Monday, October 28, 2013

Wishing you Guys were here

Dear Weasley Family and Friends,
      I'm just going to be honest with you guys. I might have cried a little when I opened up all the emails today. I have missed you guys like crazy lately. I have narrowed it down to a few reasons #1. I got a little sicky this week, and so I have been taking it easy. No one wants to be sick far away from home! Sister Bradford and Bradley are doing a good job of mothering me though, so no worries. I just feel wiped out. Really hoping this is just some weird bug and not depression... yeah its dark a lot these days... like the sun.. not my personality... this is awkward... #2. I saw all those cute pictures of new babies, and coming baby, and young babies, and old babies, and I feel like they don't know who I am/ they all look really different already/ I haven't met some of them / some of them are still in their mom's bellys, but you guys get the point! It just made me a little sad. Do they remember who I am? It's only been 6 months! How have they changed so much? BOO! #3. Honestly this is probably the most likely one, its that you guys are pretty cool and no one is quiet like you, so I think I just miss that a lot. 
    Thank you for all the pictures, videos, and emails. I know that sometimes it makes me a little sad, but I really need/want to hear from you guys and sometimes the sadness just goes along with it. I love all of the fun things you guys are doing! I feel like I can live through your emails! I really do miss y'all though. I am worried about the winter guys. I hate that its dark so much. People are weird in the dark. People are weird in the North, but I feel like the dark even makes them weirder! Is that even possible? 
     I got the package this week! Oh man did I need that! I was dying I was so excited! And everything was perfect and exactly what I needed! I could not believe how fast it got here! Did that cost you a million dollars? Did you secretly just fly it over yourself and leave it? Funny story! So our apartment is right next to the church right? Well the company that you sent it through is DHL which means it has to be left at your house and signed by you. We weren't home when the mail came so the mail man just walked it over to the church and had Mryhan (a member that is always here) sign for it. I about died laughing. I guess we are well known in this town! Really, though THANK YOU, THANK YOU, THANK YOU! I loved it!! And I loved the hand written letter too :) and the picture! I also got my credit card too, so I will activate it this week! 
     I'm just throwing this out there.... We visited a member named Krystle this week. She is from Tyler, Texas but is married to a Norwegian so moved here. Her mom visited her this week and brought the pumpkin reeces. Okay. Seriously how have I ever lived without them? Norway doesn't understand the idea of peanut butter, that's for sure! 
       Okay, that picture of Shadow almost made me pee in my pants! What? How did that even happen? Since when does Shadow dress up?! Also, okay Brent, I'm ticked that I have yet to receive a pillow with your picture on it. Hahahahaha you are such and eeeddddioooott. Remember how I came up with that word? I do. Katie, I love your pictures! That one of Corby, Jade, and Nixon is so cute!! Eeek!! Heather, let's be real. Send your children to me in a box. I will teach them Norwegian and send them back. Okay? 
     Lori & Brent- OH MY GOSH. What? I want a t-shirt with the picture of the sonogram on it! Its so real! Like this is real! You are having a baby! I am so happy :) Congrats. Little Hailey Jr. is going to be so cute. Actually, on second thought call her Katniss. You know, I hear the second movie is coming out. Any chance that you guys could like record parts of it and send it to me?? Just kidding.... #maybenot 
     So this week had its goods and downs. I am going to be honest with you guys, I am a little down lately. I don't know what it is. I might just be feeling this way because I haven't felt the best lately. Like I said before, I really hope that its just that and not the winter blues or anything. I don't really have time to be depressed. I have too many things to do and not enough time and missionary work is hard enough with out depression, so I don't really want to add that to the mix. I think it also doesn't help that I feel blah about myself. I saw a terrible picture of myself this week and about just laid on the floor and never got back up. It's okay though. I will just stop eating forever. Just kidding. Is this email sounding suicidal/ bulimic? I feel I might be coming off too strong in this email. Anywho, let's move on to some things that happened this week!
     So Oliver returned back to my life in full swing. Monday was awesome and then we saw him again on Thursday. He is the best, guys. He committed to live the law of tithing. We also watched Lord, I Believe by Elder Holland with him. He loved it, as I knew he would. When I listened to the talk the other day I kept thinking how the 14 year old he talks about is just like Oliver, and what does Oliver say when the talk is over? "I feel like I am just like that 14 year old." Check. Inspiration received and delivered. #onmywaytoapostleship On Friday he came to this awesome YSA activity we had. It was a night full of games that had to do with candy. The first was a get to know you one where you picked candy and then depending on the kind had to tell something about yourself. Elder Jones brilliantly picked all one color and then had to tell us 4 of his favorite memories. I was dying watching him try to think of what to say. The next game was where you pick to M&M like things from a pot and if they aren't the same color you have to just hold them in your mouth. This went for awhile until we got sick of it and then just spit all of our chocolate out. No one ever gave up though. Then we had to stick our faces in whipped cream to get the gummies. Jonesy refused to play, so that meant I had to play. It actually wasn't that bad, because lets be real, I love whipped cream! The last game was where you take a straw and a M&M and have to get it to the other side of the room. Guys, I can't even blow a balloon up, how am I supposed to move a M&M. Impossible. So I dropped mine on the floor and then used my straw to blow the candy to the other side of the room. Then I saw Elder Nielsen stealing Elder Jones' M&Ms from his cup so I joined in with that, but got caught. Long story short, it was fun, Oliver was awesome, and Jones knocked my cup over and I lost that one M&M I worked so hard to get. I would call that night a success. 
