Saturday, June 29, 2013


Dear Weasley Family and Friends,
          "Our hearts, they need a mirror... We see our better selves in the eyes of those who love us. And there is a beauty that brevity alone provides." - Clockwork Princess
             Okay. So lets just be real for a second. I live in Trondheim. Wow. Its probably the prettiest city ever. Up here in the North everything is so gorgeous! Don't you guys worry! I sent many pictures! But seriously, it is gorgeous here. The weather has been pretty great too. Its super nice with the sun always being up because you never have any sketchy moments. Now come winter we will. The longest day of the year was actually on Saturday. Now we will start losing a little more sunlight each day. I am not ready for the dark yet!!! YIKES!!!!!
             So I got into Trondheim Monday night. Traveling alone is not my favorite thing to do in the world. Luckily I ran into some other missionaries at the airport and they were able to help me through. #lifesavers I started to tear up when I saw them, that's how relieved I was. So great! Sister Hilton and I were supposed to meet up at the airport, but she missed her plane. I was sitting on my plane and looked out the window and saw the plane next to me unloading. Out came a missionary. I called her as we were leaving the gate!!! I was like you are NOT on this plane!! But it all turned out good. She caught the next flight and we met up in the Trondheim airport. Then we took a bus into the city and we met up with everyone else there.
           We live right across the street from the church. Its so great! You can't be late for church if you only have to cross the street! We live with the other sisters, Søster Pederson and Søster Kitchen. It is so much fun. Søster Hilton is the best!! Man we have a blast together. She is so funny. She sings songs all the time. Kinda reminds me of Annie. She can connect anything to a song. The other day we were having compy comp study and she was like "My favorite scripture is in the Bible...." and I gasped. I mean are Mormons even aloud to say that? And then she was like "I know... these are my confessions..." and started singing Usher in the middle of comp study. I have never been happier. I respect a women that can tie Usher into everyday life. She is hilarious and great. I love serving with her. She has been out 3 months, but its so great because we learn together! And she already has such a great knowledge. Its awesome. Also, not being in a trio is going wonderfully for me! Man. I was struggling. I never talked because there was no reason to. Now, I talk all the time. My Norsk is getting better all the time! Its so great. I don't really worry about the language anymore. Ever since I have come to Trondheim, I just feel pretty comfortable. Its been super great. My English sucks though. Today we were reading something and I was trying to read the word prophecies and I couldn't pronounce it because in Norwegian the ph would be spelled with an F and I just spaced. I looked up and I was like how do you pronounce that word? Also, I've traded all my c's for s's. Yeah. This is happening.
    Quote from the week:
   Elder Jensen: pppsshhh
   Gøril: Christopher! Why do you keep whispering?
   Elder Jensen: I wasn't whispering!
   Gøril (shakes head): I'm going to have to ask God about you!
Me, on the floor dying.
     Let me tell you about Gøril. Okay first off, lets be real her name looks like its spelled Gorilla. Confusing? Yes. People tell me their names here all the time and I just don't know if they are saying a word I don't know or if its a real name. #awkwardtimes Anywho, so Gøril is inactive. The Elders (DLs) visited her once before and decided that they would take us with them on their second visit. I was told that she loves people from Texas and that she was a little on the crazy side and likes to speak English. Well, lets just say I don't think I have laughed so much in one night my entire mission. I was dying. She is such a spaz! She just jumps around all over the place. But she is bomb! So fun! We had pizza and coke and just talked. She loved me. When she found out that I was from Texas, and I had Norwegian in me, and I had some Indian in me, she almost died. She is super spacey because of medical things and so she just rambles and jumps around from topic to topic. You can ask her about anything and she would tell you. I just kept asking questions about why she smoked and why she doesn't come to church and all these questions that should be awkward, but she doesn't think they are because she is so spacy. It was hilarious. She would answer everything! And she is so sweet! She just loves us. She calls us by our first names which is so funny. And of course because we never get to call each other by that, we over did it. If we were talking to each other we would either begin the sentence or end the sentence with their first name. So I would be like "Christopher, can you pass me the pizza? Thank you, Christopher." Man let me tell you there is something about hearing your first name as a missionary. It is AWK-WARD. It literally sends shivers down my spine. Its so intimate! I can't believe we all call each other that. Ugh. Anywho after about an hour of the first names, that got old so we resorted to nicknames. Elder Jensen is apparently like the king of nicknames. He called me like 12 in the entire night. I was Hailey Bailey, Hails, and Hail-a-ken. Søster Hilton was Paris Hilton because that's what Gøril calls her, and Eldste Badger was just Jacob. Elder Jensen was Christopher and then that was just too hard to say so I switched to Bubbah. It was probably the most hilarious/awkward night ever. The best part? We have a return appointment! It's Gøril's birthday on Tuesday so we are all baking a cake and going over there! So great!! #livingthedream
       We have 8 missionaries here total
           Elder Earl and Leighton- ZL's
           Elder Jensen and Badger- Jensen is our DL
           Sister Pederson and Kitchen-  ped. has been here 3 months, kit. 3 weeks
            The Hydro Sisters
    Pretty much we have a blast all the time. We see each other a lot throughout the day because we will randomly run into each other around the city. Its super great! It makes it fun having such a great support system here. The Elders are great and patient with us. They have all served in the North most of their mission so they kinda have a harder Norwegian than the ones I served with in the South before. But it's been great. I feel super at home here and way comfortable. We all get along really well. Its only if its really late that we start to lose our patience. But they are the best!!!
