Monday, November 25, 2013


Dear Weasley Family and Friends,
      Let's just start this off with what I'm really freaking out over: 
   1. You guys got in a wreck. I bad wreck. I am extremely grateful that you were not hurt! I can't even tell you how blessed I know you guys were. Seriously, this is scary. I am just happy that you guys are okay. 
    2. LORI is like FOR REAL having a baby! Oh man! Your tummy is adorable! I am dying!! You are so cute and you are ALL baby!! I love it!!! #babygladys2014 
      So, I guess this would be a good time to say that I'm not in Drammen anymore with Sister Landry and Sister Hornback. It was a good 10 days and I love those girls so much, but I was transferred to Tønsberg last Saturday. I am here serving with Sister Thurgood. If you guys remember, she is the sister that I actually started out with in Skien with Sister Landry. We had a blast together! I hated pretty much everything about that area minus the ward and Sister Thurgood, so we got pretty close. I love this girl, and always have. She hit a hard part of her mission and is going through so hard things, and she really just needed something new. President prayed about and called me and said that he thought that I was the only one that could really help to be that change for Sister Thurgood, so we made some moves last week. 
        Team Thurgood is amazing guys. She has all these qualities that you just want to have. She is real and she is fun. She is a dedicated missionary who is an amazing teacher. She is so good at Norwegian, and she cares and loves so much! She has been in the land 6 months like me and has had 6 baptisms (is really high, one of the highest in the mission). She has seen miracles. I am grateful to be serving with her. I know for a fact that I am supposed to be here, and I know that as we work together that we are going to be able to repair this area and see many miracles here. There is a lot to do though.
         I am feeling a little overwhelmed. I moved into the apartment and it was just a wreck. Its a HUGE apartment, 2 floors, 1 bed room, 2 study rooms, and 2 bathrooms, but it has had Elders in it for a long time so its just gross. I got there and just started taking things off the wall and throwing things away. I was like no, we need a fresh new start beginning with this place. I have pretty much been in organizing heaven. Heather, grab your label maker and join me! Today we went shopping and bought tons of food. We decided to make sure that we are having a real meal everyday. I am just trying to create the most home like atmosphere that I can for this area. I think we both really need it. I also bought tons of cleaning supplies today. I am kinda really excited. I have a lot on my shoulders right now and nothing makes me happier than cleaning. Or running. But lezzz be honest, I don't have time to run/ TL (TL= too lazy). 
          Today Sister Thurgood set her phone on the top of the car and then we drove away. #missionarylife #needanewphone #theregoesallourcontactinformation #welcometoTønsberg
           We have some good laughs though. Seriously its good. We already know each other so well, so we don't have to do any of that weird get to know you stuff. When we start getting investigators and getting to work it is going to flow like magic. I can just feel it. 
           My new address is: 
                                                            Eikveien 77 A
3122 Tønsberg
          Like I said, the apartment is SICK! So huge! I love it! It is real homey feeling so I really want to make it feel like that with decorations and stuff. I need to get some Christmas lights up! That would be perfect! I don't know where one would get those here though. I mean Christmas stuff is everywhere, its just that the stores are kinda of specialty stores here. 
            So Tønsberg is a branch so we don't have tons of members, and the members are a little different, but you just love em through it. That's my new saying now, Just love through it. Charity is the most important thing that you can have, its the characteristic that was shown over and over again throughout the Savior's life and ministry. It is what changes things. I am working on having more love for everyone and everything. I love that as a missionary that I am given so much love for the people and that as I serve them that love grows. I feel I am really lucky to be able to feel and experience such a thing. 
             Christmas is going to be awesome y'all. Apparently we are going to be spending the week of Christmas with this rocking family here in Tønsberg. The work pretty much shuts down during Christmas because it is a BIG DEAL to Norwegians, so you spend a lot of time with the members and investigators. We will be spending Christmas with the Fhyn family! They are going to let us skype as long as we want at their house, and they are renting Disney movies for us to watch. It's going to be awesome!! I am so excited to talk to you guys! Seriously, I am sad that I haven't lost any weight and might be obese, but I feel that you can forgive me. Well I hope you can! Seriously though. Don't be judgey. I am so excited guys!!! Only 1 month from TODAY!!!  I am definitely going to have to make a paper chain to put up in our house! This is great! I wish you guys could be here for the Christmas season in Norway. Seriously, it is crazy! They love Christmas. They do not love Christ though, so that's kinda ironic. #dontruinchristmasbytalkingaboutchrist 