        Its a weird relationship that you have with your investigators. You become like a proud mom. When Oliver was there and participating and just being cool I was beaming. It was great. We were able to teach him afterwards too! Sadly though, he didn't come to church, which means that he can't be baptized on the date we had picked, which means that I probably won't see it because I might get transferred. So I sat in sacrament meeting and cried. I know that its dumb and selfish of me to want him to be baptized sooner than later, but its just kinda how I feel. I don't want to miss him baptism! It will probably be better this way anyways though because we need to meet him mom and get permission for him to be baptized. Yeah... anyone have any advice on that one? How do I ask a mother if her son can join a life altering church? Maybe with brownies? I can't believe I am even old enough to have that kind of conversation with a mother! 
        You guys, we were contacting the other night and it was around 8 o'clock meaning that it was completely dark outside, and this drunk guy comes up to me and is like "HEEELLLOO!!!" and was all over me! I felt like I was back in Russia. Sister Bradley was freaking out and I am just trying not to laugh. He was holding my hand and kept trying put his arm around my waist. He was really sweet though. Just a sweet old man! But drunk. Very, very drunk. It always makes for a good story when you have crazy contacts. 
           One day this week we got on the wrong bus and couldn't find our stop and once we got to the end of the line the bus driver asked me where I wanted to go, so I was explaining to him, and he was giving me directions on how to get back. I thanked him and got off the bus and started following his directions, and he honked at me! A bus driver honked at me! And he waved me in the right direction. #onlyinnorway 
             Our investigators are doing good. Of course I would like them to all be baptized by the time I leave, but unfortunately the Lord is not in agreement with me :) Patience is a virtue right? Our traveling sister, Sister Pace, was here this week. It was really interesting because at the end of the day we were walking back to our apartment and grabbed me and pulled me aside and said "What happened to you?! You are a COMPLETELY different missionary!" Here's the thing guys, this conversation got interrupted and I never heard the end of it! I do know what she means though. Lately I have been trying really hard to be outgoing. I know you guys are like, come on, this is Hailey we are talking about, of course she is outgoing, but I'm not when it comes to Norwegian and being rejected. I am getting better though! I try to just not care about what people think about me. I think that Pace really caught on to the fact that I'm actually speaking all the time and taking a really active role. I didn't have the chance to tell her its because I want to train and I figured if I am going to train then I probably need to be able to do all those things on my own, but who cares the reason right? I don't think I am training, by the way, so don't get your hopes up. Maybe President will keep Sister Bradley and I together? I've been in Trondheim for almost 5 months now! That's a long time! But really I could serve my whole mission here and not get sick of it! 
            It's really funny because about 3 weeks before transfers start everyone starts talking about moves rumors. Its ridiculous, but they just spread through the mission. Of course you guys know how I feel about rumors. I try to be the first one to start them! Seriously though, its so ridiculous. We will sit around at dinner or on a pday and talk about moves for like hours. Everyone just wants to know! I really don't have any idea what will be happening to me though. It makes sense that I would leave, but maybe he will keep me! We will see. Mom, transfers are Nov. 13th, so if you can get the stuff to me before than, then send it, but if not, just wait :)
             I heard that you guys were wondering why I would have to change my dialect. That's a really good question... haha that's what I say in lessons... Okay but really. So I don't have to change at all. Honestly, President would probably rather us all speak Bokmal. It's the clearest and easiest to understand. It's the countries real language. Everything that is written is written in Bokmal. But, then once you go to new towns you start hearing different dialects. In the south over to the west they pronounce their Rs weird and it sounds more like Danish. Some are stronger than others. Trøndisk is basically its own language, so it would be like learning something completely different. But I love Trøndisk, and I would love to have a dialect instead of just Bokmal. It's hard though because you have throw out all your old rules! I am working on it though! Ask me about it at Christmas and I will let you hear the difference! 
              I love my coat! I know it doesn't look very warm, but it is! It is a down coat, so basically imagine your down blanket comforter and then imagine wrapping up in that to go outside. That is basically my life everyday. It's grand. 
            Thanks for all the love and support guys. I really already feel better just writing this to you. I think I needed to just talk and know that people that really love and care about me will be on the other side reading. I miss you guys tons, but I am doing good. The work in coming along here an there are many exciting things happening. Can't wait to talk to y'all at Christmas!!!
Keep it real. Keep it classy. And may the odds be ever in your favor!
P.S. I expect to see pictures of all the babies in Halloween costumes!! 

