Wednesday, September 25, 2013

Norwegian castle and hike on p-day

Sister H and I. We are Besties!!

 One word... Jones! Actually I want to replace that word with another word...dedication. Because I am dedicated to sport enough to jam my finger and still want to play!  caption

 Me during the 3 hour weekly planning sessions we have on Thursdays

 District Pday events! This was last week when we went to a members cabin and then to this old castle ruins thing 

Me eating a homemade American Hamburger. So happy. 

 This is an unflattering picture. I would like it to be known that I had many layers on and I did not in fact gain 60 pounds. We drove up to the top of this mountain! Best hike I have ever taken because I didn't actually have to move!  

 Ruin castle thing, with some boring story that I stopped listening to because it was in Norwegian and I was too exhausted to translate...

More Castle 

They call themselves the three reasons

 This is all of us in this tiny little cave/dungeon thing that they used to smoke this guy to death in. I did listen to that part! 

. Probably the coolest picture I have taken so far. Elder Jones, Shanklin, and Neilson

 Me at morning exercise. 

. I picked this picture because it is the one that I look like I am doing the most in...

. This is how I feel about this vacation thing! Take that! 

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