                You guys, guess who is my District Leader? GUSTY!!! Oh man, I am dying. Seriously I love him. Like I LOVE him. Not in that way, that's crazy, but in a you are the best person ever and my best friend and now I get to see you all the time, kind of way. Him and Ashton are two of my best friends. If we could just figure out a way to get Ashton here, we would be a dream team! Today Sister Thurgood had an appointment in Skien (where Gusty serves) so we drove 1 1/2 hours down there. Well if I am going to drive all that way then I am going to at least stop by and say hi, so we did! We ding dong ditched him and filmed the whole thing. When he saw who it was he about died. I honestly about died I was so happy. And then we stood outside in the FREEZING cold weather and talked for like 1 1/2. We all couldn't feel our fingers or toes by the end. It was SO good to see him! We also had a zone pday today and I got to see Sister Pitts! Pitts is the best!! She is the cheerleader that I was way close to in the MTC! I love her! She was actually here with Sister Thurgood before I came. It was way good to see so many people today. I was able to catch up with everyone and just kinda hang out. I needed it! 
                 Everyone is asking for a Christmas list which I just find super awkward because I really don't know what to ask for. I love hand written notes and drawings from the kids. I love pictures, and Christmas Tree cakes and Resses. I don't really know though. I need more long sleeved shirts. And I need thick wool socks or something of the sort. A storage device that I could use to put all my stuff on would be nice. Other missionaries that have one just have one like Shawn's. I don't know guys. Its hard! What can I really use as a missionary? A husband? Yes, but not quite yet. I think I have a while for that. Really though, get creative if you need ideas. I am easy to please. If you want I can wait to open my present on skype with you guys? Let me know what you think! I want to use the google to skype home. I don't know exactly how it works, but that way you can skype with multiple people. So find out about that, and let me know! 
               You are all precious people you know that? I don't even really know what that adjective means, but it is one I am using a lot. That and obsessed. I say that word WAY too much! Oh also, Team Thurgood and I are co-senior comps, so that's pretty fun. I LOVE not serving with a sister that is older than me! LOVE IT! I am pretty sure that I will be here in Tønsberg until February at the earliest. I think that Sister Thurgood and I will get to be able to spend lots of time together! It will be good though! I am pumped! I am in the ONLY apartment in Norway that has a DRYER. My jeans are thankful. I'm thankful. #lifechanging 
               Lori, your baby bag is adorable. You are adorable. Seriously, come to Norway. I can stop people on the street by asking them to look at how adorable you are and then just trick them into hearing about the gospel. I think this could work!! It is killing me a little bit to not be there, but you sound like you are doing amazing. You know what? I'm taking the Lori attitude for this area. Be positive and do what you got to do! No complaints! I am so excited for you guys! And I am excited to have the surprise of the gender! When is your due-date? I will write you back a better email next week! 
                Heather, Kate, and Annie, thanks for the emails! You guys crack me up and always make me feel like I am just apart of your every day lives and the babies lives. I love it. The pictures were adorable! I am sorry that I don't have time to write you guys, but everything has been crazy here and today. I will write you next week :) I am excited to see you guys and talk to you soon!! Eeeeeekkkkk!! I love yall.
             For the rest of you rascals, we will be snaking snart (talking soon). Let's be real. 1 month till Christmas. It has begun. Christmas music all the time. The best! I hope that everyone is doing well and recovering from the crash or the shock of the crash or the idea of the crash and our family, whatever you need to recover from. That is way scary, but I am so happy that everyone is okay. I know that you were personally watched over. I know that Jesus is the Savior and that although his church fell after is ministry, that it was restored through Joseph Smith. That is a knowledge that I am grateful for because it has restored the right and privilege of families being sealed together forever. That is a knowledge that I am grateful for. I know that the relationships that we have here on earth will only be strengthened and deepened in the next life. I love you guys! Have a great week! And keep us in your prayers! 
Keep it real. Keep it classy. And may the odds be ever in your favor! 


