Tuesday, May 21, 2013


Dear Weasley Family and Friends,
                             "Believe me, Mama," I say, putting on lipstick anyway. "Jesus wouldn't like him either." - The Help
            Family! How the hele are you? In Norsk hele pronounced (hella) means whole. Bahaha. Kills me every time. How is everyone doing? Thanks for all the letters and emails! It's so good to hear from everyone! Shout out to the boys this week! Shawn, Corbs, and Jordan! I cried/ laughed/ died a little on each one. Then I just read the letters aloud. My district was in tears. Shawn, they all refer to you as "Uncle Shawn" now. They are always like "What did Uncle Shawn say in his letter?!" It's great. They all love you. Mom, Heather, and Lins and anyone else I might have accidentally forgotten- Thank you for your letters too! I love hearing about everything you are doing and all the different things you are doing. YOU GUYS ARE THE BEST!
            Quotes from this week:
                        Brother Bloomfield (one of the teachers here) talking about how not to teach:
                           "THE CHURCH IS TRUE! JOIN OUR FREAKING CHURCH!!!!!!"
                                      You guys, I lost it. This is seriously how I feel sometimes. I'm just like WHATEVER!
                        Brother Bloomfield talking about how God doesn't have a certain number of people he lets in to heaven
                           "Oh I want to let you not heven, but I only gave out 10 A's this semester. YOU just didn't make the curve. Sorry you didn't die next semester!"
                                      This is life at BYU.
                        Elder Metcalf is sitting in our class just talking to us while we "study" and his comp is telling us his love story. It sounded EXACTLY like #daniel. So I wrote on the bored #daniel. And Metcalf goes...
                            "You have a love story?! KATNISS! ARE YOU CHEATING ON PETE?!!!!"
                                       Metcalf, just come to Norway and forget Denmark. End of story.
               So this week was pretty great! I don't know how it came so quickly! I swear I was just emailing home about the last week! It's crazy! Mom says that I never respond to anything everyone is saying. Its really hard to remember all the letters that you get and what was said. The weeks feel like eternity and you can't remember everything that is going on. You are learning and studying so much and my brain gets all jumbled up. I have to make a note card for the week and write important things down because I get to the end and I don't know what happened. Of course I could go back and read every letter, but that would require real effort on my part. So instead, this is me trying to remember everything that was said and responding.... READY? This Friday we get travel plans. I will figure them out and then figure out the time that I will be calling. Next P-day of F-dag in Norsk, I will tell you all about those plans and my plans that deal with those plans. Basically you will know what I know and I will know that you know, and you will know that I know that you know, and I will know.. well you get the point. We don't have to have Visas to get into Norway so we aren't going to have any problems. A lot of the other Scandinavian countries have had some trouble. We are pumped. There are currently only 12 sisters in Norway. So with us having 17 coming and the fact that they are opening up so many new areas, we aren't sure what will happen. Trios? Let's hope not. Greeney companionships? Has happened before, but who knows!?
                 Mom and Heather! You are both rock stars! Getting up so early! I can hardly stand it and I HAVE to do it! I am impressed! I woke up at 5:45 am this morning and Pitts and I went the gym. I'm trying to crack down on my eating and terrible habits. I am turning into Chubs McGee! But its hard. There are some days I just don't want to get out of bed. Those are the days I walk into class and say to Elder Gusty "You have 15 seconds to cheer me up." With a completely straight face. He has gotten pretty good at it, but I'll tell you at first, Homeboy needed some help. But I am so proud of all of you. Stay healthy. If I have to come home to preform in one of your surgeries, I will probs punch you in the EYE-BALL. Lins, I am so proud of you and your competition! I heard about it, but I'm lame and forgot to respond about it! I told everyone here. They pass on their warmest regards. Hahaha. #awks But seriously I didn't even know that you had fat left to even lose? You are so amazing. When I work out I think to myself "How would Lins do this workout?" and then I realize that you would do it much better than I would, so I just decide that you are working out enough for the both of us, and go back to bed. Just kidding! #notreally
                I want you to know that I think about you all all the time. Your individual needs are always in my prayers. As you interview for jobs, play on the field, look for housing, or are in summer sells, I am thinking about you. I know that there are good things in store for all of you! #keepthefaith. And remember if things go bad, DONT BLAME ME!
                I have to know...... did you guys see the Great Gatsby? Just tell me. Break it to me gently.