       Elder Gusty sent me a note through Elder Leighton. E. Leighton used to train him, and now he is my ZL so I got a note from Gusty! I was so happy! I miss him like crazy! He makes me laugh so much! He is in Bergan right now. Way hard dialect. Kinda like Trundish.
        So, the work here is going well. Søster Hilton and I are opening up a new area. This means we start from ground zero. We have to do tons of contacting and trying to find people to teach. This has been difficult. I hate contacting. Its way hard for me. But I am getting better! I still cry every once in awhile. I have learned that mission life is like a roll a coaster. I am so bipolar here! I just go in between crying and laughing. I know what Lori feels like now. There are so many disappointments. Actually there are more disappointments then there are  successes. Its just that the successes way out all the disappointments and you forget about all the crappy days. We are way stressed! Our numbers are terrible. One day we contacted at least 40 people and no one would let us get pass "Vi er misjonærer av Jesu Kristi..." It was so frustrating! But Søs Hilton is the bomb! She is encouraging and lets me vent when I look like I'm about to burst. Sometimes I just want to grab the people and shake them and say "You don't know what you are saying no to!!!!!" But then we have success. And it washes all the "nei takks" away.
          One of these successes was Rami. We went contacting our first day and we hadn't had much luck. We were on our way back to our apartment and crossing the bridge when I saw a man about 100 yards ahead of us walking towards us. I turned to Søster Hilton and said, "We are going to contact that man right there!" Honestly, it was just because I had let like 7 people go without talking to them and I felt bad. So we got closer and we stopped him. He told us that he had met the Sister missionaries 2 years ago and that he hadn't taken the lessons, he had just listened to their message. He told us that he had actually been thinking about our church lately because we are so different and he wanted to know more. Well we met with him yesterday and gave him the First. It went well. He had tons of questions! In the middle he stopped us and asked if he could have a piece of paper so that he could take notes. I love Rami!
          Now Rami is an atheist. He was raised as a Muslim, but doesn't practice. He says that he isn't interested in converting, he is just meeting with us to know more. The funny thing is he asks all these questions about his own life. He said I want to know where I come from, where I am going, and who God is. But then when we ask him a direct question he tells us he isn't religious. So we play along. We just say sure! We can just keep talking. Why don't you read the Book of Mormon in the mean time? We have another appointment with him in 2 days. We are trying to take it slow. We don't want him to be overwhelmed or freak out. We just want him to ask us what he wants and be able to give him answers. I wish you guys could have seen him after we prayed. Sister Hilton prayed first and I prayed at the end and both times we prayed specifically for him. We asked Heavenly Father to bless him in his personal life and so on. He was so touched. He sat there in silence. He just smiled. I could tell he felt that warmth, that love, for probably the first time in a long time. I think that he is opening up to the idea of God and that we can know who God is, and who we are. He is an amazing guy. I really hope that he continues forward!
           All and all things are going well here. I was so nervous! I hate change! I cried on the way. And man do I miss my ward back in Skien. But I have to go back! And I will go back! There are going to be miracles here in Trondheim, I just know it. Sister Hilton and I are working our hardest! The district here is amazing, and I am excited for all that is going to be happening in the future! How is everyone doing? Heather my whole district watched all of Gav's videos! He is so good already! I was dying I was laughing so hard. He is so funny! And Mill is getting so big! Gosh! They are so cute! She is so chuncky! I love it! Annie! I love hearing about the girls. I have been thinking about Bry! Poor thing! But she looks like she is doing well! Heston is so cute! He is getting huge! Gosh! I am going to come back and he will be almost 2!!! Wow!! I am so excited to hear about the new apartment and the new jobs! I am happy Darrin loves his job!! Yay!! Corbs and Kate! Man, if someone doesn't get me a pic of Kate and her belly soon, I'm going to die. I want a full belly pic. Stomach showing and all. Please? What names are we thinking? Hey. I found you a last name I like as a first. Jensen! Way cute. Actually don't name your baby that, because then I can't. How is Jade? I need a video of her? Have you guys just been spending every day in the pool? #livingthedream Brent and Lori. Okay will someone please fill me in on their lives. I haven't heard anything since I talked to mom on the phone. I mean let a søster know. Hopefully they are dead. Okay terrible joke. Seriously though. Tell me about them! Kyle, you sound like you are rocking life. So proud of you and your sells! Keep working hard! Lins & Jord- you guys are too funny. Heard you read some books! Lins I am shocked! So proud of you! Send me paragraphs of Harry Potter. I'm dying here. Jokes....... not really.... How is Ruidoso going? Hey, remember how you play in the NFL? So cool. I tell everyone! I want to hear about everyone. I love the emails and the news. The pictures and the videos are the best. Just video tape you guys talking and send that to me! MISS YOU ALL!!
       Lo- can someone get in touch with her? My emails to her are bouncing back.... I'm slightly worried....
       Aly- Girl. I love you. Thank you for ALWAYS writing and being so funny. I miss you tons.
       Bay- HAPPY HAPPY Late Birthday!!!!
       Em- Thanks for your letter!!! I LOVE hearing about you!! I will write you back soon! I love you!
       Daniel- No comment. Except if you're reading and then I do have one. Sending love! Hope home is going well and being the awkward RM isn't too bad!
       Ash & Cor- I love you guys! I hope summer is going well in Utah! What all have you been doing?
       Dad- Happy late fathers day! I have a part of a letter coming for you! You are the best dad and I am a lucky girl to have you!!!
       Matthew Wood- Happy birthday this week!
Goril, Elder Badger, me, Sister Hilton, And elder Jensen. Man, this was like the happiest night of my mission! We all had such a good time. Laughed my head off!!
Quick Lunsj!! These are like Kit-Kat bars on crack!! So good!!