Tuesday, October 22, 2013


  This is me bundled up with Elder Jones’ hoodie. It is so cold and honestly you just stop caring what everyone thinks. I was living the dream of a classy gangster.

    This is my board after learning the rules of Trundisk. It is ridiculous so I made steps for completing my goal

  Here is my new jacket! I bought lots of winter things today! I had to stop myself from shopping for things that I don’t need. But seriously can’t wait to do that. My jacket is way warm! I am happy :)

Monday, October 21, 2013

It's Beginning to Look allot like Christmas

Dear Weasley Family and Friends,
   "You can motivate by fear, and you can motivate by reward. But both those methods are only temporary. The only lasting thing is self motivation." - Homer Rice
     This is what has been on my mind... And I need all of your thoughts. Let's take a vote! These are your two options:
       1. I can stay Bokmal which means that I stay the dialect that Oslo speaks. It is very slow and clear and common. Very mainstream...  -OR-
       2. I can switch to Trundisk which is the dialect here and it is fast and completely different from Bokmal, but not mainstream at all. More Indy!
        Honestly, I think that this probably means nothing to you, but this is seriously business as Heather would say to Gavin. I had dreams about it last night! I was dreaming about trying to decide a dialect. It was frustrating! I am thinking about switching, but switching is like learning a new language and after 6 months I am used to Bokmal. We will see though!
          This was a week of ups and downs. We a lot of cool things and then some not so cool things. There is drama with Oliver. He wouldn't meet with us last week or answer our calls or texts. He finally sent a text that said "I don't want to be Mormon, sorry". It was so frustrating! And he wouldn't tell us why! Finally I sent him a text that just said everything I felt. I told him that he doesn't have to get baptized in November and that we have met with him a lot and had many spiritual experiences and that we deserve to know what happened. He texted back "Okay we can meet tomorrow". Come on Oliver! I cried over you! I've been sick over you! Give me something! So we are meeting with him today. He is so special that we are giving up a part of our pday for him. I don't know how it will go or what he is going to say. I just want to know that we did everything in our power to help him. I really hope that he can tell us what is wrong so that we can help him through it, but I don't really know what to think! I feel like I am preparing for a break up speech. It is not so fun, but a big part of me feels hopeful. I think that we might be able to work through it. Sometimes as I'm talking I realize how much missionary life sounds like dating life. #welcometomyeveryday
            Snow came in this week. We haven't seen much of it here in the city, but out further there has been a bunch. Guys, its cold. Like really cold. I thought I was going to die at least like 9 times. I am going shopping today for some things! Hopefully I can find something! I really hate shopping, but it has to be done. Elder Jones was nice enough to let me borrow his hoody, so I have been wearing that under my gray jacket. I really have to get some gloves though. My hands are freezing! Today we are going winter clothes shopping. Jonesy needs help picking a jacket so we are just going to make the rounds. Wishing there was a gap, that's for sure!
        Last night we had a way fun language study! It was the end of the week and towards the end of the week I am always over language study, so I asked if we could play a game på norsk as a district. We played charades where you had to act out a verb, adjective, or noun as a team. Of course the other team gives you what to act out like "you're at the beach" or "you're a missionary". One time we picked beach as our word and so they told us to be a missionary at that place. We were dying. Elder Jones and I were on the same team and we all had our eyes covered pretending to contact people as they were in their bathing suits. It was hilarious. We gave everyone the most embarrassing things to do. It was so much fun. We got done and Elder Shanklin said "Well, we know what we are doing next Sunday!" I love this district. If I get transferred I will miss having so many missionaries around. We will know in 3 weeks!!
          We met some cool people this week. A few weeks ago we were walking and talked to a man. All we told him was that we were missionaries and he gave us his name and number. He was out of town and busy forever, but finally we got an appointment with him last week. We went to his house and it was craziness. There was this other girl there and that threw us off and then we walked in and it was like a college apartment with students bustling around. We were confused. Turns out that they were friends that were packing up to leave and the girl was a girl that he had invited over randomly. Basically that girl is the reason that we met him. He is interested, but who is really interested is her and she loved it. Her name is Sylvia and she is from Uganda. Her parents were killed 10 years ago and she had to do everything on her own. Her son is still back in Uganda and she is trying to get him here. She is awesome! She believes in God (common for Africans, not common for Norwegians in the North) and was so happy. She just kept saying Thank You. It was an awesome experience. The Senior Couple, Sister Bradford went with us and she is amazing. The Spirit wasn't really there until she started speaking. She just has this ability to love in a way that not many have. Every time she comes with us to teach she always makes them feel so loved. I love her!
        Other than that it was a normal week. I hit my 6 month mark which was crazy. All the Elders in my group burned ties. I don't know what Sisters are supposed to do, but I celebrated in my head :) I had some funny stories this week. I think that this week was one of those weeks where I just realized how much of a sister missionary I am. I really tried to fight it for like ever, but then I just kinda excepted that this was life. And I think about funny things in comparison to my old life. I still cry about boys all the time, but these boys are all my investigators and its because they won't read the Book of Mormon. I painted my nails the other day and I seriously felt like I was prepping for the Red Carpet. One of the first things I want to do when I get home after I hug all of you is get my hair done and my nails done. I try to re-create that here in the mission field but it just isn't the same. Last night I put a mask on my face and I am just getting into bed to enjoy some quiet time when my phone rings. I keep dropping the phone and finally Elder Jones is like "What is going on?" I sighed really loud and said "Elder Jones, I just put a mask on my face and if I hold the phone close it will get all over it...." his response? Laughter and then "First world problems"
      One day this week people just kept looking really excited to see me and so I would wave and then would wave back. It was weird. We were just walking down the street and everyone kept being super friendly. Søster Bradley kept asking if I knew them and each time I was like "Nope, haven't got a clue!" It was a good day. I felt popular! And then we ran into my friend who is homeless and has his gospel in his backpack and he sang to us in Arbic. #Livingthedream
     Yep. I'm a Sister Missionary.
 I would like to gladly report though that there has not been a day that I have not worn makeup. And I still change outfits like 3 times every morning before I decide on one. #goingstrong #takethatBucky #canthaveuglypicturesthatihavetoshowmyfurturehusband
   Things are going well here. How is everyone doing there? I love you guys like crazy! Sorry this was a lame email!! I will be back on later to send some pics and respond to any of yalls emails!
Love you!
Keep it real. Keep it classy. And may the odds be ever in your favor.

