Tuesday, October 8, 2013


Dear Weasley Family and Friends,
     "It is not so much what we have done or where we have been, but where we are willing to go." - Edward Dube 
      You guys. I PASSED MY DRIVING TEST!!! Yep! That's right! That makes me only the 3rd girl in the Norwegian Mission to have a licsence. #livingthedream. Now I am sure that you are asking what does this mean? The answer to that question is that I will probably have to serve the rest of my mission in some poe-donk town because those are the ones that are driving areas. #notlivingthedreamsomuch #trondheimforlife I am glad that I passed though. The guy that I took the test with was way nice. He said to me "I want you to feel comfortable so we can this anyway you want. You can listen to music, we can be silent, or we can talk." I kinda smiled and gave him a nod and a laugh and then there was just silence and he said..... "So...what do you want to do?" I about died. Sir, I haven't been alone with a man in over 6 months, excuse me if I am a little awkward. I told him I liked to talk so we could just talk. He said that of course he would have to control some of the talking to write down things. Well let me tell you guys something, that man did not stop talking. I know EVERYTHING about him! Honestly, if I ran into him on the street in 10 years I would probably hug him and tell him I missed him. It was that much of a life changing experience. 
        I am currently making cinnamon rolls right now. I though it was so funny that Lins made them this weekend for the first time too. I made Søster Trydal help me make them because I just had no idea.
         Mom, I am so glad to know that you are okay, but honestly those details! You better be glad that I didn't know that was all going down, because I would have called to hear about it for sure. ANOTHER SURGERY? Come on doctors! Do your freaking job! #soundprofessional I will be looking forward to knowing all the details about when the next surgery will be. I had all the missionaries praying for you, and next to the Apostles, that's pretty high up there, so know you are in good hands. That wasn't President Evans who called you, that was a member in my ward named Pelle. He is the best!! He and Torunn are two of my best friends! He called several times and you never picked up!! Not okay! Next surgery you have to pick up so he can talk to you. I forget he has an accent because I am so used to hearing him speak, but yes, that is the Norwegian accent! It's great right? I am so glad you are doing good. I am sorry everything went so bad afterwards, but at least that part is done. #betyouarentlookingforwardtothenextone I love you, and you are always in my prayers! 
         So this week was a little crazy. We had transfers and with that comes a bunch of different things. Monday and Tuesday was like "good bye Hilton" day. Monday night Torunn and Pelle told us to be ready by 730. We had no idea what was going to happen, but we were waiting at the church. They had us get in their car and then they started driving. They kept asking if we knew where we were going and we had no idea until it just hit me, we were going to the Tower. So we go to the Tower, which is this huge tower on the hill. We go up to the top floor where they have a restaurant. The cool thing is that the restaurant, like the ball in Dallas, turns and you can see the whole city! It was beautiful! Pelle ordered us EACH a banana split and a piece of Oreo cake. The next day we had 3 dinners, one right after the other, with members. It was insane! I was so full! 
          Hilty leaving has been really hard. She is my trainer and one of the best. We had so much fun together. I miss her like crazy. It is really weird and really sad still being in our area, but having a new comp. It just doesn't feel right. Søster Bradley came in on Wednesday. She has about 5 months left, and is good at the language. I think that we will only be together for another 5 weeks and then next transfers I will be some place else. Maybe not. Maybe Pres will keep me here through the winter?! I guess we will see!
          Conference was amazing. Did everyone like it? We watched it the same times you guys did. So Saturday we watched it at 6 pm, then we did the Saturday afternoon session at 2 pm on Sunday, and then the Sunday morning session at 6 pm, and then Søster Knapp and I got permission to watch the Sunday afternoon last night at 10pm. We watched it with Torunn and Pelle and didn't get done until 12am. I haven't stayed up that late in a long time!! It was so much fun! I love Søster Knapp. We had a lot of fun. Pelle made us dinner beforehand and then gave us all this chocolate to eat during dessert. I really loved all the talks! I felt like there was so much info on missionary work, marriage, and women. So much on women!! Man, it was crazy! I felt like it gave me all the things I need to be a good wife and mother one day. 
           Yesterday we had a cool miracle. We prayed that we would meet someone on the street and be able to bring them back to the church and teach them. It was rainy out and we really didn't want to go out, but we did anyways. The first person we really talked to agreed to come back to the church. Her name was Rachel. We taught her a little bit and the lesson was great. The Spirit was so strong! She was really interested in the Book of Mormon. We talked to her about God's plan and how we can receive answers to prayers. It went really well, but at the end she just didn't want to feel pressured, so we gave a book and our card. Of course the miracle we were looking for was to have a new investigator and a new person to teach, but that doesn't mean that meeting her and teaching her right then and there wasn't a miracle. It was a cool experience, but we were bummed afterwards. We were talking to the Elders about it and how we had prayed to meet someone and be able to teach them right then and there, but she just couldn't commit. Elder Shanklin said "Well next time pray that they will accept what you say!! See we are learning here!" I just burst out laughing. He is so funny!! I love all the Elders here! They really make missionary work so fun!
           We also had Jonesy's birthday this week. I some how managed to plan a surprise party for him. I don't know how because there were so many things giving it away, but he didn't find out. It was just a dinner with the whole district, but it was super great! We had pulled pork and beans and then I made his favorite, Texas Sheet Cake. Pretty much Jones is a Texas boy at heart. I almost felt like I was back in the South. It was yummy! I love being with the district. We always have such a good time together! 
             Okay. Let's cut the kid-crap. You guys look like you had such a blast together in Cali! Man, I am so jealous! I cannot believe all those pictures! That one of Jade and Bell is beautiful! I pretty much started crying when I saw it! And Millie and Heston are so big!! And Bry and Gav are adorable! I loved everything that you guys sent! It was like I was right there! I about died with those pictures of Nixion. Oh-My-Lantah! He is so CUTE! He is BEAUTIFUL! Send him to me! NOW!! I just love it!!! Oh man, we are doing it fall 2015. I will also be married by then. And I will have long hair. And I will be skinny. And I will probably basically be a different person. It will be great. BTW, skyping for Christmas....I better start losing weight....
       Heather you look amazing.
       Katie I can't believe you had a baby like 2 seconds ago. Not true. Love the long hair.
        Linsey, love the braid. Jealous. You are so tan and skinny!! Cutie!
        Lori, did you die your hair back dark? I love it!! You look good!
       Annie, I am obsessed with your hair! It looks so good!!! I love the length and the color! 
      Mom, I was thinking about you during the talk by Carole Stephens. What if you cut your hair like her? I like it. You look good!! 
      Basically you are all beautiful people and I am jealous of your perfect lives. #overit
   Things are going well here. Oliver is continuing to read. We met with him on Wednesday and he us up to Mosiah! He is convinced he has to finish reading the BOM to find out if its ture. Oh man, come on. Shawn read it in 3 days, like lets hurry this up. He is doing well and still looking strong for baptism. I just need to get him baptized before I leave! Come on Oliver! Seriously though, love him. Want him to come home with me for Christmas one year. 
        K, the Elders are calling me to come play volleyball. I will try to send pics later! I love you all!!! 
P.S. Thinking about going by Loucille when I get home.... thoughts?
P.S.S. 6 month mark coming up..... woah....
P.S.S.S. Who is coming to pick me up in a year? #368days 

Fred Ut! 

Seriously, so crazy about these pics. Someone get them printed out and send them to me!! Love the videos! Love how the kids are telling me "how much they miss me" when really all they want to do is swim! LOL! #yeahright #cali2015 

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