Thursday, September 5, 2013

Mission Conference

This is 50 missionaries stuff at the church ready for our conference

As much of my MTC group as I could get together

Add This is what happens when you fall down a mountain contacting someone.... Okay maybe I got a little excited.... So we were walking up this hills and this man was down on the trail. Søster Hilton wanted to contact him, but felt like it was too awkward and we were too far away. I was all fired up from the conference and so I got a little weirdy.... I started jumping up and down saying "Excuse me! Excuse me!" When I saw I had his attention I started to tell him who we were while trying to kinda book it to get down the hill to him. Well... it was slippery.... so I slipped and got mud all over me and maybe fell down the hill for a bit... Then I just got up and I felt so awkward that I just kept talking and rambling and what I ended up saying was.... "You are very important to us, that is what we ran down that hill to you." Of course all in Norsk. I was a little in shock. I think he was too. We had a good conversation, but he didn't want to learn more. When he walked away Søster Hilton and I just started laughing. #missionarylife  caption

#throwbackmonday The gang is back together again

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