P.S. Enjoy watching my new movie on screen.... so jelly!!! 

Monday, November 18, 2013


Dear Weasley Family and Friends,
       "Change, obey, grow, be better than you knew to be before. Step on a fast track and keep moving, all the way to glory." -Elder Holland
         You guys. I'm in Drammen. This is real life. Drammen's ward is HUGE. It is basically a Utah ward but just in Norway. It's really weird and really crazy and I feel out of place. In Trondheim I kinda just owned the ward. I knew everyone and everyone knew me and it was really comfortable. In Drammen, I'm not even sure there is a new missionary. It is good though, a rocking ward, I just have to get used to all those names!!! 
         Drammen is in the south of Norway so it isn't quite as cold or dark. It's still pretty dark though! I don't really know how we function because the sun goes down so early, but I guess we are just blessed with that. They just had a baptism the WEEK before I got here!! I was like drats! Other than that we don't have any really positive investigators right now, but I know that we will soon! We are focusing this week to find those nice golden investigators! I know they exist. If they exist in the North, they def exist here! 
            I don't really have much to say today. I don't know anyone's name and things are really new and confusing. I am loving it though. I was way worried about being with Sister Landry again because we had a hard time our first 3 weeks together, but seriously it has been AWESOME! I was worried about being in a 3some, but I don't think I have laughed this hard in like 6 months. They are great and are amazing missionaries! I am way lucky to be serving with them! 
            I am really bad at names. I really am. Can't remember anyone's name for the life of me. And no one understands me down here because of my Northern Norsk. Crazy right? I realized how bad I am at Norwegian now that I am with Søster Landry and Hornback. Honestly guys. I am far from perfect. It's good though. They help me. I think I have just gotten lazy because I know the vocabulary and so I just want to speak now and I forget that I actually have to pronounce words the right way. Awkward. Its good though. 
               Really I don't have much to say guys. Sorry about that. I just don't really know anything about Drammen yet. Its so weird being in a new area after being in the same area for 5 months. Leaving was really really really hard. My heart pretty much broke in two. I hated leaving Torunn. I miss her like crazy! It's hard with leaving because you feel like you are never going back, and some of the places you leave you really don't go back.
         Lezzzz be honest, someone just got in a fight in the library beside us.....
   Landry tried to stop it.
 I just sat there and starred. Not okay. 
        The other day we were in our church clothes because we had just come from a teach and we needed to change so we could go paint, so I proposed that we changed in the car. We did. The car is really little and basically all windows, so I'm not saying it was the smartest thing we have ever done. I laughed a lot though. 
         I miss the Elders up in Trondheim like crazy! It's so weird not knowing what is going on! I missed the baptism this weekend which is way lame, but I was told that we got another baptism date with Oliver. Oliver is kinda my other half guys! I love him to death. I am keeping up with what is going on there! 
          Christmas stuff was put up like the day after Halloween! Everything is so cute! There are tons of lights in the city centers and everything is just adorable! We are going to be having a Christmas Conf. with the WHOLE mission!!! It will be a 2 day conf. and everyone will fly into Oslo and be able to be together!! I am so excited! I get to see everyone!! It will be great! 
         Lately I have been thinking about my purpose as a missionary, and in other roles that I have had. I know that I have a lot of weaknesses, but it really doesn't matter. All I have to do is qualify for the Spirit and then I am a successful missionary. I know that I need to work on a lot of things like language and contacting and having people actually get baptized, but right now I am not going to stress over it. That stuff all comes through a mission. The longer you are here, the longer you see that some things just take time and that progress is always constant. So, I'm over my weaknesses. Who cares? The Lord definitely doesn't, so why should anyone else? 
          Lezz be honest this email is lame, and I am sorry! I hope to have a better one next week when I can actually remember some people's names! Is everyone excited for Christmas? Hope to hear from you all soon! Love you guys!!
Keep it real. Keep it classy. May the odds be ever in your favor!


Shout Outs!

Mom- HAPPY BIRTHDAY MOM! You are the best! Thank you for everything that you do for us! You have had a life time of work raising so many kids, but you have done an amazing job! You have 7 children that are all grown and married and working! I would say you are an success :) Thank you for the example that you have always been to me. I could not be here without the things that you taught me! I love you!! 

