Sunday, August 11, 2013

Never Enough Time!

Dear Weasley Family and Friends,
   This is will short because I have like 40 minutes before pday ends and probs like a million things I still need to do. But I wanted to say all the important things first:

   1. Thank you for all the birthday wishes. It is quite weird to not be home and get to talk to you all. Birthdays in the mission field are interesting. I didn't tell anyone in the ward it was my birthday, so I just got to quietly enjoy church. Afterwards my district leader put on a great birthday dinner for me. Elder Jones is rocking the DL position. Somehow he guessed all my favorite things. It was great. I will send a few pictures from that. Then we went on contacting splits with the Elders (Jones and Ashton). It was way fun. It is always great to mix it up a bit and go out with the Elders. That was basically my birthday. I got the package from home and loved it. Thank you so much for all the things. I have pretty much already worn most of them, and of course am using the make up. You def go through a lot of it out here in the mish field. Thanks! The emails were honestly my favorite part. I'm not much for gifts, but I love me some words of affirmation. Thank you to all who wrote! It really meant a lot! 
   2. Today we went on a hike, so that's why I only have like 2 seconds to write
   3. Jordan! Your game is coming up this week. I got the pictures and I am so excited! You look so legit! Man, this is crazy! I can't wait to hear EVERYTHING about it. I will be thinking about you tons this week! FOOTBALL SEASON HERE WE COME!!!
   4. This week was probably the hardest week of my whole mission. Let's just say, Shawn, your this is the only letter I am ever going to write you part II, came in real handy this week. I cried myself to sleep probably 3 days in a row and woke up crying too. Thursday night we committed Sassy to a baptism date. Friday, he texted us and said that he had prayed and felt like he needed to tell us that he was gay. We told him that we wanted to talk to him in person about everything so that we could really explain, but he said he left the city and needed the weekend to think over it. That awkward moment when we saw him the next day in the middle of the city. I get his reasoning. I mean we aren't just asking him to quit smoking or drinking. We are asking him to be celebrate for the rest of his life. Can it be done? Yep, but most people wont rise up to the challenge. Idk. It is real heartbreak right now. I have felt so empty. I mean, he was so positive! I saw the gospel really make a difference, and then just nothing.... blah. I am feeling better though. At first you feel like you just can't even go on because you are so in shock. Now, I feel like I can move forward a bit. We are calling him tonight and talking to him. I really hope that we can at least explain. I really don't know how it will go. I guess we will see... I layed on the floor re-reading Shawn's letter over and over and crying this week. I would say its a miracle that he just happen to write me about this particular subject. Prayers are always answered, even when we didn't think to ask. 
    5. Mom, you asked a few questions, so I thought I would answer them. No, I have not received any mail from home from anyone. I don't know how long it takes to send everything, but nothing has come for me yet. I would like it very much if you would write me though like you mentioned. I like hand written letters much better. I wish I had time to write you all hand written letters, but with my long emails there never seems to be much time. I kinda have to pick. Do you want info now or in 2 weeks? 
Anyways, this last week was really hard. Basically all of our investigators have been dropped and we are just trying to find new ones. Back to ground zero.... I really hope I am not leaving Trondheim in a few weeks, because the area we started hasn't seen much progress. Who knows though, maybe we will really meet some cool people in these next few weeks. I love the Trondheim area and the district. Elder Ashton and I have a lot of fun together. It's like the MTC all over again. Well I better get off now. I love you all. 
Har det bra! 
Keep it real. Keep it classy. And may the odds be ever in your favor.


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