Tuesday, May 21, 2013

The 17 miracles and other MTC trivia!

This is us with Warheads! All 17 miracles! Take your sour and make it sweet!

All the letters I send off on P-Day!

Heather and Shawn! You guys are the best! I loved my pkg.!Thank-you, thank-you!I forgot it was our hump day!LOVE YOU guys. Your note is on my wall! My district is still eating the cookies!
We wrote a song...to the tune of "Call Me Maybe"  LOOK AT THE TOP OF THE BOARD!

Happy Month 23, Daniel! In your honor I took a picture in another boys jacket...#awks

JK! Here's his real month 23!

Pitts and I!

She is the best! I love her to death!

Guess what? Zero=nul, but you arn't allowed to ever enter it in TALL because you get it wrong. Like the word never shows up. I'm confused. How am I supposed to learn a word that doesn't exist???

This is how many I got wrong on one of my quizzes...#Idontunderstandnorsksounds



This is what life is coming to...#wehatecancer

Me and my Katniss Day!

Pitts, McArthur, and I after getting caught in the rain!

Pitts! Love!

April and Daniel after she arrived to serve in his mission

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