Me- Well guys, the time has flown, but on the 21st I will hit my 5 years of treatment, which means.... drum roll please....
I'M CURED!!!!!! 
Yep. It's official. Cancer is gone for good!! YAY!!!!! :) 

Monday, November 11, 2013


Dear Weasley Family and Friends,
    Knocking, knocking, knocking on Heaven's Door.
As in I was on the bus and I heard that song on Saturday. Guess who started crying on the spot? This sister! Oh man. Blast from the past. I had all the videos and recorded messages from Brent going through my head. Honestly. I can see Lori sitting in the passenger seat just shaking her head. What an eedddiooott
     Really though, guys. When are you going to send me your Christmas lists so that I can orchestrate all of that? I did not agree to passing the torch!!!! I expect them by next week. Please and thank you. 
      Also, on my Christmas list is that you all fly over for Christmas as a "surprise". Not really. I haven't lost enough weight to see you people.
    Let's get to the important stuff though.... I'm moving to Drammen.
      So basically let's just call it like it is. I'm moving from the North to the South. I'm kinda sad that the cool factor of where I am serving is going down, but it will be okay. So actually this transfer was a funny story. I figured that I was leaving. I just kinda felt it and I didn't know what to think, I kept having thoughts of Drammen all week, but I couldn't figure out how I was going to go there because Sister Landry (the sister who first trained me in Skien) is there and I couldn't see her leaving, but i assumed I would be with the girl she trained, Sister Hornback. It didn't really make sense in my head, but Drammen and Sister Hornback were in my thoughts all week. Saturday we were on our back from a sick teach and Sister Knapp called me. She said "You are never going to believe what happened! Guess what came in the mail today?" Okay here I am on a bus trying to figure out what came in the mail. Why did a person come to my mind? Anyways to make a long story short what happened was that this transfer the call letters that you get came before the actual announcement of our calls. Usually we just all tune into a conference call on Sunday morning and then the next week we get our call letters for our new area, but this time the call letter came before Sunday. We were all dying! We knew what was going to happen to us, but we had no idea about the rest of the mission. Turns out I am going to be a 3-some again with Sister Landry and Hornback. I actually am really excited.
          I had a hard time with Sister Landry my first 3 weeks because I struggled with the mission and language and so everything was hard, area, comps, myself. Alt. So I have been thinking about her a lot lately and wishing that I had a second chance with her. She is such a good missionary and I want to basically become the kind of contacter she is, so pretty much my goal for this next transfer is to steal all of her good qualities. It will be way good.
          It's really hard to leave Trondheim though. I want to come back so bad!! I have been here 5 months! This is pretty much where I was born. Sister Landry is going to have a fit over my dialect. She doesn't like when missionaries don't just stick to Bokmal. :/ Yikes! It will be good though :) My heart is breaking that I have to leave, even though I know that Drammen is right for me. I am so sad to leave TorunnPelleMajken, the McKenzie family, and so many others. The good news is that Pelle and Torunn will both be coming down to Drammed often. Actually Torunn is coming next week, so I am only taking one of my bags with me and she is going to bring the rest of my stuff. I tried to start packing last night but ending up doing a packing for Russia all over again, and just sat there and cried. Torunn called me and said "Just leave it! I will come and pack it up for you and bring it all next week!" She is kinda the best. I am sad that I won't be able to talk to her and see her all the time like I do now. 
          I have to come back! 
          You guys are probably wondering what is happening to the rest of Trondheim? Here is how its going...
     Elder Leighton- moving to Stavanger area as a Zone Leader
     Elder Nielson- moving to Romerike to open a new area with a missionary that has only been out 3 months like him! 
      Sister Knapp- moving to Bergan! The promised land of Norway!
 Everyone else is staying...
       Elder Shanklin- will be with Elder Skinner (new Zone/District leader)
       Sister Bradley- will be with Sister Trydal (who is with Sister Knapp right now), they will only have 2 sisters here in Trondheim for a bit
        Jonsey- will be training a new Elder, Elder Jensen. He didn't know he was training again until it was announced on Sunday. Priceless. He will become Senior Zone Leader. 
