Tuesday, July 23, 2013


Dear Weasley Famliy and Friends,
     "But love wasn't about sacrifice, and it wasn't about falling short of someone's expectations. By definition, love made you better than good enough; it redefined perfection to include your traits, instead of excluding them." - Handle with Care 
      My dear siblings!! That is how every sacrament meeting is started out here in the Norge. It obvie sounds better in Norsk, but we will have to wait for that one. How is everyone doing? It sounds like summer is going well and everyone is on the move. Thank you guys for being so good about writing me. I know I don't hear from all of you every week, but hey, life is busy. I totally understand. My p-days are always crazy. I feel like I am just running around like a chicken with their head cut off. I mean really. One day a week to do everything you need. #sketch 
      Here in the land of Norge things are going well. Let me start off by telling you about our gate stand. Gate, means street. So you know how as a missionary we believe that we are entitled to all good things? I learned this week that there is a catch.... it has to be on the Lord's time. Let me just tell you about the weather this week. Well, apparently Trondheim has been warmer than usual, but this week real Trondheim summer weather set in. It is cold. Like Fall/early winter in Tejas cold. It had been pretty crappy weather all week, but I just kept praying the weather would clear up. Well it didn't. Actually it was probably the worse weather I have seen yet. It rained and it rained hard. Tons of our stuff got soaked. Our tents weren't working. And here we are, 8 missionaries going out contacting trying to get anyone to come over to our stand that will. Honestly. The things we do as missionaries here. It was crazy. We had 5 booths and guess what the only one people were interested in? Helping us paint. It was a huge hit! And is already looking so good. I am really excited. There are some parts that we are covering up with white paint and having people paint again. Some people painted stick figures...... #didntknowhowtostopit 
       My favorite part? When Elder Leighton (from Britian), the most serious Elder you can imagine, asked a group of 20 teenage girls if they could ask God one question, what would it be? What was their answer? "When are we going to meet Justin Bieber?" His face was priceless. I mean honestly I don't know what he is upset about. Bieber Fever is a real thing. It's something the whole world believes in. #justinbieberforpresident2016 
         So to me.... the day was a little bit of a bust. Everyone else was happy with it though. I do agree that for the circumstances that it went really well. I don't think I have been that cold or wet in a long time. #flashbacktoRussia But the good news is that we know that the painting is going to get a lot of people to come over. Is it wrong that we are tricking them into gospel conversation? I think not. I will send pictures to you guys as it gets more and more done. 
     "Sometimes I wish we were Muslim and prayed 5 times a day so we could just lay on the floor all the time." - Me
         So today I woke up and you know what I wanted to do? I wanted Kate, Lor, Annie, Heather, Lins, and Mom to go shopping at North East and then to get Chick filet. Man. Talk about a fatty craving. I miss girl time with you guys. Sometimes I just get this random urge to call you all up. Obvie, I can't, but I think about you all often! The other night I played Christmas music on my ipod and if I just closed my eyes I could pretend I was in my room with it lightly dimmed by the Christmas lights on outside. Christmas lights lighting your room is much better than 24/7 sun. #excessive 
          I feel like I always forget to tell you all about my investigators. Lezzzzz be honest y'all, investigators in the land of Norge are a little bit different then those of America. Like as in the number of them. Right now we are working with a few people, but we are struggling a bit to have them be real investigators. I mean read your book of mormon and pray people! This is not the time for failure! I am definitely learning to be patient and work with people. Rami is probably my problem child right now. He has so many questions! We can't keep our lessons shorter than 1 1/2 hours with him. The last lesson we had with him was about the Book of Mormon. I am so blunt with him. I just sit there and pound the pulpit. He takes it though and needs it. It is different for every investigator. I really hope that he can become more serious about the gospel and start taking some action. You can't just sit there and learn about it like a history book if you want to know if it is true. We have been fasting to find out what his real concern is and in our last lesson we finally figured it out. He told us right before he left that he is angry with God for the injustices of the world. Okay, Rami! I mean 7 lessons in you tell us! We are planning on teaching him about the Atonement. It is really difficult though because explaining the Atonement and actually feeling the Atonement are two different things. I really hope that he will understand God better and how he can let go of his anger. 
