Wednesday, May 8, 2013

Killer Bees!!!

Dear Weasley Family and Friends,
                                   "Butterflies in your stomach. That was such a crappy metaphor. More like killer bees." - Beautiful Creatures
         AHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHH!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! JORDAN!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! I need you to know that I am STILL freaking out. First off, longest week of my life waiting for the package. Second off, um how are y'all so cute and creative? Third off, YOU ARE FREAKING GOING TO THE BALTIMORE RAVENS!!!!! I am so pumped for you! And so proud! I tell everyone. Hello! What's your name? Mine is Katniss and my BIL is in the NFL. NBD. Okay that's a lie, but everyone that is important needs to know. My district made me open it in front of everyone because thats how excited they were. I cried my eyes out when I opened it! I am just so happy for you! You have worked so hard and you deserve all the best! EEEEKKKK!!! Lins I know you. I know that you are stresses your non existant fat off. Stop it. That's enough. It is going to work out. I love the North-East! Man, guys! This is just so great! I LOVED the package! I LOVE my shirt! My compy comp is obessed with all of you because of how great the package was. I was like this is real life. My family is bomb. Over and out.
        Quote of the week:
                        Sister Thurgood talking to us about how she is weird with the love word: "I don't love you. I mean I know that JESUS loves you, but I don't love you....."
                                                                                       The rest of the district: Nervously looking around, starting to laugh. Me just snorting my face off.
        Listen y'all. I've come up with some goals for my mission. Here they are:
                               Goal #1: Find out what a "guttabouis" is. My teacher talked about it but won't tell us what it is. I HAVE to know.
                               Goal #2: Somehow convert Adam Levine
                               Goal #3: Marry Adam Levine when I return to the US
                               Goal #4: Learn Norwegian
         Right now, I'm not really doing too well with my goals, but I'm keeping the faith. I know that if I pray enough and try hard enough it can happen. Keep my goals in your thoughts and prayers!
         So this week was pretty tough. My whole district was just down. We were negative and hating basically everything. It was hard to learn things. Our teachers would just end up telling us about Norway and their stories because we were so down. But we had a district inventory. We all cried. Laughed. Changed our lives a little. Basically just all became new people, but the point is that we got it all out there and we moved on. After that I have been on a high ever since! I have felt way pumped about the language and all of it. I mean even in grammar class yesterday I stayed focused. It's been so good! Being positive has made a difference in learning. I am waiting for the next crappy part though. I have been told that the first few weeks you sky rocket up, the third you platue, and then you continue to either go down or up. Right now I'm picking up, but I swear if we sing "Called to Serve" one more time I will be picking down. Word.
         Why do we have to sing 4 opening songs and EVERY verse that exists any time we all get together as a MTC (which is like twice a week)? Seriously its unnecessary. I mean surviving the number of songs we have to sing on Sunday is honestly amazing. #Imasurvior. This Sunday though we had an AMAZING speaker! Chad Lewis the NFL player came and talked to us. He was so great! The best talk I have heard so far! I just love it! He talked to us the whole time like a football coach. I felt like Coach was talking to me, Mom, and Katie again. He pumped me up! I thought that I was like ready to conquer the entire world. He said something that I loved. He said "When things get tough think of the ONE person that needs YOU. When you get frustrated with the language, dig a little deeper. When you get tired, pray like crazy. You WILL receive strength." I loved it. But here is my real question? Do the English speaking missionaries feel weird, because I feel like every devotional or talk something about lang. is sad. #Awks
          Thank you all for the letters this week! It was amazing to hear from so many of you! I believe I got 11 this week! One day I got a total of 5! Um let me just cry right now. It was presh! I read all of them. If you letter happened to be intensly funny (Lo) I even read it out loud. But really guys, it means so much to me to hear from y'all! I love hearing all the little details! You went and bought flowers? Bring it on. You went shopping at Sams? I want to know. Your baby bump is cray cray? Send me a pic. You just got Drafted? Send me a package. I could go on and on but this is getting uncomfortable so I'm going to stop.
            I'm in the comp lab and these random elders are talking about their families. This is what was said.....