Sister Hilton and I! The district calls us Sister Hydro or Sister H2!

The church!! It is right across the street from our apartment! #livingthedream

Can't be late for church when you live across the street from the  church!

Life in Trondheim! this view is about 2 min. from my house. We walk by it everyday!

Sister Hilton and I!
We have volleyball night on Friday. We played volleyball for 2 hrs. So sore!!
Driving! We helped people move and well...we couldn't fit everyone in the car just all piled in the back and made the other 2 Elders wait. Our zone leaders were driving!

Trondheim beauty!!
This was the sky at midnight on the longest day of the year!

The huge Cathedral here! so gorgeous! Nidaros Cathedral built in 1070!!

Sunday, June 23, 2013

Ask and Ye shall recieve

Dear Weasley Family and Friends,
           "You watch yourself. One day you're gonna pick a hole in the sky and the universe is gonna fall right through." - Beautiful Creatures 
            Well. I think I did it. I picked a hole in the sky, and the whole dang universe fell right through. #yikes #ouch #prayingforcharity Flash back: got off the plane and President made a comment about how strong I must be because I lived in Russia. Flash forward: I'm being transferred. Yep. After almost 3 weeks of getting to know people here and basically falling in love with everything around me, I'm being transferred. Where you might ask? Trondheim! Holy cow! Start praying for me now! Okay so here is the back story. So we had 13 sisters in the mission before my group came. 17 sisters came in my group which meant that we would have mulitiple 3somes. Well we had one sister that wasn't quite ready to train, so she was put in a 3some and it was decided that after 3 weeks she would start training one of the new sisters. So we knew a moves call was coming this week. I figured that our 3some wouldn't be broken up because Søster Landry has been out for almost a year and that one of the 3somes that had a younger trainer would be split. Well Thursday night I got the call. I was blind sided. At first I thought "Oh, maybe she will just come here!" Nope wrong. So, I'm headed to Trondheim. President just kept saying, "I don't usually do this, we hate taking new missionaries from their trainers, but you were in Russia, you are strong!" So there are good and bad things to leaving. 
      Good: My new companion søster Hilton, sounds like we will get along well. I think that she will create a atmosphere that is better for me to learn in. I love søster Landry, but I think from what I heard that søster Hilton and I will get along great. President says that from how well he knows both of us that we will be a compliment to each others personality. Exciting! Trondheim is gorgeous! Its in the NORTH!!! There is only 1 area that is higher that girls are allowed to go to, so I got my wish. The thing I am wondering is if I want this wish to come true. Norway is much like USA. There is the South and there is the North. So different! But it will be a new experience! There are 6 other missionaries in Trondheim, so we will have 8 missionaries to the one ward! Can you say party? And we have Elders!!!!!!!!! Oh man you guys know how I feel about Elders! They are the best! It will be a new experience. Søster Hilton has only been out for 3 months, so we will be learning together! Please oh please keep us in your prayers! 
       The not so good: People from Trondheim is what we call Trunders. And the speak Trundish. And Trundish sounds like Chinese. The dialect is so BAD there! I am not kidding when I say it sounds like Chinese. Basically what this comes down to is since me and Søster Hilton have been in the south, we won't understand anything that they are saying. Talk about relying on the Spirit!!! Yikes! #prayingformiracles And the other sad thing is leaving Skien. I cried when I found out I was leaving. I love this ward so much. They are a part of my family! I already had one family tell me that when Mom and Dad come over to pick me up that we can come stay at their house, so put Skien on the list! I told President that I want to come back, and man do I hope I do! I love this ward. I cried saying goodbye to them and saying goodbye to my investigator Annette. I feel like a piece of my heart is breaking. Its hard. And leaving Søster Thurgood? Ugh. Missions are tough. Just when you start to feel comfortable you get changed! 
         This week was good. I don't have much time to talk about it because I have to catch a train at 1225 which is headed to Oslo. From Oslo I will go to the airport and fly to Trondheim. I will be alone ALL day until I meet Søster Hilton at the gate. #isthislegal #seperationanxiety #ridingsolo There is going to be a lot of progress here in Skien and it is going to come all through the members! I spoke in church yesterday! #throwingup I talked to them about how the Lord promises that through small and simple things great things will come to pass. We often talk about these small and simple things as scripture reading or praying, but it starts even smaller than that. It all begins with the knowledge of our divine heritage. That we are children of God. Once we know that we understand that our purpose is to return as a family to the Lord. Our friends and family that aren't members are part of this family. We have to share the gospel so that they understand their potential and their purpose. Real growth comes from the members! We are just here to help. It's been great serving here and man am I going to miss it! But I must come back! 
       I know this is short, but I wanted to get an email out before I left. I won't have time today as I travel. I love you all. How is everyone doing? Linsey I died with you telling me about throwing Rider up in the air. I can just see everyone laughing. I hope that everyone is doing well. I am sorry I am so bad at personally responding. This time goes so quickly! I will write more next week! For now, its picture time!!
Keep it real. Keep it classy. And may the odds be ever in your favor!
Søster Hodgkiss  