                Did I cover everything? Oh, I forgot some stuff. Yes, you can send videos and pictures to my email! I love them! Apes, my awesome friend that is now in Daniel's mish just sent me a pic of the two of them. I'll have to forward it on. It's priceless. She just started her mission and he comes home in 21 days. #weirdy  #ilovewhenyouguys#tag
                This week a miracle happened....
                                I was discovered as Corby Hodgkiss', the boy who lived, and played BYU football, little sister. Here I was feeling so lost in the world. Questing my existence, and why God would put so much beauty in one person. That person, being me. And BAM! This Elder from Denmark read my name tag and asked "Do you have a brother?" and proceeded to ask if my brother played BYU football. I told him that of course that was my brother, for there can only be one like him. Well my dear Elder friend, Elder Free, over hears this and goes crazy! He says "Katniss! I opened up to you!!!! I told you my life and this is how you repay me???!!!! You didn't even mention your brother!!!!!" I was shocked, for I didn't know that it was a requirement. But now I am learned. Basically..... the boys want to know..... if you would possibly maybe... be willing.... to send some signatures their way...... BAHAHAHAHAHA. But for real. Their serious. Are you embarrassed? NO PLACE IS SAFE!!! #LivingthedreamthroughCorbyHodgkisstheboywholived
                Last week on my way home from the Temple it started pouring. Sister Pitts, Sister McArthur and I sprinted down the hill, but by the time we got to the bottom we were SOAKED! I'm pretty sure that everyone and their Mother saw my Gs on the way home. #awks
                Lang. is going well. Most the times in lessons I can follow, but yesterday I couldn't. I had no idea what was happening the whole time. Basically I tapped out in the first 5 seconds. In my district when things get too hard, we just tap out. You can imagine what we are doing in grammar lessons. Spoiler Alert: grammar is really hard in other languages because you don't know the grammar in your own.  Anywho it was a neat experience though because McArthur rocked it. She's the best! The better 1/2 of me! She led the whole lesson. It was tough because we went in there with a lesson and then we were led to something completely different. So I hadn't really prepared for that. #teachingthelawofchasitynexttimethiswillbeawkward Its funny because it happens a lot. You go in there and think you got it and a lot of times only one of you will lead the conversation because they are the only ones that are getting it. Such a cool learning curve! Most of the time though we both understand at least a little of what is going on, and we are getting better at giving clues to each other so we can follow along. Yesterday I just smiled and nodded a bunch. #whenindoubtsmilypretty
                 This week Armond, our "first investigator", came back as our teacher. I don't know why but I have a HARD time with him. Like all my worst qualities come out around him. #stillprayingforcharity I think to myself "What would mom say or do?" She would probably tell me to be nice and learn to love him like Jesus does. I'm not saying Jesus doesn't love him, but I am saying that some are harder to love than others...... It's a good lesson for me to learn though. I'm not always going to get along perfectly with everyone. So I'm working on finding qualities I do like. I have found a total of one so far..... #prayingforcharityharder But it's all good. I love my other two teachers so much! Sister Brown and Brother B are the best! They change my life everyday! I'M A DIFFERENT PERSON!
                   So each day we pick a different person from our district to shine. We each go around and say something we love about them. There are 11 of us in the district so usually you end up with about 12 things on the bored that people love. Well, last night was my night. I don't think I have laughed that hard in like a year. We were dying as they talked about funny stories with me and weirdy things I do. I felt so loved. I wanted to share the amazing things they said. I know mom will love it and then I will also have it forever saved. I ended up with 27 things. It was amazing. Here we go! #lovemydistrict
1. Strength
2. Up front
3. Awkward
4. Quote for everything
5. Brown-eyed girl
6. Humor
7. Kat-phrases that only she says
8. How she is a tribute (loves HP and HG)
9. Laughs at anything
10. Hates R-MOND
11. How she looks to out reach
12. Facial expressions (see #7)
13. #LOVE#
14. Weird lov thing (with Pitts)
15. Motherly attributes
16. Dr. Suesses (great story teller)
17. #District11 (Pitts' Kat Kat)
18. Witty
19. LOVE
20. Had cancer (Metcalf said this one. He isn't in our district and just said "I love that you had cancer." I died. So funny!) #ilovecancerjokes