Monday, October 14, 2013


 Okay. I really feel like I am having trouble concentrating. Like is this real life?! #someonepinchme #christmasskypeisgoingtobesogood #wishingihadwhattoexpectwhenyourareexpecting #willpresidentgivemepermissiontoreadit  I am going to try to focus here and tell you guys about my week, but I am not sure I really can. #babyfocusalldaylong 
      So this last week was a really good week. We found a lot of cool people and we are having great success with Oliver. We had a busy week. We met with tons of members and we also had Zone Conference. We also had a lot of funny things that happened to our district this week. Just hang tight as I get my thoughts together. 
     Let's start with Oliver. So Oliver is doing awesome. We really struggled last week because he didn't come to church. Honestly, Satan. We met with him early and the week and taught him the 10 commandments and keeping the Sabbath day holy. When we explained that the Sabbath day he was so sure and so positive and really understood that he needed to come to church. We explained that he really needed to tell his family about meeting with us. I was so nervous. I was one of those things I asked him to do, but really I secretly hoped that he would turn 18 and move out just overnight so he didn't have to talk to them. Is that wrong? Probably. We met with him later in the week and he said that he hadn't talked to them. Bummer #1. He is so positive and still reading the Book of Mormon like a champ, but we can't push baptism without knowing what his parents think! We left on a good note and recommitted him to telling them and planned to see him the next day at church. Well church roles around and he doesn't come. Doesn't come for the first hour. #strike1 Then doesn't come for the second hour. #strike2 At this point I am now standing out in the foyer talking to Elder Leighton making him give me a pep talk. I was so mad. I said Elder Leighton I don't know how I am going to focus because I am so bugged right now, and he said in his perfect British voice, "That's what the sacrament is for." I was like A-men to that. #wishIknewwherethiskidlivedsoIcoulddraghimtochruch 
       I was just listening to Elder Leighton give me advice when Elder Shanklin says "Hey! I think that's your boy!" I ran to the door and sure enough there is Oliver! I about died. I wish I could explain the excitement that comes from watching your investigator overcome something that has been hard in the past, but I really can't explain it. It is just one of the best feelings in the world. I was so happy. I really felt like I was walking on air and I knew I was just glowing. We went into the chapel and sat together. It was Fast and Testimony meeting and I was a little worried, but I couldn't have hand picked who bore testimonies any better. It was a great feeling. The Spirit was strong, and Oliver took the sacrament! Afterwards I took him around and introduced him to everyone. Everyone was so nice and just perfect. I felt like I had given them scripts or something. It couldn't have been better. 
       After the meeting we went downstairs and had a short lesson with him. We watched "For the Safety of the Soul" by Elder Holland. Listen, if that doesn't change your life, I don't know what will. Oliver agrees with everything we say, but he just wants to make absolutely sure he knows before he gets baptized. We are right now working through knowing the Book of Mormon is true. After the video (which he loved, and loved church) I bore my testimony of the Book of Mormon and how God answers prayers. Seriously, I monologue about it for a long time and then I got done and apologized for my rant and he said "That's okay that just shows that it's true, that it's something you really believe in." I was like alright Oliver, let's make this real. He had told us earlier in the week that when he reads the Book of Mormon he feels like he already knows it. That is like the key words every missionary wants to hear! You know it's true!! 
      We decided to ask Oliver to get baptized on a specific date so that we could have a goal to work towards. He was really nervous about it, but said "Okay, how about May 13th, my birthday?" I almost fell out of my chair. Oliver! We managed to bring the date a little closer in to November 9th. He is a little skeptical, but I know that he can get his answer by then. Plus, we are kinda running out of things to teach him, so I am not really sure how much longer we can draw this out.....yeah.... 
      Norwegians are really into smiley faces, so I think I probably overuse them a little bit now. #Ohwell 
        So, things with Oliver are going well! Please keep him in your prayers! He so already has an answer, but he just isn't ready. I love that he thinks so much and wants to understand everything, but at the same time I mean can we think about it later? 
        Funny stories to break up the spiritual stuff 
   So Thursday night Elder Jones comes in and is like "I have a crazy story for you." So he tells me this story...
     He was out on the streets contacting and a guy in his 20's comes up to Elder Jones and get in his face. He is about less than a foot away from Elder Jones' face and Elder Jones is thinking that this kid wants to fight him. The kids says to him "Kan jeg kysse deg?" and Elder Jones just doesn't understand, and so he asks what he said. The guy continues to look him and eye and says "Kan jeg kysse deg?" and Elder Jones says "Ka?" and at this point the guys friends starts walking back and say " What are you doing man?" and the friend says "Hold on!" And he looks Elder Jones in the eyes again and says "Can I kiss you?" I don't know what Elder Jones' face looked like, but I can only imagine. Seriously, just watching him reenact it had me almost on the floor. Just so funny! #missionarylife 
