Sunday, July 21, 2013

4th of July, bestemor Bergit, and baby cars!

July 4th celebration

The Hansen's house--typical table setting for dinner!!

Me, Sister Peterson, Sister Kitchen. Sister Hilton

Typical Norsk dinner

Cake!! No worries guy, I am getting the recipe!


Deer in the Hansen's backyard!

Driving/filling up for the first time in Norge! Sketch!

Bergit's baby car...#soconfused

Kebab place! Norge has the best Kebab's! Trondheim's are especially yummy!


This is what life is like with 8 missionaries in one ward!

Bergit  #bestemor

Torget, the center of town where we had our gate stand

Pretty church in the middle of Trondheim

Had to send this one for Troll lover Mom!

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