         But he really is the best. Drives me up a wall, but I love him like crazy. He is probably the funniest guy ever. He loves analogies. We were talking about finding the truth and knowing the truth and he started in on this analogy about how you can't just blindly follow something. He said, (Imagine in an Indian accent):
     "That is like a girl seeing a boy she loves and just blindly following him. She needs to find things out about him before she just loves him. She needs to know how he treats others, how he treats his mother, his character, his bank account." 
      He smiled and nodded his head on the bank account part. I died. He sounded like Aladdin. #dreamcometrue #thanksforthedatingadvice
      So miracle time. We found a family this week! They are perfect! And when I say perfect, I mean perfect. It is a Mom and two boys 7 and 13. The 7 year old is my favorite person in the whole wide world. When they came to the church he wanted to see every picture of Christ and each time he said "This is a GREAT picture of Christ!!!" Of course it was in Norwegian. So cute. They are from Lithuaina. They have lived here in Norway for 3 years. The mom knows Norwegian, but we are using a member of our ward who speaks Russian for translation next lesson. Pretty much Lithuaina used to be a part of Russia, so let's be real. These are my people. And I'm obessed. Keep them in your prayers. We really hope that we can have progress with them. They are just the cutest family. We had an amazing lesson on families and the book of mormon. The Spirit was so strong. The mom was so happy and was really just basking in that feeling. I love those moments!
       Worst fear came true this last Sunday. I got pulled out during the first hour of church and asked to give a talk for Sacrament meeting, which is the 3rd hour. Holy cow guys I don't think I have ever been more nervous! They had some people not come so they needed me to speak. I was scraping together anything I could find!!! And then translating it all! YIKES! I based my talk off of Holland's talk Saftey for the Soul. It is an amazing talk about the Book of Mormon as a defense against all that prevails us. I got up there and I just gave that talk. For the first time ever I didn't feel so weird speaking. It is funny because I only had like an hour to prepare, but I didn't say um too much. And I was able to look up in the audience. It ended up being a missionary sunday because Elder Badger talked, Søster Kitchen talked, then we all sang a song, then I talked, and then we finished it up with my main man Miran. My dream is to speak like him one day. I will have to tell you guys about him in a later email. #hesthebest 
      We sang Nearer My God to Thee in Norwegian for sacrament meeting. We did it without music and it was probably the funniest thing ever. The sisters sung the first verse, then the elders the second, and then all of us together. Well the Elders didn't all start together and then Elder Jensen got uncomfortable and started to laugh. I was dying. I was up on stage trying not to lose it. I could hardly control myself. Søster Kitchen was beside me just cracking up! Man, life as a missionary. These are the times, I tell you. 
       Well guys, I have to go do some shopping. I love you all! Sorry for the shorter email. Everyone sounds like they are doing well. Heather, I have been missing you a lot this week too. Kate, you look so cute. Mom, I love you. I can't wait for you to come to Norway. Send my love to Dad too. Everyone else, I think about you often. Every time I look at my blanket! Btw, Birget offered for me to live with her after my mission. #sketchy I wish you guys could have been with me in our lesson with her yesterday. I was dying. She is totally a crazy cat lady! But I love her. As a missionary you just love people through their craziness!
Keep it real. Keep it classy. And may the odds be ever in your favor.

Shout Outs:
Sarah Wood- Happy Birthday! I missed it, but I was thinking about you! I hope it was a great day!
LO- everyone reading this send LO a happy early birthday text right now. Her birthday is coming up on the 17th! Yay!!! She will be the big 2-1!!!! I love you Lo!! I hope that it's a great day!! 

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