Saturday, June 29, 2013

Goril, Elder Badger, me, Sister Hilton, And elder Jensen. Man, this was like the happiest night of my mission! We all had such a good time. Laughed my head off!!
Quick Lunsj!! These are like Kit-Kat bars on crack!! So good!!

Sister Hilton and I! The district calls us Sister Hydro or Sister H2!

The church!! It is right across the street from our apartment! #livingthedream

Can't be late for church when you live across the street from the  church!

Life in Trondheim! this view is about 2 min. from my house. We walk by it everyday!

Sister Hilton and I!
We have volleyball night on Friday. We played volleyball for 2 hrs. So sore!!
Driving! We helped people move and well...we couldn't fit everyone in the car just all piled in the back and made the other 2 Elders wait. Our zone leaders were driving!

Trondheim beauty!!
This was the sky at midnight on the longest day of the year!

The huge Cathedral here! so gorgeous! Nidaros Cathedral built in 1070!!

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