Saturday, June 15, 2013


Dear Weasley Family and Friends,
            Today on the bus I heard I'll wait for you and Just Give Me A Reason. Ask me if I sang out loud to it? Hollar at your Søster, of course I did! #livingthedream
            "But it's true. What do they call it these days- no pain, no gain? Same concept. You do the easy thing, the appealing thing, the peaceful thing, mostly it turns out sour in the end. But if you take the hard path- ah, that's how you reep the sweet rewards. Duty, sacrifice. They mean something." - Heros of Olympus: The son of Neptune 
         Okay I'm just going to come out and say it. I don't understand Norsk!!!!!!!!! #norskordie Okay that's a lie. I understand a lot. Sometimes. But when people start going really fast, I just kinda look around and think to myself "Is this real life?"....... You're joking right? How about when they look directly at me and ask me a question and I just keep starring at them because I don't understand? How about when we sat with an "investigator" for an hour and a half and she was just spouting off anti stuff the whole time, and we walk out and my compy comps are all annoyed and frustrated, and I'm like #livingthedream because I didn't understand a thing that was said. See guys, this is real life. I've gotten really good at smiling and nodding. Basically it's a good thing I'm so pretty. #blessings
          So this last week was good. SO MUCH better than that first week! Honestly, it probably sucks to read, but you guys know how I am. I just say it how it is. I am not head over heels in love with it all yet, but I'm getting there. I know it will come! No one tells you about this part before you leave. I guess they don't want you to get freaked out and decide to not go or something..... idk. But it is a part of a mission for some of us. If you are learning a lang. it is only harder. It's hard not knowing what is going on more than 60% of the time. Honestly. The youth at church always laugh at me because I just stare at their mouths trying to like telepathically understand them, but they don't get it. This is how it is for me. I have thousands of flash cards in my head. They have grammer principals on them and words and the translations. As they talk, my head is going through every flashcard and trying to match what they are saying up with what I know so far. It's like a game!!! I didn't even know my brain could work so fast before I came on a mission! But, yeah. Sometimes its fun because you match up all the cards right, and other times its awkward because they just asked you a question and they are just starring at you waiting for an response. #areyoutalkingtome
              The good news is that Norsk is a cute language. Here are some of my favorite phrases they use here:
         Vær så god (vare so goo) - they use it for everything! The direct translation is be so good, but the way they say it is so cute! When you are waiting to do something, like eat, they will tell you to start by using this phrase. Or it means you're welcome. Or it means... well Idk. My thought process is over use it because honestly its just adorbs.
          Takk skal du ha!- This translates to thanks shall you have. But you just say it really fast all together. So it sounds something like this - takskaldooha! It is precious. 
          Koselig (cushly)- This translates to cozy. Oh man this one is used ALL the time. I had no idea so many things were cozy before I came to Norway. I mean I guess I just don't use cozy that often in English. Well that's changed. Let me tell you! 
         Anyways- So I have a favorite family here. Okay well not a favorite because seriously my ward is Bomb, but this family is pretty great. The Isaksens family is the best! I LOVE them! Brother Isaksen uses anways all the time. Like he is talking in full norwegian and then he will be like anyways... and then go on to full norwegian. Cracks me up! The mix of the english-norsk is so funny here! 
     Quotes of the week! 
In a lesson with one of our "investigators" who isn't really an investigator. But anywho, he LOVES the Bible, is a bit older, and didn't quite understand we weren't catholic until like our 3rd meeting. #sofunny #lovehim 
Søster Landry (to me in English): ......pause...... (no response so she turns to me) 
     Søster Hodgkiss, can you tell Androwes what happens when we don't listen to the prophets on the earth?
Me (in Norwegian): When the people don't listen to the prophets, they are taken from the earth.    
