Monday, June 10, 2013

Week 1 in Norway! Yikes! I got left!

Dear Weasly Family and Friends,
"There was a man who was worthless, and knew he was worthless, and
yet however far down he tried to sink his soul, there was always some
part of him capable of great action." -Clockwork Angel
Well guys, I'm in Norway. Yep. I know that you would think I had
more to say, but honestly idk.... let's not go there. You know how
people talk about loving their missions and just how much fun they
are? Well. I haven't seen that yet. We stepped off the plane and met
President and Sister Evans. They are the best. President has such a
dry sense of humor. Makes me laugh so hard, but more like an
uncomfortable laugh because I don't know if it's a joke or not. He
reminds me a lot of Dad actually. It's good. I need a dad out here
too! Sister Evans is precious. So sweet. So caring. Really loves all
of us. Point of the story? What I'm about to say. Everyone in the
office knows me as the one from Russia. They were blown away that I
put my papers in there, so that's kinda my identity. President
introduced himself turned to me and said "I figure you're from Russia,
so you can handle anything and it won't be too hard." I pretty much
knew that something was coming.
So what did pres do? He put me in a trio to start out with. And
he put me in Skien. Its a city in the base of the mountains. Pretty
south. Quite the opposite of what I was going for, but way pretty. So
green and hilly. There are about 70,000 here. Skien hasn't had any
Sisters in it for over 10 years. They begged and begged and begged for
Sisters. You know, I kinda feel bad because they are so amazing, but
they got sent two greenies.
Sister Thurgood and I were in the same district at the MTC. She
has such a strong personality and so do I. Sometimes at the MTC we
would butt heads a bit. So when I found out that we would be comps I
flipped. Pitts had to give me a pump up talk. Sister Thurgood was so
worried too! She was like how am I going to be with Kat and not kill
her? I know she was thinking that!!! But honestly it's been great with
her. We are so alike, that it actually works. She knows my history and
how I am so we bond all the time. She knows what I'm going through
with being new and trying to learn everything. This morning we just
sat on the couch and cried. #bondingforlife
Our trainer is Sister Landry. She has been out here for 10 months
and is amazing at the language. She actually studied it for about a
year before she even had her call. Way cool. She looks a little like
Lo, but is so the opposite. Honestly we aren't alike at all. And she
def isn't like Thurgood. But she is dedicated and focused. And when I
say focused I mean focused. She has a good head on her shoulders, a
lot of faith, and teaches my example. I feel sorry for her all the
time becasue she def got a handful. She is doing well with what she
got though.
Well, guys I'm not going to lie. This week has been really
hard. The Elders before us, left us with basically nothing. No people
to teach. No investigators. Not sure what has been going on for 12
weeks. I'm trying to get a hold of everything and figure it all out,
but its a lot to do. I've only cried twice though, so that's good.
I've been trying to think of good things that are going on all week,
so my email doesn't suck so much. Obvs, I'm way off. The lang. is
hard. One guy told me he didn't speak English. I turned to Thurgood
and I said.. Um.... I was speaking Norsk, right? Apparently, if you
don't speak fast enough, they think its English. #awks
Here's a story about me getting lost and left behind on my
first night going to my new area! It should break up the glume!
So the train conductor comes and tells us
to move up to the first train so we do. #takemybagsformeplease
Actually one little presh worker did take my bags and spoke english to
me! #livingthedream So teamLandry (that's my trainer) is taking for
evig because she has so many bags so she gets in a train way down from
us. We as in me and teamTHURGOOD get on the train cart at the front.
Okay insert time when I don't speak English and the conductor is
trying to tell me to do something. #igetconfused. So I think he wants
me to come down to the car that teamLandry is in so I step out.
TeamThurgood has all my bags. I step out of the car and turn back to
tell her to come and guess what happens? The door shuts....
#isthisreallife TeamThurgoods face when the door shut? #pricless So I
didn't cry. That was a plus. I awkardly waved to them as the train
took off and tried to figure out if I just laid in a ball and died
right there how long it would take the TeamPresidentEvans to find out.
Well TeamLandry texted me for a bit trying to help me figure out what
to do... that is until she lost service. We are in Skien which is in
the middle of the mountains so you lose service on the way here.
#nobueno #ikkelykkelig Insert percious man who took helped me with my
bags walking back to a building. Insert me running full speed at him.
#thankgoodnessforenglishandbritishaccents He told me where I could go
on the bus and blah blah blah. Well the hardly told me anything so I
just kinda roamed around holding back tears. Then I saw him again so I
was like okay sir, look here I don't understand. I don't know how to
buy a ticket. I don't know!!! But he was presh, so he told me that my
train ticket would work and wrote a note on it to the bus driver.
So I'm sitting outside just waiting contemplating the square root
of 91, when I see that this girl that I saw earlier keeps looking at
me. #areyougoingtotalktome So she comes up to me and asks me something
in Norwegian and that sparked a good hour conversation. It was in
broken Norwegian and English. Her name is... well what do you think it
is? TeamZ of course! She is muslim, but has so many questions about