21. Chill (Brrr)
22. Snort
23. Her family is our family (Uncle Shawn, etc..)
24. Best Friend
25. Stay up late (I turn to McArthur every night and say listen you are either getting in my bed or Im coming in yours!)
26. Sweet Nothings #ilovetowhispernorsksweetnothings
27. Cries with better 1/2 always
                       Sister Katniss night was the best! I tried to tell them that I didn't need one because everyday is Katniss day, but I don't think they have gotten the point that I talk about me all the time. I think the thing is that they are all like that too. They just love their cute little selves so much. #weloveus See, before my mission I thought I was leaving everything behind. I thought I was signing up for the most boring thing I have ever done. What I didn't realize was that what I was actually signing up for was to spend 18 months with the best people in the world. These girls and guys are amazing. They are so strong and spiritual and FUNNY! Oh my gosh I laugh until I can't breathe or am crying every day. Gusty has a goal to make me snort each day. He always gets it. We all tell stories and share experiences, we share our weaknesses, and we make each other stronger. Everything comes from a place of love and it's amazing! #ilovemydistrict I am NOT looking forward to saying goodbye in 2 weeks to some of them. But I hope I get the chance to serve with all of them and to see them often. Don't know how I'm going to part with my elders. But I will figure it out! 
                      Girls coming out to the mish field, the guys are awesome out here. All those losers that you liked or dated, leave them behind. There are strong, NICE, guys in the world that are amazing priesthood holders. If you come home knowing who you are going to marry, and that person is from your mission you are a lucky girl. #wontfallinlovetillmonth17 But seriously I have learned how great they all really are. I am so impressed with them and so grateful to be serving with them. I LOVE ELDERS!!!!
                       Mom, you can update my blog with Sister McArthur's letter. I don't think she would mind that at all! She is the best! Teaching is getting much easier. I feel like I am slowly starting to get a hold of it. I don't want to throw up before I go in, and I am learning to trust in the Lord and my talents. Not that Norsk is one of my talents. I love it here! Last night my whole district just went outside for workout time and played games and taught Gusty to do a cartwheel. #wowkeepworkinggusty Its the best! You won't ever be so high as you are here, and you will never be as low. The ups and downs are hard, but they make you stronger. IT'S THE BEST!
                        I love you all and if I forgot anything, I am sorry! You guys rock and I love all the support! Keep the faith!
                  To the Jones' family: I love your family! Mama and Pop Jones, you guys are the best. You have shaped my life in so many different ways. I would not be here if it wasn't for your love and support and teaching. I am so grateful that our families were so close growing up. I have drawn so much strength through you and watching you as you went through trials. The Lord loves you and is very aware of everything that you go through. He desires you to feel his love and be happy just like he is! You have given so much to all those around you, and that shows your deep testimonies and strength in the gospel. You will be forever blessed! As trials arise, remember the reason we are given them. They are there so we know happiness, so we grow closer to the Lord, and so we can become who we need to be. Each thing we go through helps us to redefine ourselves into what we need to be. The Lord knows our needs and our potential. Remember that limitations do not come from God, they only come from what we think God can do. You can do all things with Him, and your weaknesses will be made strengths. I love you guys so much! Keep your head up in all that you do!
                 Sister Watts: I know that I am calling you by your old last name, but that's what I know you as! You are the best! I loved hearing from you and it made me remember that the Lord knows us and what we need. I needed that letter from you and I didn't even know it until I read it. You have always been such a shinning beacon to me. You were always so happy and gave so much. We watch this amazing video here called "The Characters of Christ". It talks about how a characteristic is something that we consistently do all the time, no matter the setting. One characteristic is service and ALWAYS turning out. This reminded me of you. You were always so happy to serve and to love. Your mother was a testimony to that as well. Do you remember the picture you gave me of Jesus Christ in the heavens? I think that it's called "Come unto me". I still love that picture. In our room we have this amazing picture. It's two pictures put together. I guess that the group before us cut one down and taped them together. It is the 3,000 Strippling Warriors and then in the heavens is the Come Unto Me picture. It reminds me that we are always in the Saviors sight. It's amazing. Thank you for the letter and being so sweet! I loved hearing from you. I am so glad that you are so happy and still serving so much. You are amazing!  
Keep it real. Keep it classy. And may the odds be ever in your favor.
Elske dere,
Søster Katniss
Kate! My main squeeze! Its your bday this week! EEEEKKK! I hope that you have an AMAZING birthday and that Corbs (my hero) takes you to Cheese Cake Factory! I love you! Send me a belly pic soon!

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