    and then I turned to søster Thurgood and whispered, Testify!
Søster Thurgood: When the people don't listen to the prophets, they are taken from the earth. 
   ...........awkward silence.....
Søster Landry: um..... Like they said...
      When we finally got out of this lesson, I almost died. Poor Søster Landry! We try so hard, but fail so miserably! Cracks us up!!! Also at the end we asked Androwes to say the prayer. We all closed our eyes and folded our arms and sat there..... and sat there..... and sat there.... After about a minute I opened my eyes. Everyone had their eyes closed except Søster Thurgood. Guess who made eye contact and started laughing? Yep. Us. Then we sat there for another minute of silence and then Androwes loudly said "Horde på meg" which is basically a really gramatically bad way of saying, listen to me. Thank you Androwes for the silent prayer you gave. #lifeisawkward 
        You guys. Being a missionary is strange. You know what I use most often? My watch. Are we on time? Should we be praying? Is this lesson going too long? Is her testimony going to long? Can we leave now? How fast can I put makeup on today? 10 minute nap? Who knew a watch would be so handy! 
         Norwegians have like everything. EVERYTHING. Except the gospel, and an Norwegian to English picture dictionary. So I have made it a habit to just #firstwordproblems So when ever someone says to me "Nei takk" which basically means no thanks I just think well #firstworldproblems. I mean come on! These people are rich and good looking! Life is tough. And this is one of those times. There are people that are prepared though! I know it! I have to believe it, otherwise I'm just pointless here. But one of those people that are prepared are Alex. I contacted him! Go me! #hatecontacting But he is a doctor here and knows Norsk, English, and Spanish. He is from Spain. We teach him in English because he really likes it. We taught him for the first time last wednesday. We told him about all these beginning teaching things and were talking about how he has to pray to find an answer. He cut us off right there and said "Yes, yes. But first I MUST read this book right here and then pray to know that it is true." He had pointed to the Book of Mormon. We were like YES!!!!! Yes! Read it! No one ever wants to read the Book of Mormon! He is the best! He only had one real question...... "What does your church think about nice things?" Which resulted in Søster Thurgood and I talking about all the nice things we have and like. #squirrel Alex is the best! I am excited to see how things go with him. I will keep you guys updated! 
           Did I tell you guys about the first full day I was here? We went to this familys house and they are TALKERS! Man the wife talked for about 30 minutes before she realized teamThurgood and I didn't have an idea what she was saying! But she is great. At the end of the dinner they asked me to pray. Man I thought I was going to throw up. But you know what? I did it. I said a crappy prayer finished with an amen and then.... they started clapping. Never had anyone clap for me after a prayer, but I think I like it! 
            Biskop Top is the best bishop ever. Man this ward is the best ward ever. I wanted to talk about that for a bit. Don't forget your role as a ward member and what you can bring to a missionaries life. Being out on a mish is hard! Esp. if you are far away. The ward and the Bishop is a safe haven. #lovethatmovie #bestkissoftheyear They are what I hold on to when things suck. Because everyone may hate me on the street and not want to talk to me, but the ward loves me. They don't care I can't speak and they don't stress over my errors. They help me with the language and they push me. Biskop Top likes to put me on the spot. I think he has caught on to I'm the quiet one in lessons, and is trying to bring me out. At our open house on Thursday he asked me to tell about my experience with cancer and how my testimony of the plan of salvation helped me. I thought I was going to be sick! Man! But I got up there and I bore my testimony and I brought the Spirit. Hook. Line. Sinker. Done. He also likes to get me to pray as much as possible! It is hard and sometimes I am so annoyed by it, but I get it now. It's because he loves me and wants to give me the opprotunity to grow and learn. I can't learn if I don't speak, and its so much easier to not speak. But each time I get a little more confidence that "Oh that's right, I do get a little bit of this language!"