faith. She has a lot of concerns and aches in her life. She needs the
gospel! She is 17, but such an amazing girl! I got her number and 2
hugs. In the first minute of meeting she told me it was her birthday,
so I hugged her. Later when I met the bishop I told him this and he
and his family died laughing. He was like you hugged her? I looked him
square in the eye and said "wouldn't you want a hug if it was your
birthday?" Actually I didn't. But that woudl have been great if I did.
Anywho, moral of the story? Learn Norsk. That's always the moral
of the story here. Actually, it's that you never know who you are
going to meet or what difference you will make. This is our first
meeting with Zeniab so we will see how it goes, but who knows? I can
see her in white. #Iprayedyouhere
So yeah.... that's the story and APPARENTLY it's been spreading
around. Bishop keeps telling it to everyone at church. I don't ever
know what he is talking about until I hear "Søster Hodgkiss" and
"bussen" and "skrive ned". Honestly never been more confused for
longer in my life. #keepthefaithyall for tomorrow we........
So I bore my testimony in church on Sunday! Yeah, talk about blood
rushing. Man, I thought I was going to throw up. But let me tell you,
we have an amazing ward. There are about 60 people there on Sundays,
which is huge for Norway. It's a famous ward throughout the mission.
The Bishop is AMAZING, and the members are the best. Pretty much I
just hold on to the hope of the members and what they bring. I
actually feel like a small bit of myself around them. They are so
funny and loving. I feel loved and cared for. We have a member feed us
every night. Every night! And at church we all sit seperatly and just
pick a random member to sit by. They are just the best. I sat by
Natan, Ben, and a few other of the young single adult men. After I sat
down, I was like hmmmm.... maybe this isn't a good idea. But it's a
foregin mission, same rules don't apply. Anywho the Bishop asked us to
bare our testimonies, and to go FIRST. I was sweating like a.... well
we won't go into that... but ALOT. I went up there, tried to remember
words, and just said whatever I could remember. It went pretty well I
think. I told them at the end, "I skal lære Norsk!" which means I will
learn Norwegian! I think it was okay. At least my young single adult
friends said it did, except they might have alternative motives....
hahaa teasing. Everyone always comes up to us and asks how long we
have been learning Norwegian. We tell them 7 weeks. They say NO!!! We
say YES!!! They say NO again. And then they just shake their head in
disbelief. Its hard to see your lang. like that for yourself. They
speak so quickly and so many words you don't understand. I get so
confused. And I don't even know where to begin with learning. There is
just so much. But I am figuring out how to grasp at this whole
"mission thing".
Funny story, so actually one of the boys in our ward here just
got called to Norway. He is coming to the mish in July. Anywho here I
am standing in the hallway after church and he comes up. What does he
tell me? He tells me two words that I get mixed up in Norsk.
#youaresosmart #idontunderstand #what? I just laughed. I told him he
can add it to the list of everything I get wrong. Freaking ble and
vare. Get them mixed up everytime!
Oh. So I can't say the church's name. That's pretty awkward.
Everytime I go up to someone on the street I butcher it. I'm working
on it though.
I guess I would get out here and just love it like I loved
the MTC. That I was going to laugh as much and enjoy it just as much.
That I could be myself. I don't really feel like that at all. The
lang. is hard. I hate contacting. And basically I feel worthless
beacuse my poor trainer has to do everything. But I know that I am
capable of greatness. I know that someone the Lord will make my
efforts work. I know that I won't and can't hate it forever. I'm just
trying to remember that. I'm sorry that this email sucks so much. I
really wanted to send you guys this email that was so positive and had
all these miracles that are happening. But it was either this, or not
email at all.
The area is gorgeous. The homes are like these cute little
cottage looking things with these gorgeous yards. So many wild flowers
and grass. Its beautiful. The sun never sets here so that is
different. No worries mom, I am getting my 10 hours of Vit. D a day.
At about 1130 it gets the darkest. It looks like 8 o'clock on a summer
night in Texas. So not very dark at all, but it seems so dark compared
to the rest of the day. Once winter comes around, it will be dark all
the time, so its take your pick here.
Here is my address:
Hans Houens Gate 8
3715 Skien
Quote of the week:
"During language study I was about to stab a jabalin through her heart."
These are the perks of having a trio. #workingthroughourproblems
So yeah. That's my email. This is just pretty awkward because I
don't really know what else to say. Pretty much I just want to hear
about all of you and how you guys are doing. It was so great to talk
to you all. I didn't get trunky at all because of all the excitement
of getting off a dang plane after 10 years of it. So no worries there.
I hope that you guys didn't get trunky about me either! Christmas will
be here before you know it. So yeah. Keep praying for me. Like a lot.
I love you all. I am sure we will look back on this email
one day and laugh. Or not.... whatever. Anywho, write me when you guys
can! Keep it real. Keep it classy. And may the odds be ever in your
Much love,

Shout Outs this week:
Cory Hill- HAPPY BIRTHDAY!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!
Daniel Wood- WELCOME HOME!!!!!!!!!!!!!!
Mom- Happy school is out!!!!!!!!!!

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