                      Elder #1: "How many people are in your family?"
                      Elder #2: "I am the youngest of 11."
                      Elder #1: "THAT'S ALOT of LABOR!!!!!"
                      Elder #3: "In a lot of different ways....."
             I love the Elders! When things get too spiritual and serious with the girls I just turn to the nearest Elder (mostly Gusty) and say "Bring me back down to earth you Heathen."
             So me and the adorbs compy comp have been teaching Ana. Have I told you about her? She is fab! She is 21 and has a 2 year old daughter. From Phillipeans and moved to Norway when she was 11. She is fluent in Norsk and English. Spoiler Alert: Your investigators are your teachers, these are NOT real people. But we do treat them as such which is weird, but trust me it makes it so much easier. I find as I pray and think about our "investigator" I am able to know what to teach better. We taught yesterday on the Restoration and Baptisim. It was great. Not because like anything super great happened, but because it's finally clicking!!!! I was like actually speaking and not having to sit there for 3 minutes before I could say what I wanted. It was great. I think I am finally starting to get the hang of things. My compy comp is doing well too. She is so great! I am so proud of her!  She did such an amazing job! Every time we get out she is like "I think I took a million years!" and I'm just like listen McArthur you bomb. Over and out. So things were going well right. I'm talking about profets of the bible and Jesus Christ. I tell her after JC was crucified, the apostles were killed. The apostles had the authority from God to teach about faith in Jesus Christ, repentance, annnnnnnnddddddddddddddd..........
             Things got real awkward real fast. Baptism= Dope  Death= Drept. But let me tell you something they are NOT the same thing. So I realize what I say and then I lost it. I'm laughing and saying "NYE NYE NYE DREPT! NEY DREPT! DOPE! DOPE!" And of course my invety is dying. She is just like really? Hahaha greatest thing ever. Then I finish my part and McArthur starts to talk and I start losing it all over again just because I'm thinking about it. Hahah its so awesome! Love it! But I freak out evertime. It is really hard for me to teach lessons. Once I get in there I do okay, but before I go in I'm like a freaking football player before a game. I have to have someone give me a pep talk. I have to pace. Sometimes I want to throw up. I start to sweat. I literally dread it! I am terrified of not knowing what is going on and I am terrified of people. I just don't know how else to say it. This is real. But each time gets easier. I get a little better and I lost a tiny bit of my fear. But for real, life is tough and this IS one of those times. My quote this week is about that. I literally feel like I have killer bees in my stomach before I go in, but after lessons like I just had with Ana yesterday its easier for me to go back in there again. Really if you see them as friends its great, but with the language barrier its hard. Sometimes she says things and I just give her a weird look because I don't understand anything. #livingthedream
              You guys, Pitts is the best. She is in my district and probably the coolest person ever. She is a BYU cheerleader. Hated her barbie doll self when I first saw her, but she is the nicest person ever. She cares about everyone and wants to know EVERYTHING about them. She is always like "Tell me! I HAVE to know!" So of course now I say it. Just tell me what is going on with y'alls lives. I HAVE to know!
               Kellen & Sarah!! I am so happy for everything that you guys have going on! I gave a huge cheer when I heard about everything!! Yay!! Please oh please come to Norway! I know that you want Austrey, but I am selfish and I need you in Norway! I will teach you the lang. It will be great. Just consider it for like at least a second! Anywho, you guys are the best! Love y'all!
                Okay everyone I am signing off now! I will get some pics out to you!
                Mom I hope you are keeping up with the blog! I have faith in you. Also, guess what Chad Lewis said? He hicked up with 4 wounded warriors to this huge mountain peak in South Africa and he brought a family flag to the top. He waved it and said..... "Hurrah for Isreal!" Hahaha I died! DIED!
                 Keep it real. Keep it classy. And may the odds be ever in your favor!
  Sister Katniss
-My nickname is spreading. Now everyone (all 80) in the Scandinavian district call me Katniss or Kat. I'm like look. I didn't choose this, it chose me. I WILL be the poster child for our district!
Shout Outs:
Darrin- Happy Happy Birthday this week! I hope that it is a fantastic one and that you get lots of time with that adorable wife of yours and the kids! I love you and your family! Have a great one!
Mom- What! What! Happy Mothers Day! I am sorry I can't call, but we will talk at the airport. I get flying plans not this Friday, but NEXT Friday! Have a wonderful Hallmark created Holiday! I love you!
-Over an

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