  Me: Søster Landry, what are you doing????
Søster Landry: ......licking my wart......
ST and Me: um..........


   Søster Landry gives me two taps if she needs me to bare a testimony in lessons. Yeah..... this is real life. People like to name their kids American names here and then pronouce them some weirdy way. #getyourownnames I got shin splints and decided to ice them. I didn't put a towel on it and you know how my body hates me. Well after the skin was all frozen I massaged my legs with the ice. Guess who got like 6 huge blisters on my shin? This girl. They filled up with fluid and I drain them and they fill back up. #cutthosesuckersopen They are getting better though. Not a cute leg at this point. The Isaksens live out of town a ways and I'm pretty sure its my dream life. They live by a huge lake and forest. #thisiswhereedwardlives Its gorgeous. We all just leave our windows and doors open here because its nice and cool. So pretty! Did I mention the Isaksens have 4 sons? One just got back from his mission and served with my good friend Michael #biglips in the SLC mission. Small world! #4sons. The younger one is 18 and is named Ben. He likes to make fun of my Norwegian. Thats when I start talking about Chemistry and Biology in English and sit back and laugh. #hethinksheissosmart I sit in church on Sundays now and just pray I don't get called on because I don't understand anything. One day we were running late and needed to be on the other side of the town so we sprinted..... Yeah that's right. I said sprinted. There was a huge group of guys just starring. #Iknowimnotwearingasportsbra #notmyfault #whyarewesprinting This week I was talking to my compy comps and I forgot a word in English and could only remember the Norsk word. #yes #score #dreamsdocometrueifyouworkhardenough 
     Pretty much we are working our tails off. We are trying hard to find people and we are working a ton with the members! There is so much that goes into it all! I mean come on people! Just come to us! But I know its going to be worth it! We will start seeing some real progress here! I hope that all is going well back at home! Some of you *cough cough* haven't written. But you know... whatever.... I love you and I am thankful for your support! I couldn't be doing what I'm doing without you guys! Keep it real. Keep it classy. And may the odds be ever in your favor.

Søster Katniss

Shout Outs!
Daniel- I will literally beat you if you don''t write me and tell me how being home is. No joke.
Heather & Shawn- HAPPY 10TH ANNV!!!! You guys are the best! Keep on loving! 
Bry- I'm sorry baby girl! But you cast is so cute! All your friends will have to sign it! 
Summer is here!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

First pictures of Norway!

Fun on the plane over to Norway!

Pitts and I in Norway!

Sleeping in the mission home.

Good thing I'm still pretty in Norway!!

Another side of my house! The first one!

My cute little house in Norway!

These little fuzzy things are all over. Reminds me of Jade because she would always have me pick these! #Isthisevenlegal?

My zone in Norway. I love them!

Monday, June 10, 2013

Week 1 in Norway! Yikes! I got left!

