Tuesday, September 24, 2013


Dear Weasley Family and Friends,
        "Ahhhh-laska!!" -The Proposal 
    You guys. First off, I won't even mention how the only emails I received this week was from Mom and my friend Emily. Second off, Norway is cold. Like really cold. Like Christmas in Texas cold. It has been rainy these last couple days, and without the sun it is chilly! Dark time is from Nov 21-Jan 21, but it is already starting to stay dark for awhile and then get dark pretty early. The sunshine is about to be squeezed out of the day! Yikes! I have to admit that I am a little nervous about winter. I don't know why I'm nervous now, and not before I left, because now it's a little to late, I'm kinda stuck. I have just heard some horror stories from members and missionaries. I am just a little apprehensive about it all. Luckily, I only have to live through one winter. I am sure it won't be bad.... fingers crossed! 
      So you guys are all in Cali together soaking up the sun. Tell me, is it warm? The summer was so nice here, but it wasn't ever hot. Maybe a bit when I was back in Skien, but Trondheim is northern so it was cold in the shade and in the wind. Btw, transfers are next week. I have zero idea what will be happening. I really hope to stay in Trondheim, but I have this feeling that I am going to be leaving. If I am I hope I am heading up North, but I feel like I will be sent West coast. Any place is fine except Oslo. Now that I have officially written that down to you guys I will probably get sent there, but I just don't have any desire to serve there. We will see though! I will let you guys know! In the perfect world I would still be here. I love Trondheim so much! But Mom, you will have to wait a few weeks to send the box of stuff because I don't know where I will be for sure. 
     Random Stories/Facts to make sure you are still reading and also make you keep reading.... 
1. A few weeks ago Elder Jones pretty much broke my finger. Okay, it was just jammed really badly, but it still hurts! I was not allowed to play volleyball for a week. I felt like I was home. Everyone was worried about me and Elder Bradford (the senior missionary) kept tapping my finger up, and I just kept taking it off. It was like the old days where you guys tell me to take my medicine and I just laugh and shrug my shoulders. :)
2. I started my driving school. Oh man. Hate it. I have to drive with an instructor for a hour or two and she commentates on my driving and makes me pretty much a nervous wreck. Which is funny because the one thing I don't want to do is wreck. I hate driving. I always have, but after the bad wreck I really hate driving. If I have to drive I would prefer to go 1 mile an hour. And if I'm doing that I might as well just walk. #hopingiwillpassmytest No girl has gotten her licence yet, but they really really need us to get them. Not okay. Not okay. 
3. Today we sent a text to a member and they sent the same one back but with corrections..... #dontthinklifecouldgetmoreembarrassing 
        This week was a good week. We met an amazing kid on Monday on the street and brought him back to the church to teach him a little about the Book of Mormon. He is 16 and his name is Oliver. He is very open and willing to find out the truth. It really amazes me. If I wasn't a member I don't know if approached by missionaries at 16 I would be willing to listen to them. He is very humble and thoughtful. He has been reading the Book of Mormon everyday. What a shock it was to Søster Hilton and I to find that out! No one ever reads!! We were able to meet him with 3 times last week. On Saturday he came with us to play football (European) with some members. Let me just mention here that I am worse at soccer than I thought I was. Also, Sondre, the member who was just baptized by Elder Jones and Ashton, was there and he and I about had a fight. Not really. He is the best! We just happen to always be going against each other. Listen, when I get close to the ball I just start kicking. I am pretty sure that I kicked him in the shin multiple times. I think it's okay though because he elbowed me in the chin several times. Good thing I don't have feeling there! Pretty much playing football with everyone was a bit of a dream come true. Europeans are really good though. I think they are just all born with this natural talent for it! But lal, back to Oliver. He is doing well. He is just one of those quiet take things as they come investigators. He reminds me a lot of Sondre, actually. We are really lucky that we get to teach him. I will keep you guys posted! 