     The next story is about Sister Knapp. I love Sister Knapp! She is so funny and so much fun! I look forward to the time when I get home so that we can talk! This story happened to her on Saturday. She was out contacting and saw this younger guy that was standing there waiting for something. They started talking and had a really good conversation. She wanted to meet with him again, but he is really busy, so she asked for his number so that she could call and follow up. They exchanged numbers and she walked away. She gets around the corner and about 1/2 a second later her phone goes off and she gets this text that says this " Du var utrolig vakker må jeg si, takk for samtalen. Hilsen aleks" Translation -> You were unbelievably beautiful, I must say. Thank you for the conversation. Best wishes, aleks. Hahaha I was rolling on the ground! She was so uncomfortable! I made her let me take a picture of her with the text on her phone. It was great! 
    Unfortunately, no one wanted to kiss me or tell me I was beautiful this week. Maybe next week?
Back to real life... 
    So we had zone conference this last week which was great. President and Sister Evans came up and the APs. It was a great conference. I had an interview with President, which was really great. It is hard to feel like you have a relationship with President because you see him so little, but when you are in a interview you really can feel the love that he has for us and the mission. It was way good. I wanted him to tell me where I was going or if I was training, but no dice. I secretly really want to train this next transfer. I don't think I will because there are only 3 girls coming, but I would love it. I have been really focusing on my skills these last few weeks so that if I do train then I will be ready. 
     Zone Conference was great. We are a young young young mission so we talked a lot about how we can get better at language skills. They gave a lot of good ideas for getting pumped about language study, and I feel like I have really seen a difference as I have used their ideas. The language is coming along! I still feel like I have forever to go. I feel like I have been here forever and my language should be better, but not all of us are Elder Joneses. And not many girls are good at the language. Elders have that one up on us! 
      Thursday night we got permission to go Northern Lights chasing with Pelle. We didn't see anything because it was too cloudy! I was so mad! This is the second time that they were supposed to be really good and I didn't see them! Man! Pelle has really good pictures from the last time. Torunn and him stayed up on a mountain until like 2 am looking at them. 
     This week we taught a guy that only speaks French. We watched with him the Joseph Smith movie in French, and it was probably the most spiritual time that I have watched it. Just as Joseph was kneeling down to pray the investigator answers the phone, gets off, looks at me and says "I have to leave." Satan! I have never had that happen to me! Sister Bradley and I laughed about it for a long time afterwards! 
      The next transfer is November 11, and then we will have one in December as well. I don't know how they are affording all these moves now with so many missionaries here! I don't know where I will be heading, but I am pretty sure that my time in Trondheim is almost up! I guess it will be time for a new adventure! 
       At Zone Conf. I got to see Sister Harrison and Aasen, and Elder Ashton. It was so great. They all came with me from the MTC, and I just love them so much. I got to go on splits with Sister Harrison! She is just the best. I felt like it was a dream come true! She is so happy and such a normal contacter. She just makes it a part of her. President talked to me a lot about using my big personality to contact and work with the members. He is so right. I have got to use my love of talking for SOMETHING! 
    Babies, babies, babies!
        Other than that it was a pretty normal week! I am trying to get better at writing things down that happen so that I can tell you guys fun stories! Yesterday, the 13th, was my 1 year until I am released date. It's now under 1 year! Crazy right?! Let's just hope in this next year that my language gets a lot better! 
       Thank you for all the emails this week! It was so good to hear details from your lives! You know I love living through you guys. Almost as much as I love eating through you... cough, cough... state fair time. I think next year I need to try to be home in time for the state fair! How long does it take to ship food over here? I love each and everyone of you! I think about you guys more than you know and talk about you all the time! I am so happy that things are going well! Um....question.... is it girl scott cookie time? 
     I hope you are all doing well!! Love you guys to pieces!!!
Shout out:
Ashley Hill: Happy Birthday as of yesterday!!!!! You need to write me girl!!! I miss you like crazy and need to know about your life!! I love you and I hope that everything went well on your SPECIAL DAY!! 
1. Congrats!
2. Pretty text
3. Sister Aasen, Sister Harrison, and Elder Ashton 