            I am way sad to be leaving the Elders! They are seriously the best. I super sad and I am going to miss them all. Elder Leighton and I have served together for 5 months! Jonesy for 3 1/2. And Nielson and Shank for 3 months. I am pretty sure that some of them I will serve with again! I really hope so! It has been such a blast here in Trondheim. I have learned so much! I have been thinking back on my time here and how much really has changed with everything. It is amazing. I have laughed here so much. We have done some cool things and had some cool experiences! Man, I don't want to leave!!! 
          So I just checked my moves plan is this is what it says: Fly (with Elder Nielson) to the Oslo airport. From there, take the flytog to the Drammen station where Sisters Landry and Hornback will pick you up. Welcome to the promised land! Take your Trondheim phone with you to Drammen.   
          I am way pumped that I get to fly the whole way with Elder Nielson! It won't be such a lonely day then! Hopefully we don't get lost. I feel like we are both going to be really confused! Oh well! The joy of flying in a different country! 
         One of my freshmen roommates, Emilee Pugh wrote me today and she is headed out to Mexico on a mission in like 14 days! Crazy right? 1/3 of us are married. 1/3 of us are on missions. And the other one is modeling. Who knew how life would turn out? 
         Yesterday, Oliver came to church and we taught him afterwards and then we went to a members house with him and had a huge district dinner. It was awesome. I taught most of the lesson and I just realized how much I really have learned language wise, even in this last 6 weeks. I would have never taken the head of a lesson 6 weeks ago. When Oliver left I shook his hand and then thought to myself "This is not sufficient" and gave him a big hug. He was precious about it. He hugged me really tight and made that squeezing sound. I about died. I love him so much guys! I want nothing more than to come back next October and see Oliver as a member of the church. Man, he seriously is the best!!! 
          P.S. Jonesy has another baptism coming up this week. Honestly, the kid finds people and baptizes them. I don't get it. No, but seriously the guys he is baptizing is super awesome. He is from Iran. I'm pretty sad that I am going to miss it. Baptisms are the best! Its sad that Nielson is missing it too, but he is going to rock it in Romerike
           Drammen is one of the biggest wards in Norway. It's huge! And they love the sisters because the sisters just got there like 3 months ago. All the members are all on fire and give referrals all the time. They have a family that they are working with right now that are really close to baptism, so it looks like I am walking into a pretty sweet deal! I am really excited to go, but Trondheim is like my home, so nothing will ever beat that. I just love this ward so much! 
             We have lots of fun things planned for this week with saying goodbye to members. Some cool spiritual things too of course. :) I leave on Wednesday around 2, so that's really nice! I get Wednesday too! Usually you have to leave at like 6 am. Not okay. 
             This week has been kinda a bum week. We did a lot of things, but all this weird stuff came up. We did service one day for a member, Bergit. We helped her clean out her gutters. It was really fun! I got to wear jeans! I love jeans. Like really. I love them. 
              All of our investigators are doing well. Oliver is rocking it. He is struggling with getting an answer. He is frustrated that he doesn't feel like he has had a really clear answer yet. I can understand that one for sure, but he is doing well. Still just trekking along! I think that he is really positive still, but is just going to need some time. That's okay. Maybe I can baptize him when I get back to Trondheim! I feel like if I just keep positive thinking that I will come back then one day I will! We went and found an investigator that we couldn't get a hold of and had a cool experience with her. She is way positive. Like lets get baptized next week positive. She came to church with us on Sunday. It was awesome.
          Really though, things are just going here. It snowed yesterday night, but it was all melted by the time we woke up this morning. I thought to myself, hey this isn't that bad. And was kinda sad when it was gone this morning, but not really. 
          How is everyone doing? Lori and Brent, you guys doing good? I heard that you haven't been feeling too well! Boo! But I know that you're a champ! I love you all! Christmas in Drammen!!!
Here is my new address:
Huldreveien 38
3042 Drammen 
       I wrote this really big so that you guys will know where to send all my things :)
       I hope all is going well with you guys!! I love you all!!
Keep it real. Keep it classy. And may the odds be ever in your favor!