         This week Elder Jones decided that he wanted to have a district meeting and really come up with a district goal for baptisms this next month. You know, I am ashamed to admit it, but baptism goals are really hard for me. Of course I want everyone we talk to to be baptized, but my faith has been a little down lately. We always set goals for baptisms, but I guess I have become a little jaded since being out in the mission field. Each month we set goals and each month I see no one get baptized, and I am embarrassed to say that this has shaken my faith a little. When we had the meeting and talked about our goals and our ideas I felt like my skin was on fire. I could hardly say anything because all that kept passing through my head was "I don't think that this can really happen." The meeting proceeded and I kept looking at the floor. We ultimately decided that we would work to have 11 baptisms this next month. We decided that in order to really show the Lord that we are serious we needed to sacrifice something. It was decided that our sacrifice as a district would be in three parts. 1. We would save on the way on p-days meaning that we would look for opportunities on pdays to find people to teach. 2. We figured out that we had 40 days until the end of Oct. We decided that like Christ we would fast for 40 days as well as a district. Each person would take one day, and since there are 10 of us, we would be fasting every 10 days. Every day we would all pray throughout the day for the person fasting and ask Heavenly Father to bless them. The third part to the sacrifice was a personal sacrifice. I struggled through the meeting. As Elder Shanklin talked about his faith for this goal he also spoke about how if just one person is not in agreement then it won't work. I felt like everyone was starring at me. You know that "How do they know?" feeling? That was how I felt during the hour meeting. When it was over, I bolted from the room. 
         My guilt wasn't because everyone knew what I was thinking or because I was worried what they would think, it was because I knew that I needed to have more faith to perform the miracles that I am set apart to do. I kept thinking over my feelings, experiences, and thoughts about the goal and my faith. I prayed that I would be able to feel that this goal was right and that I would be given the faith to continue forward. I didn't need a perfect faith or the faith of the other missionaries, I just needed enough faith to take another step. I was frustrated with myself. I speak to people all day who tell me that they would believe in God if he would just show them a sign, and it drives me absolutely crazy because I know that not even a sign would be enough for them. Yet, here I sat demanding to see the fruit of our labor before I decided to believe that it was possible. As I pondered and prayed I felt like I needed to get a blessing. I asked Elder Jones to give me one the next day. I was hopeful that I would receive more revelation, but I was worried that the Lord yet again would give me little direct direction. We went downstairs to a quiet room and Elder Jones began my blessing. As soon as he placed his hands on my head along with Elder Neilsen, a sweet peace came over me. It was one of the most personal blessings that I have ever had. It seemed to directly answer all my questions and concerns, even those that weren't directly on my mind. The thing that really stuck out to me was when he said "Do not be afraid. The Lord has said "fear not, I am with you." You have the power to accomplish the goals that you have set for yourself and the goals the Lord has set for you." I had spoken to Søster Hilton a lot in the last few days that I felt like I didn't have the resources to accomplish the things that were expected of me, and when Elder Jones said that I felt so loved and so important to the Lord. I think as missionaries, or mothers, or friends, or husbands, we make the mistake of thinking that we were sent out with all the wrong talents. We feel we can't fit into the roles or callings we have and we think "Why was I picked?" This week I re-learned that we are prepared to handle the situation that arise better than we think we are. We have been prepared for our trials long before we even had a concept of what a trial was. We aren't given tasks or jobs to fail, but to succeed gloriously. Life is real, trials are hard, and disappointment can settle in, but those things are only temporary. They come and go. The only steadfast fact is that we are children of Heavenly Father and our individual worth is not based on our weaknesses, but our desire to overcome them. The Lord will always bless us with more help, support, faith, or hope, if we just ask. 
          We have a busy month ahead of us. To be real about our goal, we really need to find all of our investigators this week that will be baptized by the end of the month. It is crunch time, but it is more importantly, miracle time. I am really excited to see the miracles that will be happening this month. I hope that I am in Trondheim to see it. Honestly, we are a bit of dream team in in Trondheim right now. Can President honestly break us up?! 
         Elder Jones called to get our numbers last night and we were talking about sacrifices and our thoughts on the next month. He told me that his brother's mission president asked them to always bring up baptism in every contact on the street. So it would it would be something like this "If you knew what I was saying was true would you be baptized?" I thought about it and honestly I think that sounds like the most uncomfortable scariest thing ever, so I told Elder Jones that I am making it a goal to do it in every contact. I figure if I just do everything that is scary and makes me want to throw up then the Lord has to bless us with people to baptize! I am making a list of all the different things and I am just going to check them off as the day goes on. Feel at peace knowing that I am going to be looking like an idiot this month, but that I will be loving it and adding up my awkward experiences along the way! 
            But, let's just cut all the get-to-know-you questions. How how how is Huntington Beach? Are you guys even there right now? I honestly can't even remember the itinerary of this thing. Why have I not seen pictures and videos? Rude. I would write all of you back who wrote me, but....well...read the first paragraph of my email if you have forgotten. Did Kate find a bathing suit? That is what I really need to know. I am sad that Jordy doesn't get to be with you guys! But I mean he is a big NFL player now, so such is the life. Btw, Elder Neilson is so much like Jordan that if makes me feel uncomfortable at times. He takes it as a huge compliment when I compare him though. I want to hear about all of you!! So write me back!!! I love you guys!
Søster Kat 

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