Dear Weasly Family and Friends,
"There was a man who was worthless, and knew he was worthless, and
yet however far down he tried to sink his soul, there was always some
part of him capable of great action." -Clockwork Angel
Well guys, I'm in Norway. Yep. I know that you would think I had
more to say, but honestly idk.... let's not go there. You know how
people talk about loving their missions and just how much fun they
are? Well. I haven't seen that yet. We stepped off the plane and met
President and Sister Evans. They are the best. President has such a
dry sense of humor. Makes me laugh so hard, but more like an
uncomfortable laugh because I don't know if it's a joke or not. He
reminds me a lot of Dad actually. It's good. I need a dad out here
too! Sister Evans is precious. So sweet. So caring. Really loves all
of us. Point of the story? What I'm about to say. Everyone in the
office knows me as the one from Russia. They were blown away that I
put my papers in there, so that's kinda my identity. President
introduced himself turned to me and said "I figure you're from Russia,
so you can handle anything and it won't be too hard." I pretty much
knew that something was coming.
So what did pres do? He put me in a trio to start out with. And
he put me in Skien. Its a city in the base of the mountains. Pretty
south. Quite the opposite of what I was going for, but way pretty. So
green and hilly. There are about 70,000 here. Skien hasn't had any
Sisters in it for over 10 years. They begged and begged and begged for
Sisters. You know, I kinda feel bad because they are so amazing, but
they got sent two greenies.
Sister Thurgood and I were in the same district at the MTC. She
has such a strong personality and so do I. Sometimes at the MTC we
would butt heads a bit. So when I found out that we would be comps I
flipped. Pitts had to give me a pump up talk. Sister Thurgood was so
worried too! She was like how am I going to be with Kat and not kill
her? I know she was thinking that!!! But honestly it's been great with
her. We are so alike, that it actually works. She knows my history and
how I am so we bond all the time. She knows what I'm going through
with being new and trying to learn everything. This morning we just
sat on the couch and cried. #bondingforlife
Our trainer is Sister Landry. She has been out here for 10 months
and is amazing at the language. She actually studied it for about a
year before she even had her call. Way cool. She looks a little like
Lo, but is so the opposite. Honestly we aren't alike at all. And she
def isn't like Thurgood. But she is dedicated and focused. And when I
say focused I mean focused. She has a good head on her shoulders, a
lot of faith, and teaches my example. I feel sorry for her all the
time becasue she def got a handful. She is doing well with what she
got though.
Well, guys I'm not going to lie. This week has been really
hard. The Elders before us, left us with basically nothing. No people
to teach. No investigators. Not sure what has been going on for 12
weeks. I'm trying to get a hold of everything and figure it all out,
but its a lot to do. I've only cried twice though, so that's good.
I've been trying to think of good things that are going on all week,
so my email doesn't suck so much. Obvs, I'm way off. The lang. is
hard. One guy told me he didn't speak English. I turned to Thurgood
and I said.. Um.... I was speaking Norsk, right? Apparently, if you
don't speak fast enough, they think its English. #awks
Here's a story about me getting lost and left behind on my
first night going to my new area! It should break up the glume!
So the train conductor comes and tells us
to move up to the first train so we do. #takemybagsformeplease
Actually one little presh worker did take my bags and spoke english to
me! #livingthedream So teamLandry (that's my trainer) is taking for
evig because she has so many bags so she gets in a train way down from
us. We as in me and teamTHURGOOD get on the train cart at the front.
Okay insert time when I don't speak English and the conductor is
trying to tell me to do something. #igetconfused. So I think he wants
me to come down to the car that teamLandry is in so I step out.
TeamThurgood has all my bags. I step out of the car and turn back to
tell her to come and guess what happens? The door shuts....
#isthisreallife TeamThurgoods face when the door shut? #pricless So I
didn't cry. That was a plus. I awkardly waved to them as the train
took off and tried to figure out if I just laid in a ball and died
right there how long it would take the TeamPresidentEvans to find out.
Well TeamLandry texted me for a bit trying to help me figure out what
to do... that is until she lost service. We are in Skien which is in
the middle of the mountains so you lose service on the way here.
#nobueno #ikkelykkelig Insert percious man who took helped me with my
bags walking back to a building. Insert me running full speed at him.
#thankgoodnessforenglishandbritishaccents He told me where I could go
on the bus and blah blah blah. Well the hardly told me anything so I
just kinda roamed around holding back tears. Then I saw him again so I
was like okay sir, look here I don't understand. I don't know how to
buy a ticket. I don't know!!! But he was presh, so he told me that my
train ticket would work and wrote a note on it to the bus driver.
So I'm sitting outside just waiting contemplating the square root
of 91, when I see that this girl that I saw earlier keeps looking at
me. #areyougoingtotalktome So she comes up to me and asks me something
in Norwegian and that sparked a good hour conversation. It was in
broken Norwegian and English. Her name is... well what do you think it
is? TeamZ of course! She is muslim, but has so many questions about