    Wednesday, October 9, 2013

    Going to "Hell" in Norway?

     Up at the Tower restaurant
     Torunn and Pelle! Love them!! 

    All our desserts

     The text messages Jones gets when he doesn't answer us promptly enough! 

    McKenzie girls! 

    I passed my driving test

    Sister H and I! Going to miss her!

    Going to Hell, Norway

    Bradfords in Hell Norway

    Joneses birthday! 3 Reasons

    And again!

    One last time!!!

    Tuesday, October 8, 2013


    Dear Weasley Family and Friends,
         "It is not so much what we have done or where we have been, but where we are willing to go." - Edward Dube 
          You guys. I PASSED MY DRIVING TEST!!! Yep! That's right! That makes me only the 3rd girl in the Norwegian Mission to have a licsence. #livingthedream. Now I am sure that you are asking what does this mean? The answer to that question is that I will probably have to serve the rest of my mission in some poe-donk town because those are the ones that are driving areas. #notlivingthedreamsomuch #trondheimforlife I am glad that I passed though. The guy that I took the test with was way nice. He said to me "I want you to feel comfortable so we can this anyway you want. You can listen to music, we can be silent, or we can talk." I kinda smiled and gave him a nod and a laugh and then there was just silence and he said..... "So...what do you want to do?" I about died. Sir, I haven't been alone with a man in over 6 months, excuse me if I am a little awkward. I told him I liked to talk so we could just talk. He said that of course he would have to control some of the talking to write down things. Well let me tell you guys something, that man did not stop talking. I know EVERYTHING about him! Honestly, if I ran into him on the street in 10 years I would probably hug him and tell him I missed him. It was that much of a life changing experience. 
            I am currently making cinnamon rolls right now. I though it was so funny that Lins made them this weekend for the first time too. I made Søster Trydal help me make them because I just had no idea.
             Mom, I am so glad to know that you are okay, but honestly those details! You better be glad that I didn't know that was all going down, because I would have called to hear about it for sure. ANOTHER SURGERY? Come on doctors! Do your freaking job! #soundprofessional I will be looking forward to knowing all the details about when the next surgery will be. I had all the missionaries praying for you, and next to the Apostles, that's pretty high up there, so know you are in good hands. That wasn't President Evans who called you, that was a member in my ward named Pelle. He is the best!! He and Torunn are two of my best friends! He called several times and you never picked up!! Not okay! Next surgery you have to pick up so he can talk to you. I forget he has an accent because I am so used to hearing him speak, but yes, that is the Norwegian accent! It's great right? I am so glad you are doing good. I am sorry everything went so bad afterwards, but at least that part is done. #betyouarentlookingforwardtothenextone I love you, and you are always in my prayers! 
             So this week was a little crazy. We had transfers and with that comes a bunch of different things. Monday and Tuesday was like "good bye Hilton" day. Monday night Torunn and Pelle told us to be ready by 730. We had no idea what was going to happen, but we were waiting at the church. They had us get in their car and then they started driving. They kept asking if we knew where we were going and we had no idea until it just hit me, we were going to the Tower. So we go to the Tower, which is this huge tower on the hill. We go up to the top floor where they have a restaurant. The cool thing is that the restaurant, like the ball in Dallas, turns and you can see the whole city! It was beautiful! Pelle ordered us EACH a banana split and a piece of Oreo cake. The next day we had 3 dinners, one right after the other, with members. It was insane! I was so full! 
              Hilty leaving has been really hard. She is my trainer and one of the best. We had so much fun together. I miss her like crazy. It is really weird and really sad still being in our area, but having a new comp. It just doesn't feel right. Søster Bradley came in on Wednesday. She has about 5 months left, and is good at the language. I think that we will only be together for another 5 weeks and then next transfers I will be some place else. Maybe not. Maybe Pres will keep me here through the winter?! I guess we will see!
              Conference was amazing. Did everyone like it? We watched it the same times you guys did. So Saturday we watched it at 6 pm, then we did the Saturday afternoon session at 2 pm on Sunday, and then the Sunday morning session at 6 pm, and then Søster Knapp and I got permission to watch the Sunday afternoon last night at 10pm. We watched it with Torunn and Pelle and didn't get done until 12am. I haven't stayed up that late in a long time!! It was so much fun! I love Søster Knapp. We had a lot of fun. Pelle made us dinner beforehand and then gave us all this chocolate to eat during dessert. I really loved all the talks! I felt like there was so much info on missionary work, marriage, and women. So much on women!! Man, it was crazy! I felt like it gave me all the things I need to be a good wife and mother one day. 
               Yesterday we had a cool miracle. We prayed that we would meet someone on the street and be able to bring them back to the church and teach them. It was rainy out and we really didn't want to go out, but we did anyways. The first person we really talked to agreed to come back to the church. Her name was Rachel. We taught her a little bit and the lesson was great. The Spirit was so strong! She was really interested in the Book of Mormon. We talked to her about God's plan and how we can receive answers to prayers. It went really well, but at the end she just didn't want to feel pressured, so we gave a book and our card. Of course the miracle we were looking for was to have a new investigator and a new person to teach, but that doesn't mean that meeting her and teaching her right then and there wasn't a miracle. It was a cool experience, but we were bummed afterwards. We were talking to the Elders about it and how we had prayed to meet someone and be able to teach them right then and there, but she just couldn't commit. Elder Shanklin said "Well next time pray that they will accept what you say!! See we are learning here!" I just burst out laughing. He is so funny!! I love all the Elders here! They really make missionary work so fun!
               We also had Jonesy's birthday this week. I some how managed to plan a surprise party for him. I don't know how because there were so many things giving it away, but he didn't find out. It was just a dinner with the whole district, but it was super great! We had pulled pork and beans and then I made his favorite, Texas Sheet Cake. Pretty much Jones is a Texas boy at heart. I almost felt like I was back in the South. It was yummy! I love being with the district. We always have such a good time together! 
                 Okay. Let's cut the kid-crap. You guys look like you had such a blast together in Cali! Man, I am so jealous! I cannot believe all those pictures! That one of Jade and Bell is beautiful! I pretty much started crying when I saw it! And Millie and Heston are so big!! And Bry and Gav are adorable! I loved everything that you guys sent! It was like I was right there! I about died with those pictures of Nixion. Oh-My-Lantah! He is so CUTE! He is BEAUTIFUL! Send him to me! NOW!! I just love it!!! Oh man, we are doing it fall 2015. I will also be married by then. And I will have long hair. And I will be skinny. And I will probably basically be a different person. It will be great. BTW, skyping for Christmas....I better start losing weight....
           Heather you look amazing.
           Katie I can't believe you had a baby like 2 seconds ago. Not true. Love the long hair.
            Linsey, love the braid. Jealous. You are so tan and skinny!! Cutie!
            Lori, did you die your hair back dark? I love it!! You look good!
           Annie, I am obsessed with your hair! It looks so good!!! I love the length and the color! 
          Mom, I was thinking about you during the talk by Carole Stephens. What if you cut your hair like her? I like it. You look good!! 
          Basically you are all beautiful people and I am jealous of your perfect lives. #overit
       Things are going well here. Oliver is continuing to read. We met with him on Wednesday and he us up to Mosiah! He is convinced he has to finish reading the BOM to find out if its ture. Oh man, come on. Shawn read it in 3 days, like lets hurry this up. He is doing well and still looking strong for baptism. I just need to get him baptized before I leave! Come on Oliver! Seriously though, love him. Want him to come home with me for Christmas one year. 
            K, the Elders are calling me to come play volleyball. I will try to send pics later! I love you all!!! 
    P.S. Thinking about going by Loucille when I get home.... thoughts?
    P.S.S. 6 month mark coming up..... woah....
    P.S.S.S. Who is coming to pick me up in a year? #368days 

