Monday, May 6, 2013


Dear Weasley Family and Friends,
           "Time passes. Even when it seems impossible. Even when each tick of a second hand aches like the pulse of blood behind a bruise. It passes unevenly, in strange lurches and dragging lulls,. but pass it does. Even for me." - New Moon
        So my shedule has been changed. Not a happy camper. I had the PERFECT schedule! But alas, the summer rush of missionaries is coming, so it was changed. I'm not a huge fan. We have early workout and late meals. But we are treking on. We won't let this place break us!!!!!!! Here is a run down of my schedule....
     6:25-7:15 Gym time
     7:15-7:45 prepare for day
     7:45-8:45 personal study time
     8:45-9:15 breakfast
     9:15-9:50 additional study time
     9:50-10:50 TALL
     10:50-1:50 Classroom time/ teach our investigators
     1:50-2:35 lunch
      2:35-5:35 Classroom time
     5:35-6:50 language study
     6:50-7:35 dinner
     7:35-9:00 additional study time
     9:00-9:30 daily planning session
     9:30-10:15 comp prayer, personal prayer, quiet time, bed
   SO....... yeah..... did y'all see that 6:25 am work out time? Is this real life? Here at the MTC the days are long but the weeks are short. I don't know how we get to Sunday every week so quickly, but at the same time each day feels like a million years. It gets exhasuting, I admit. How sad is that? It's only week 3 of my mission and I am already exhausted. I just think here it's hard. You study ALL day and it gets OLD FAST! I'm like okay, now I am over this. But I just have a small break down, pick myself back on and keep moving forward. #keepthefaith
     I don't have much to tell you guys since I just sent stuff home on Thursday. These last few days have been good, but hard. The language is tough. Teaching is tough. Learning is tough. I'm a baby, I know. But the pressure I put on myself is cray cray. I love my compy comp and my district though. They keep me sane. Each day I laugh so hard that I am crying and snorting at the same time. Its so great. Yesterday Sister Johnson said "Ew! I look like a cancer patient in this picture!!!" and then looked at me horrified. I lost it. I was like let's hope for all of our sakes you don't, because no one wants to talk to an ugly sister missionary :)
     Quote of the week: (I'm going to quote myself)
          Sister Ausen to Brother B (our teacher): So in Norwegian compound words are almost like a hyphen?
                                                     Brother B: Um......
                                                                Me: I think it's more like a hastag....
                                                      Brother B just looks at me and tries to contain his laughter and loses it: "HAHAHAHA YES EXACTLY"
      Okay y'all I am gonig crazy. CRAZY. I want you to imagine something for me right now. Imagine you are in a room. A closed in room that you can't get out of. There is a tiny tiny tiny tiny window at the top. You know that ALL of your family is out there and you can here like 1 or 2 words every other like 10 minutes, but that's it. You know SOMETHING is going on, but no one will tell you. Now picture that, and DONT change ANYTING annnnnndddddddddd that's my life right now. WHAT THE HAY IS GOING ON? With Jordan? With EVERYONE? With life? Seriously, I screamed yesterday when I saw there was no mail for me (except you sweet Heather) telling me what is happening.
      Rule number 6: Always play hard to get in the mission field, even with your family.
                    TELL ME WHAT IS GOING ON!
      Okay now that that is established, thanks to all that have written me. Its so good to hear from the outside world and to know that people have normal lives. Kate, loved your email and letter. I will be writing you back! I hope that you and Jade are having a great time here in the Salt Lake City. Heather, thanks for hollaring at your girl. I had my compy comp read your letter outloud because I was frustrated that no one was telling me anything and we were walking to the cafe. in a huge group of random missionaries and she read "Have you been counting the number of hot missionaries?" I died. You should have seen their faces!!!! They were like that did not just come out of her mouth. Your the best. You will be getting a letter too! I am sure that all of your letters and emails are coming later. I know that you guys have not forsaken me quite yet. I have faith. #ifyoudontwritemesooniwillremoveyourpicturefrommyblanket. Here is the deal. I feel like I have been gone FOREVER. Like I feel like I have changed so much and that everything has changed so much so I'm like WHY AREN'T THEY WRITING ME?!!!! And then I stop and think and I'm like oh, okay that's right, I've been here for like AH-DAY. So I take a huge breath and life is good again. Raise your hands if you thought Hailey wasn't going to be crazy in the MTC!! Oh, no hands..... #awks.....
        So the week has been good. Looking back I feel like I haven't done much, but I think I know why. They first week you come here you go from speaking zero Norsk to speaking "tons". The second week you add some more and start to refine it all, but you start to think that you aren't doing as well. So I feel a little stagneant (idk how to speel that) this week. But it's going good. We got our new investigator. It's one of our teachers Sister Brown, who acts like someone she knew on her mission. Thank goodness that #1. It's not Armand. #2. She is nice and #3. It's not Armand. Me and McArthur DID NOT cry in our first lesson. #makingprogress. We happened to be given the investy that speaks both English and Norsk. #werethefragilones Her name is Ana. She used to believe in God until her best friend died of cancer at age 14. So of course I want to make a connection right away. I'm like look here Ana, I had cancer. And the same thing happens EVERY TIME. They looked shocked. And then they think that I don't know what I'm saying. We have a joke between Elder Gusty and I that the teachers always go "DU HAR KREFT???" and ask me like 3 billion times. Look y'all. I don't know Norsk, but I do know how to win over their hearts, and cancer works every time. #livingthedream
         So yeah... basically that's my life. Things are good. I learned to count to 13 this week. I'm still working on numbers 14 to a trillion. But small steps. Pretty much life is lame with me. I want to hear about you guys!!! I love you all! Pics to come!
       OH MY GOSH! I almost forgot. I met a CELEB this week! So you guys know how I read the "Diary of  Missionary Girlfriend" blog? Well you know the girl, Des, sent out her second missionary, Jared? Guess who ran into him this week and went up to him and said "Hi my name is Sister Hodgkiss, I read your girlfriend's blog and I know everything about you!" Yep, this girl. It was awkward. But what was more awkward was he started telling me about what is going on now. He said "Hi! Now you can read because your my friend, not just some creepy stalker! Have you herad about what Preston is doing now (the old missionary)?" I was like um.... I want to walk away now. But honestly I'm just upset I didn't get a picture. This was life chaning. I got to hear all about the new updates, so I'm feeling pretty good about life. Keep on keeping on Des & Jared.
          Well I'm peacing out. I don't think I will write home this week unless I get a letter because I don't have much to say. My district is District 37J. And they say this isn't the Hunger Games. Listen y'all. I'm Katniss. They call me Kat or Katty for short. And I AM on the look out for Elder Melerk. We will win this thing. Keep it real. Keep it classy. And may the odds be ever in your favor!
Søster Katniss

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