Thursday, May 23, 2013

Katniss leaving for the arena!

My desk!!! I'm going to miss it.

My stripped shirt that apparently is so hard to look at!

Beckstrand took one look at this and said #goingtheresomeday" Yes! Love this kid! He is the best sport! We are always teasing him because he doesn't get awkward!!

The boys holding hands. We are going to miss each other! #lovemyzone

Real Love. Metcalf and Free. They are the best!

This is me after a long day.

The boys

Me and all the boys! Ludlow, Metcalf, Free, Walch, Beckstrand

#teamfree. We have an awkard reltionship, so we took a picture to match! He is the best! Tells the funniest stories--can make anything and everything funny!

Metcalf and Ludlow! They are the best! They leave for their re-assingments tomorrow and then in a transfer from that they will head off to Denmark!

We love lollie pops! McArthur, Metcalf, Me, Free, Beckstrand, Nance. I am obsessed with these sisters and elders!

17 miracles! All of the girls who are headed to Norway! Taking the number from 12 to 29


Whole district

This is my precious teacher Brother B! He always gets chalk on his bum so we had him put an apron on backwards! He is the best!

Thanks for the cute dress!

We LOVE Norway!

Sotten Mai

Travel plans!!

Reached my goal! Katniss counts to a trillion in Norsk

This skirt might be a little big...thank goodness for alteration dept.

Pitts, me, and Roe

Pitts, Elder Free and me.

Pitts, McArthur, and I at Devotional one night.

Gusty wrote this on my calcium pills! MOM! I am taking them!

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