    Fred Ut! 

    Seriously, so crazy about these pics. Someone get them printed out and send them to me!! Love the videos! Love how the kids are telling me "how much they miss me" when really all they want to do is swim! LOL! #yeahright #cali2015 

    Tuesday, October 1, 2013


    Dear Weasley Family and Friends,
                "Push harder than you did today if you want a different tomorrow." 
        I saw this on the outside of a store downtown. I'm not really sure why it is in Norsk, but I liked the quote. As you can probably see from the subject, I am staying in Trondheim. Søster Hilton will be leaving on Wednesday and my new companion, Søster Bradley, will be coming in. I don't know guys.... Not looking forward to change. I mean I know that we need change and that new companionships and new areas are good but.... What will I do without Hilty? And it's a little stressful because Søster Bradley will be senior companion even though I have been here longer, so it's like she is coming into my area, but will be the one in charge? I don't know. It's a little weird. She has been out a little over a year, so it makes sense that she will be senior companion. I am going to miss Hilton like crazy!!! We were together 3 1/2 months, and it is going to be so weird to be without her. I have learned so much about what it means to be a good missionary from her. She has completely changed my mission! We had so much fun together! Seriously every day we were laughing non-stop. I don't know what I am going to do without it. I'm a little nervous. New companionships are always hard for me, and it's been awhile since I had one. It will be good though. I imagine that I will only be in T-heim for the next 6 weeks, and then head off to somewhere else, but who knows! President always throws curve balls at me! 
           This week was a little bit of a different one. I gave a presentation about the church to 30 students, someone we gave a card to called us and asked if we could meet, Oliver read like 70 pages of the Book of Mormon in 2 days, I sang in church, I bore my testimony on General Conference, I about peed in my pants laughing last night during joint study with Elder Jones and Leighton, and I heard that Joseph Smith said "90% of the time your first impression is right." But let's just start from the top. 
           The presentation. So a week ago Søster Jørgenson, a member here, called us and asked us to give a presentation to 30 students who are learning about America this year. Of course my first instinct was to say no, but we were kinda backed into a corner because our Zone Leaders, Elder Jones and Leighton, were going to be in Oslo that day. I am not going to admit that I maybe cried to Elder Jones and asked him not to go, but that is besides the point. I was so nervous! When I do things like this I just realize where my language skills are. It seriously was terrifying. But they came, we gave a presentation about Joseph Smith and the persecution and trip to SLC, they asked millions of questions, and we survived. Elder Shanklin, who has been here 5 weeks, accidentally told them that we "chose to follow Satan's plan" of course I start laughing because I am just uncomfortable and he goes "Just let me talk Søster Hodgkiss!!" I about died from laughing. I told him afterwards why I started laughing and he was like "Well.... I hope no one caught that!" It was great. I felt like an idiot the whole time, but welcome to missionary life.
            Thursday a guy that we met on the bus a week before called us. We had no idea who he was. We had talked to him for a little bit, but he wasn't interested in religion. He asked to meet with us. We met on Friday and he bought us a cookie and hot chocolate. I liked him from the moment he did that! We talked for quiet awhile. His life is crazy. He is just like this service oriented guy. He moved to Ghana and every Friday would take out a bunch of money and then just go find people on the street and give it to them. When he talks about the things he saw there he almost starts crying. It's insane. I just kept thinking, I hope I can be like this one day! He was cool and we will see him again this week. He needs a belief in Jesus Christ pretty badly. We will see how it goes.
            We met with Oliver (the 16 yr old) on Tuesday and watched the Joseph Smith movie. He told us at the beginning that he hadn't read anymore of the Book of Mormon. We were a little bummed because he seemed so positive, but after the movie he told us that he decided that he needed to find out if it was true. We asked him if he believed that Joseph Smith was a prophet and he said "Yes, I do." I was like say what? It was awesome! Thursday we met with him and he opened up to where he was in the Book of Mormon and he had read like 70 pages! I was shocked! Then to go even further he opened up to 2 Nephi 1:13 where it talks about there must be a law to have sin and righteousness, and he starts telling us about his insights to this scripture and how much he likes it. Then! He quotes a scripture from earlier in the Book of Mormon. I was like okay, how about you teach the lesson! He is so great! We are still working towards a baptism date, but we are really hoping to get one soon with him. He is the best! 
            With transfers coming up, some of the members were quiet anxious about finding out who was leaving. Søster Hilton and I are really close to many of the members here, pretty much best friends with 3 in particular: Ingrid, Torunn, and Pele. They are the best and I don't even want to think about leaving because I can't imagine leaving them. Torunn really wanted us to sing and we kinda forgot about it until Friday. We really felt like we didn't have time to put anything together, but decided that if she really wanted us to do it, then we should. We were going to have Elder Jones play the viola, but there just wasn't enough time to practice. So after a long long long debate we enlisted Jonesy and Leighton to sing with us. It was so pretty!! We sang Lead Kindly Light and did the 3rd verse accapella. Everyone was crying and came up to us afterward and said "Please, please, please tell me that you will be doing that again." It was great! The Elders rocked the song. They both have such pretty voices. Elder Jones did a solo, and then a duet with Søster Hilton and another one with Elder Leighton. I just sang up high with my loud church voice. Couldn't help laughing thinking about what Linsey would have said. It was really fun! What wasn't fun was baring my testimony.... 