    Tuesday, November 5, 2013

    I love packages!!!

     I love packages!!!!!!!! 

     With Pace our Training Leader (she goes home next week!)

    . I saw this in one of the buildings we were in while visiting a member! I want one! 

    Welcome to winter

     This is a terrible picture and I look fat, but remember this sweater is bulky!! But THIS is my NORWEGIAN SWEATER! 

    Monday, November 4, 2013


    Dear Weasley Family and Friends,
           Okay guys. I don't even really remember this week because it pretty much sucked. Not like in a missionary way, as in with investigators, more just in a personal way, as in like there is something wrong with me. BUT. The good news is that I think it's getting better? Or maybe I'm just getting better as not thinking about it and focusing on other things.... 
              So, fair warning, this email will probably not be too good. I loved all the Halloween pictures and stories. I didn't hear from Lins and Jord! What we're they for Halloween? It sounds like everyone had a really good time. Norway doesn't really celebrate Halloween, but I live in a college town so there were tons of student parties. One guy was Edward Cullen. Okay, here I am in Norway with a Norwegian boy dressed up as Edward Cullen... is this real life? I purposely did not talk to him 
            We did however have a huge Halloween party here on Saturday night. It was so much fun! There were tons of investigators and non-members there, and tons of members too, so the mix was great! Nothing is better than members being friends with your investigators. Sometimes as missionaries I feel like we play a game. We try to put our investigators in every situation possible to become friends with the members, and then we focus all of our attention to make sure they don't talk to those weirdy members who want to monologue about family history. Everyone dressed up for the party too! It was good. That day was actually a cool day. We met a guy on the street and talked to him for like 40 minutes. He is from Iran and has been in Norway for 10 years, but only moved to Trondheim 2 days before we met him. He was really sad. We asked him what makes him happy and he just told us about his sad life. I wanted to hug him! But I kept it cool. He is super super worried about people finding out information about him so he wouldn't give us his name or his number, but we invited him to the party and told him we would meet him in town at 7 to walk with him to church.
              Well the thing was that we had a dinner at 5 to go to at our MMKs (missionary leader), Benjamin, house and we had 3 different investigators (not all mine) going and then all the Elders. It was a full house and so much fun. I love the Elders! I am grateful everyday that I have tons of Elders in my area because they are like a breath of fresh air! We had a good time. There was 11 of us at the dinner, and Benjamin has two kids who are to die for. Olea is 3 1/2 and much like Jade. She is always the life of the party. She stands in the middle and dances! It is so cute! And her face is so serious. We just die. We shared the spiritual thought which was cool. We talked about prayer and things that make it difficult for us to communicate with Heavenly Father. It was way good, but we were super late coming to the party. On the bus ride over I realized that we were late and we told that guy we would meet him there, but I thought oh well he probably didn't come. Then I got a call from the other sisters and they said he was at the church! When we weren't there he just found his way to the church! It was kinda crazy! He is awesome. I came in and he was already talking to everyone. He has had a hard life. Really doesn't believe in God but then some how does at the same time? I don't know. He likes when I speak Norwegian because he thinks my accent is funny. Rude. That is not a compliment! He is 50 and just loves to talk. I don't know how it will go with him, but we will see! 
                Guys, I have no idea what is going on with Oliver. He is just not keeping commitments very well. Boo! Pull yourself together Oliver! This is not a drill! 
                Have I told you guys how funny Elder Nielsen is? He is JUST like Jordan. It kills me. The one thing that he loves to do, probably more than anything, is make me feel awkward. And he does it a lot. In Norway you have to get really used to making eye contact with people. They just stare into your eyes like a lot. Its kinda weird.Anywho, I think that we get a little too used to it sometimes and then we forget we are just starring at people. Elder Nielsen struggles with this, so a lot of the time we will make eye contact from across the room and he will just stare at me and I get super uncomfortable because I'm confused and I don't know what's going on. Then he usually just laughs really hard. Well the other day him and Jonsey were cleaning the bathroom, the girls bathroom in fact, and we came in to talk to them so we are all just sitting there talking in the bathroom and Nielsen comes out after having cleaned a toilet and what does he do? He just makes eye contact and then keeps the contact. And I'm just like Nielsen! And he starts laughing and says " I need to work on actually just not starring at you." Oh guys, you know I couldn't let this moment pass. I gave Jonsey a wide eye look and then sat back and watched Nielsen stumble over trying to clarify what he meant. Priceless. 
                The next day we were talking about dreams and he turned to me and said...
      "Hey do you guys want to be in my dream tonight?" #missionarylife #thisdistrictistooclose #goingtomissthem