faith. She has a lot of concerns and aches in her life. She needs the
gospel! She is 17, but such an amazing girl! I got her number and 2
hugs. In the first minute of meeting she told me it was her birthday,
so I hugged her. Later when I met the bishop I told him this and he
and his family died laughing. He was like you hugged her? I looked him
square in the eye and said "wouldn't you want a hug if it was your
birthday?" Actually I didn't. But that woudl have been great if I did.
Anywho, moral of the story? Learn Norsk. That's always the moral
of the story here. Actually, it's that you never know who you are
going to meet or what difference you will make. This is our first
meeting with Zeniab so we will see how it goes, but who knows? I can
see her in white. #Iprayedyouhere
So yeah.... that's the story and APPARENTLY it's been spreading
around. Bishop keeps telling it to everyone at church. I don't ever
know what he is talking about until I hear "Søster Hodgkiss" and
"bussen" and "skrive ned". Honestly never been more confused for
longer in my life. #keepthefaithyall for tomorrow we........
So I bore my testimony in church on Sunday! Yeah, talk about blood
rushing. Man, I thought I was going to throw up. But let me tell you,
we have an amazing ward. There are about 60 people there on Sundays,
which is huge for Norway. It's a famous ward throughout the mission.
The Bishop is AMAZING, and the members are the best. Pretty much I
just hold on to the hope of the members and what they bring. I
actually feel like a small bit of myself around them. They are so
funny and loving. I feel loved and cared for. We have a member feed us
every night. Every night! And at church we all sit seperatly and just
pick a random member to sit by. They are just the best. I sat by
Natan, Ben, and a few other of the young single adult men. After I sat
down, I was like hmmmm.... maybe this isn't a good idea. But it's a
foregin mission, same rules don't apply. Anywho the Bishop asked us to
bare our testimonies, and to go FIRST. I was sweating like a.... well
we won't go into that... but ALOT. I went up there, tried to remember
words, and just said whatever I could remember. It went pretty well I
think. I told them at the end, "I skal lære Norsk!" which means I will
learn Norwegian! I think it was okay. At least my young single adult
friends said it did, except they might have alternative motives....
hahaa teasing. Everyone always comes up to us and asks how long we
have been learning Norwegian. We tell them 7 weeks. They say NO!!! We
say YES!!! They say NO again. And then they just shake their head in
disbelief. Its hard to see your lang. like that for yourself. They
speak so quickly and so many words you don't understand. I get so
confused. And I don't even know where to begin with learning. There is
just so much. But I am figuring out how to grasp at this whole
"mission thing".
Funny story, so actually one of the boys in our ward here just
got called to Norway. He is coming to the mish in July. Anywho here I
am standing in the hallway after church and he comes up. What does he
tell me? He tells me two words that I get mixed up in Norsk.
#youaresosmart #idontunderstand #what? I just laughed. I told him he
can add it to the list of everything I get wrong. Freaking ble and
vare. Get them mixed up everytime!
Oh. So I can't say the church's name. That's pretty awkward.
Everytime I go up to someone on the street I butcher it. I'm working
on it though.
I guess I would get out here and just love it like I loved
the MTC. That I was going to laugh as much and enjoy it just as much.
That I could be myself. I don't really feel like that at all. The
lang. is hard. I hate contacting. And basically I feel worthless
beacuse my poor trainer has to do everything. But I know that I am
capable of greatness. I know that someone the Lord will make my
efforts work. I know that I won't and can't hate it forever. I'm just
trying to remember that. I'm sorry that this email sucks so much. I
really wanted to send you guys this email that was so positive and had
all these miracles that are happening. But it was either this, or not
email at all.
The area is gorgeous. The homes are like these cute little
cottage looking things with these gorgeous yards. So many wild flowers
and grass. Its beautiful. The sun never sets here so that is
different. No worries mom, I am getting my 10 hours of Vit. D a day.
At about 1130 it gets the darkest. It looks like 8 o'clock on a summer
night in Texas. So not very dark at all, but it seems so dark compared
to the rest of the day. Once winter comes around, it will be dark all
the time, so its take your pick here.
Here is my address:
Hans Houens Gate 8
3715 Skien
Quote of the week:
"During language study I was about to stab a jabalin through her heart."
These are the perks of having a trio. #workingthroughourproblems
So yeah. That's my email. This is just pretty awkward because I
don't really know what else to say. Pretty much I just want to hear
about all of you and how you guys are doing. It was so great to talk
to you all. I didn't get trunky at all because of all the excitement
of getting off a dang plane after 10 years of it. So no worries there.
I hope that you guys didn't get trunky about me either! Christmas will
be here before you know it. So yeah. Keep praying for me. Like a lot.
I love you all. I am sure we will look back on this email
one day and laugh. Or not.... whatever. Anywho, write me when you guys
can! Keep it real. Keep it classy. And may the odds be ever in your
Much love,

Shout Outs this week:
Cory Hill- HAPPY BIRTHDAY!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!
Daniel Wood- WELCOME HOME!!!!!!!!!!!!!!
Mom- Happy school is out!!!!!!!!!!