               Okay I don't hate baring my testimony. Let me just set that straight. I just get so nervous! And for some reason they always have me talk in church last minute! Here I am minding my own business sitting in the 2nd hour of church with about 25 minutes till sacrament meeting and someone sticks their head in and says "Hodgkiss." I mean really? Can I change my name? Aaron asks me to give a 5 minute testimony about General Conference. Now mind you, at this point in my life I don't even know how to say "General Conference" på Norsk and also, if a testimony is over 1 1/2 minute it ceases to be a testimony and becomes a talk. If you want me to talk, that's fine, but let's skip all that fluffy crap and be real with one another. So for the next 45 minutes I have to sit there and worry about our song that we threw together and what I am going to say in a this "testimony" that is secretly a talk. I was so sick to my stomach! We got up and sang our song and it was amazing. I need to figure out how to send videos home! Because then you guys could hear it!!! Laaalll, and then I sit down and then I get called back up there! The good news is that I survived. I talked about the personal revelation that we can receive from conference. I told them about how this time last year I was sitting in my apartment in Russia deciding to go on a mission or not. Crazy right? One year ago, I hadn't even thought of the idea yet. I also talked about prophets and the Holy Ghost. I'm not really sure what I said. I finally got done and was walking down and made eye contact and Jonesy just gets this huge smile on his face. I've decided that as missionaries we just become each other's parents. I felt like I had just got done participating in the spelling bee and my dad was trying to tell me how great I did. It was funny! Søster Hilton gave a good-bye testimony which changed my life. I cried. And then cried all day off and on. Does she really have to go?! 
                   Last night was a crazy night. One thing about mission life is that I did not realize how much fun it was going to be. We ended up having a joint study session with Elder Leighton and Jones and I guess it was just one of those nights where you can't stop laughing. Seriously, I'm laughing right now just thinking about it. It was dumb. I can't even begin to tell you what we were laughing about because it doesn't even make sense, but we were laughing so hard that we all started crying. And then we tried to study Norsk and we were all reading from books or magazines and for some reason we all had them up to our faces. First off, it was dead silent and you guys know how I feel about silence. #awks Second off, Hilton and I couldn't control ourselves and it was only made worse when every 10 seconds Elder Jones brought his magazine down by 5 cm to see what we were doing. We all were just laughing behind our books. It was ridiculous. I didn't think that missionary work would be so fun. My first 3 weeks were a nightmare and it wasn't fun at all, but with Søster Hilton, I have had such a blast. I really am going to miss her! Last night we were talking about people we know and she said "You know it's like Joseph Smith said, 90% of the time your first impression of people is right." I laughed for a good 5 minutes straight. I just don't understand how Joseph Smith went from Old/3rd grad English to modern day/ Homeboyish talk. I am confused. 
                Man, I feel like I just went into great detail about my boring life. It was an interesting week to say the least. Also.... Saturday I got a call that some how the driving school magically got me a test date. We didn't think they would be able to because it had to be before transfers because I wasn't sure if I was staying or going well.... they got me one.... for..... Tuesday. So I really need you guys to pray for me, like A LOT. I really need to pass this test because we need sisters that can drive and because I don't want to waste the missions money. Tonight Elder Jones is going with me driving and helping me learn to back up and what not. Hopefully everything goes well. I am really really nervous. I am considering making cookies for the driver guy so that maybe he will like me more. Too much? Never. 
              It looks/sounds like you guys had such a blast in Cali! I am a little bit jealous. Jordan and I are just over here actually working hard and doing something with our lives while you guys are watching a 4 year old learn how to surf. Can someone explain that one to me? Did you guys see Bruce the shark? Not okay. Not okay. I really can't wait to hear all about it though! I know you guys had so much fun! Count down till Christmas when we all get to chit chat! Speaking of that....
          Mom: I need you to tell me when your surgery is and what time you will be leaving for the hospital. Please and thank you. 
               Anywho, week 1 on October right? Talk about coming up on almost 6 months out! This time next year Mom and Dad will be preparing to come over. Crazy! It's 8:55 am here, so I will be back on later to check my email and send a few others off. Write me back if you want  I found out that I can put all these faces in my email and I pretty much want to do it like every other line... Sorry not sorry. 
      I love you guys!!!
    Keep it real. Keep it classy. And may the odds be ever in your favor!
    P.S. We were doing a gata stand on Saturday and all of the sudden this band comes down the street. There were probably like 60 people and they were singing and playing and dressed in these crazy clothes. Pretty much the best thing I have ever seen. Need to find out about videos!!! Love y'all!