us he was always our investigator. I bawled my little eyes out for him. In prayers I was like please let me have revelation. And the cool thing? I got it. Lessons are tough though. Apparently Norwegians can be pretty like Russians to just not show they’re personality. It made if hard because he would just give us theses blank stares. All the time and fear gets in the way of thought and the spirit….I would get in there and just go blank!! But we had these amazing moments. Moments where everything was so clear. And we could understand him and him us. And they were amazing. You know my favorite moment from the MTC so far?The first time Armand smiled. He was amazing and when he said he would pray to know God loved him I thought I was the queen of the world. There is nothing better than seeing your investigator progress. I know that is so missionary of me to say, but this is my life!!
            My language study is driven by my investigators. I need to know how to express myself so I study 8 hrs. a day. We only do gospel things for a very small amount. Its kinda crazy. Finding time to red my scriptures or Preach My gospel in English is like impossible. BTW I already started writing some English words in Norwegian. This letter is full of them. I’m just like really? They are going to think you are trying to do that on purpose. I swear I am not! #Notalamemissionaryyet#
            Everyone is always commenting on the blanket and everyone’s pictures. They are just like ohmygosh, that is the cutest blanket ever.I’m like”I know”. #word# my clothes might not be the cutest ever, but my stuff is!
              I feel like a different person, ya’ll. Like this is real. But I’m happy to see that all the things I like about me are still there BTW I love getting letters. Emails are great, but I only can read those on Thurs. and having time to email back can be tough. If you email me, give me an address so I can just write back.  Or just be a doll and write me. There is one sister in our district who gets like 4 letters a day and 1 pkg. I’m like how? Granted she was a BYU cheerleader and might be Barbie reincarnated, but still doesn’t someone love me? Shout out to mom and Aly for the letters!  No Danial hasn’t written…yes I want to talk to him even more now! Yes I’m dealing #keepyourshirtdowningym# There is very little time to think about anything not gospel/language related…so that’s bueno.
Listen if Elder Holland doesn’t come to speak to us before I leave I’ll cry.
 Someone write him and tell him!!  Well I can hear Hermione and Ron calling. Got to get back to my spells. Keep it real. Keep it classy. And may the odds be ever in your favor!
                                                Love you all,
                                                            Sister Hodgkiss

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