                I am about 98% sure that I am leaving Trondheim after this week. So positive that I have started to go through my stuff and get a game plan for packing. Now, this will probably be way awkward if I end up staying, but I don't think that I will. I kinda just feel it. I think Trondheim is just done with me. I'm sad because I love it here and I love the dialect and I love the North, and I don't want to serve down south, BUT I am trying to accept it. Of course, I don't know anything for sure, so I might stay. Elder Leighton and I have been here the same amount of time and President told him that that isn't long at all, so maybe I am staying? Either way, I won't know until next Sunday, and then moves will be the next Wednesday or Thursday. 
                Like I said things have been rough this week. I'm not going to go into detail about it. You guys know how I can talk about one subject for like 12 hours straight. How long did we discuss Daniel's letters in detail? As a family? Yeah. Case and Point. or is it Point in Case? Or is this like the time that I was 19 and I found out that people were actually saying "from the git-go" and not "from the geico". That was an awkward time in my life.Anywho, you get the point! I cried a lot this week. But as I have been talking with people it seems that EVERYBODY is depressed lately. Everyone has had a hard time in these last few weeks. This is what I'm thinking it is.... SATAN. And I think that he is out to ruin CHRISTMAS! I will not allow it! I just can't allow him to do that!! Seriously, I'm being sarcastic and funny because if I'm real with you guys I think you will personally call me. Which would be weird, because I forgot how to speak English. Just kidding. I didn't, but I wish I could because then people would probably actually be able to understand me on the street! Anywho, I think there really is something in the water. Or air. Air is universal right? The darkness doesn't help here. It gets dark about 4pm, and the sun starts going down at 3:30. What the what? It's okay though. 3 more months. #shootmenow Things are good though. Positive thinking! Really though, they are getting better. So don't stress! Today though I am spending the whole day with the Bradfords, our senior couple. I just needed some time away from everything. What I have really wanted more than anything lately is time with the family and time with Mom and Dad. I can't have that for another 11 months, so I asked the Bradfords to be my substitute for today. They actually remind me a lot of Mom and Dad. Elder Bradford called me this morning and said "This is 6 flags calling to confirm reservations for Hodgkiss and Bradford!" I died. Really looking forward to this! 
                   So have I told you guys that lately I have been obsessed with Norwegian sweaters? I'm talking about hand-made by your bestemor Norwegian sweaters. They are really expensive to buy and take forever to make so you with either have to have someone that loves you a lot, or a lot of money. I have been talking about it a lot with all the members. You know, just trying to figure out my options, who I should single in on to get one from. There are several members here that I just love. One is Ingrid. She is amazing and always is there for me when times are a bit hard. She always seems to text me something encouraging or I run into at the exact time I need her. It's crazy. Well we went to her house on Tuesday. She has been having a hard time and we felt like we should talk about the most important thing anyone can know, which is that we are children of God. This is something that I really needed this week too! So when I taught the lesson it was just different because I was all in. I maybe even teared up a little, I'm not sure. But it was a good lesson. I told her how things had been for me lately too and we talked about that for a long time. It was good. The next day things kinda hit rock bottom again. You're asking how can you hit rock bottom twice? Well, my friends, I will tell you how. It's because you think you hit rock bottom the first time and then the Lord kinda laughs at you and lets you hit rock bottom for reals. This is called the growing process. Well anywho, things were bad and I was crying a lot and I had to sit through a meeting with my district and try to not make eye contact with anyone. And then afterwards Elder Jones hands me a bag, and said "Santa came early!"
                  Now, this is what I am thinking at this point. I'm thinking okay so the Elders gave me a gift. Okay. Yeah, its been a bit rough, but this is weird. So I go home and I open it up. First thing I see is a heart shaped tag with my name on it. Okay.... this is weird... but we're close, it's fine. Then I open it up and find a card. It's a love card with bears and hearts. I'm thinking this is not okay. This is way over the line. Then I flip it over and see the hand writing and I realize that its a girl, but no name. I open the present up more to find.... drum roll please.... a real Norwegian sweater. Are you kidding me? I scream! I call Jonsey to tell me who its from and he won't, and then I get smart. I start doing some hand writing investigating. And I find out it was Ingrid! You guys. I about died. I can't believe it! Its real! Its the soft wool so its so warm! I wear it all the time! I love it. And I love her. Really, missions are crazy guys. 
             I really hope everyone is doing well. Just keep pushing through guys. Winter and coldness can only last for so long. Plus leeezzzz be honest you guys get to see my face in about 
    7 weeks. Let's hope that I lose about 90 pounds by then and learn how to actually speak Norwegian. I miss you all! Your babies are so stinking cute! Stay warm out there! And send your positive thoughts my way :)
    Keep it real. Keep it classy. And may the odds be ever in your favor!
    Shout Outs!
    Shawn-a-lot: HAPPY BIRTHDAY OLD MAN! I love you so much! Just accept you're getting old. Or in other words.... Just let it happen!! You are the best!! :)