Saturday, June 29, 2013


Dear Weasley Family and Friends,
          "Our hearts, they need a mirror... We see our better selves in the eyes of those who love us. And there is a beauty that brevity alone provides." - Clockwork Princess
             Okay. So lets just be real for a second. I live in Trondheim. Wow. Its probably the prettiest city ever. Up here in the North everything is so gorgeous! Don't you guys worry! I sent many pictures! But seriously, it is gorgeous here. The weather has been pretty great too. Its super nice with the sun always being up because you never have any sketchy moments. Now come winter we will. The longest day of the year was actually on Saturday. Now we will start losing a little more sunlight each day. I am not ready for the dark yet!!! YIKES!!!!!
             So I got into Trondheim Monday night. Traveling alone is not my favorite thing to do in the world. Luckily I ran into some other missionaries at the airport and they were able to help me through. #lifesavers I started to tear up when I saw them, that's how relieved I was. So great! Sister Hilton and I were supposed to meet up at the airport, but she missed her plane. I was sitting on my plane and looked out the window and saw the plane next to me unloading. Out came a missionary. I called her as we were leaving the gate!!! I was like you are NOT on this plane!! But it all turned out good. She caught the next flight and we met up in the Trondheim airport. Then we took a bus into the city and we met up with everyone else there.
           We live right across the street from the church. Its so great! You can't be late for church if you only have to cross the street! We live with the other sisters, Søster Pederson and Søster Kitchen. It is so much fun. Søster Hilton is the best!! Man we have a blast together. She is so funny. She sings songs all the time. Kinda reminds me of Annie. She can connect anything to a song. The other day we were having compy comp study and she was like "My favorite scripture is in the Bible...." and I gasped. I mean are Mormons even aloud to say that? And then she was like "I know... these are my confessions..." and started singing Usher in the middle of comp study. I have never been happier. I respect a women that can tie Usher into everyday life. She is hilarious and great. I love serving with her. She has been out 3 months, but its so great because we learn together! And she already has such a great knowledge. Its awesome. Also, not being in a trio is going wonderfully for me! Man. I was struggling. I never talked because there was no reason to. Now, I talk all the time. My Norsk is getting better all the time! Its so great. I don't really worry about the language anymore. Ever since I have come to Trondheim, I just feel pretty comfortable. Its been super great. My English sucks though. Today we were reading something and I was trying to read the word prophecies and I couldn't pronounce it because in Norwegian the ph would be spelled with an F and I just spaced. I looked up and I was like how do you pronounce that word? Also, I've traded all my c's for s's. Yeah. This is happening.
    Quote from the week:
   Elder Jensen: pppsshhh
   Gøril: Christopher! Why do you keep whispering?
   Elder Jensen: I wasn't whispering!
   Gøril (shakes head): I'm going to have to ask God about you!
Me, on the floor dying.
     Let me tell you about Gøril. Okay first off, lets be real her name looks like its spelled Gorilla. Confusing? Yes. People tell me their names here all the time and I just don't know if they are saying a word I don't know or if its a real name. #awkwardtimes Anywho, so Gøril is inactive. The Elders (DLs) visited her once before and decided that they would take us with them on their second visit. I was told that she loves people from Texas and that she was a little on the crazy side and likes to speak English. Well, lets just say I don't think I have laughed so much in one night my entire mission. I was dying. She is such a spaz! She just jumps around all over the place. But she is bomb! So fun! We had pizza and coke and just talked. She loved me. When she found out that I was from Texas, and I had Norwegian in me, and I had some Indian in me, she almost died. She is super spacey because of medical things and so she just rambles and jumps around from topic to topic. You can ask her about anything and she would tell you. I just kept asking questions about why she smoked and why she doesn't come to church and all these questions that should be awkward, but she doesn't think they are because she is so spacy. It was hilarious. She would answer everything! And she is so sweet! She just loves us. She calls us by our first names which is so funny. And of course because we never get to call each other by that, we over did it. If we were talking to each other we would either begin the sentence or end the sentence with their first name. So I would be like "Christopher, can you pass me the pizza? Thank you, Christopher." Man let me tell you there is something about hearing your first name as a missionary. It is AWK-WARD. It literally sends shivers down my spine. Its so intimate! I can't believe we all call each other that. Ugh. Anywho after about an hour of the first names, that got old so we resorted to nicknames. Elder Jensen is apparently like the king of nicknames. He called me like 12 in the entire night. I was Hailey Bailey, Hails, and Hail-a-ken. Søster Hilton was Paris Hilton because that's what Gøril calls her, and Eldste Badger was just Jacob. Elder Jensen was Christopher and then that was just too hard to say so I switched to Bubbah. It was probably the most hilarious/awkward night ever. The best part? We have a return appointment! It's Gøril's birthday on Tuesday so we are all baking a cake and going over there! So great!! #livingthedream
       We have 8 missionaries here total
           Elder Earl and Leighton- ZL's
           Elder Jensen and Badger- Jensen is our DL
           Sister Pederson and Kitchen-  ped. has been here 3 months, kit. 3 weeks
            The Hydro Sisters
    Pretty much we have a blast all the time. We see each other a lot throughout the day because we will randomly run into each other around the city. Its super great! It makes it fun having such a great support system here. The Elders are great and patient with us. They have all served in the North most of their mission so they kinda have a harder Norwegian than the ones I served with in the South before. But it's been great. I feel super at home here and way comfortable. We all get along really well. Its only if its really late that we start to lose our patience. But they are the best!!!
       Elder Gusty sent me a note through Elder Leighton. E. Leighton used to train him, and now he is my ZL so I got a note from Gusty! I was so happy! I miss him like crazy! He makes me laugh so much! He is in Bergan right now. Way hard dialect. Kinda like Trundish.
        So, the work here is going well. Søster Hilton and I are opening up a new area. This means we start from ground zero. We have to do tons of contacting and trying to find people to teach. This has been difficult. I hate contacting. Its way hard for me. But I am getting better! I still cry every once in awhile. I have learned that mission life is like a roll a coaster. I am so bipolar here! I just go in between crying and laughing. I know what Lori feels like now. There are so many disappointments. Actually there are more disappointments then there are  successes. Its just that the successes way out all the disappointments and you forget about all the crappy days. We are way stressed! Our numbers are terrible. One day we contacted at least 40 people and no one would let us get pass "Vi er misjonærer av Jesu Kristi..." It was so frustrating! But Søs Hilton is the bomb! She is encouraging and lets me vent when I look like I'm about to burst. Sometimes I just want to grab the people and shake them and say "You don't know what you are saying no to!!!!!" But then we have success. And it washes all the "nei takks" away.
          One of these successes was Rami. We went contacting our first day and we hadn't had much luck. We were on our way back to our apartment and crossing the bridge when I saw a man about 100 yards ahead of us walking towards us. I turned to Søster Hilton and said, "We are going to contact that man right there!" Honestly, it was just because I had let like 7 people go without talking to them and I felt bad. So we got closer and we stopped him. He told us that he had met the Sister missionaries 2 years ago and that he hadn't taken the lessons, he had just listened to their message. He told us that he had actually been thinking about our church lately because we are so different and he wanted to know more. Well we met with him yesterday and gave him the First. It went well. He had tons of questions! In the middle he stopped us and asked if he could have a piece of paper so that he could take notes. I love Rami!
          Now Rami is an atheist. He was raised as a Muslim, but doesn't practice. He says that he isn't interested in converting, he is just meeting with us to know more. The funny thing is he asks all these questions about his own life. He said I want to know where I come from, where I am going, and who God is. But then when we ask him a direct question he tells us he isn't religious. So we play along. We just say sure! We can just keep talking. Why don't you read the Book of Mormon in the mean time? We have another appointment with him in 2 days. We are trying to take it slow. We don't want him to be overwhelmed or freak out. We just want him to ask us what he wants and be able to give him answers. I wish you guys could have seen him after we prayed. Sister Hilton prayed first and I prayed at the end and both times we prayed specifically for him. We asked Heavenly Father to bless him in his personal life and so on. He was so touched. He sat there in silence. He just smiled. I could tell he felt that warmth, that love, for probably the first time in a long time. I think that he is opening up to the idea of God and that we can know who God is, and who we are. He is an amazing guy. I really hope that he continues forward!
           All and all things are going well here. I was so nervous! I hate change! I cried on the way. And man do I miss my ward back in Skien. But I have to go back! And I will go back! There are going to be miracles here in Trondheim, I just know it. Sister Hilton and I are working our hardest! The district here is amazing, and I am excited for all that is going to be happening in the future! How is everyone doing? Heather my whole district watched all of Gav's videos! He is so good already! I was dying I was laughing so hard. He is so funny! And Mill is getting so big! Gosh! They are so cute! She is so chuncky! I love it! Annie! I love hearing about the girls. I have been thinking about Bry! Poor thing! But she looks like she is doing well! Heston is so cute! He is getting huge! Gosh! I am going to come back and he will be almost 2!!! Wow!! I am so excited to hear about the new apartment and the new jobs! I am happy Darrin loves his job!! Yay!! Corbs and Kate! Man, if someone doesn't get me a pic of Kate and her belly soon, I'm going to die. I want a full belly pic. Stomach showing and all. Please? What names are we thinking? Hey. I found you a last name I like as a first. Jensen! Way cute. Actually don't name your baby that, because then I can't. How is Jade? I need a video of her? Have you guys just been spending every day in the pool? #livingthedream Brent and Lori. Okay will someone please fill me in on their lives. I haven't heard anything since I talked to mom on the phone. I mean let a søster know. Hopefully they are dead. Okay terrible joke. Seriously though. Tell me about them! Kyle, you sound like you are rocking life. So proud of you and your sells! Keep working hard! Lins & Jord- you guys are too funny. Heard you read some books! Lins I am shocked! So proud of you! Send me paragraphs of Harry Potter. I'm dying here. Jokes....... not really.... How is Ruidoso going? Hey, remember how you play in the NFL? So cool. I tell everyone! I want to hear about everyone. I love the emails and the news. The pictures and the videos are the best. Just video tape you guys talking and send that to me! MISS YOU ALL!!
       Lo- can someone get in touch with her? My emails to her are bouncing back.... I'm slightly worried....
       Aly- Girl. I love you. Thank you for ALWAYS writing and being so funny. I miss you tons.
       Bay- HAPPY HAPPY Late Birthday!!!!
       Em- Thanks for your letter!!! I LOVE hearing about you!! I will write you back soon! I love you!
       Daniel- No comment. Except if you're reading and then I do have one. Sending love! Hope home is going well and being the awkward RM isn't too bad!
       Ash & Cor- I love you guys! I hope summer is going well in Utah! What all have you been doing?
       Dad- Happy late fathers day! I have a part of a letter coming for you! You are the best dad and I am a lucky girl to have you!!!
       Matthew Wood- Happy birthday this week!

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