Monday, December 2, 2013


Dear Weasley Family and Friends,
    Do you know what Æsj means in Norwegian? Gross. Basically its my new word for anytime I don't like something. Did I just get pictures of my ex-missionary and his new girlfriend? Yes. Am I dealing with it? Of course. PEOPLE this is not a drill! Didn't want to marry a American serving missionary anyway. #notarealmission #justkidding #notreally #mightberegrettingsayingthisoneday
    Okay, moving on. This week was AWESOME!! Okay let me just get to my favorite part of the whole week, the Jul I Toner concert. Pretty much it was a concert put on by the members in Norway, and it was a Christmas concert and it was the coolest thing I have ever seen! They do it every year and in 3 different places. This year it was in Drammen, Romrike, and Moss. Drammen is about an hour drive away and the sisters there got us tickets, but we didn't know if we could/should go. You know as a missionary you kinda feel guilty doing anything for yourself. We decided not to go, but then Torunn texted me and asked me to come. Side note, Torunn is from Trondheim. And she and I are really close. Thinking about going home makes me sick just because I won't be in the same country as her. I can't really explain it. You know you know and love so many people as a missionary, but then there are some that you just really click with. Its like that with her. We are really similar and we just clicked right off the back. Being away from Trondheim has been hard. I felt like I was saying goodbye to a family member all over again when I left her, so when I realized that if I went I could see her I wanted to go bad. Plus she had two songs in the concert that her and her sister did a duet. So we called President up. Sister Thurgood didn't even get out "The sisters got us tickets to the concert" before President told us to go. He said "Its Christmas! Go have some fun!" #loveyoupresident 
       Guys, I wish I could explain to you how great it is, but I can't. So I did something even better! I found the website they have and you guys can watch it for yourselves!! Exciting? I think yes! Here is the website!
         Now I don't think it is up yet, because they just filmed it last night, but if you checked back in a few days it should work. You HAVE to watch it!! It was awesome! The soloist that sings is a professional opera singer in Oslo, and the cellist is a famous cellist. It was AWESOME! And Torunn's songs were amazing! I walked in right as she started singing! She is the blonde on the left when the 2 girls are singing. :)
        It was really great to see her, but it was really hard to say goodbye. I left part of my heart with her and in Trondheim. We hugged and then both immediately started crying. You would think that goodbyes on the mission would get easier, but they only get harder. It was so cool to go though! I also saw tons of people from Skien, my first area. It was really twilighty because I was back with Sister Thurgood again, talking to the same people, but yet it had been 6+ months. We were the first sisters in the area for 10 years so they LOVED us. It was so good to see them! And I could understand them. Actually its funny because they speak the normal norwegian (bokmal), but I can't really understand it that well because I'm used to Trøndisk. It's funny what you get used to and learn. I am still working on my dialect. I am getting better at using it instead of the regular, but I have to totally re-train myself. I call Torunn to help me with my language study! She is the best! 
        We also had 2 thanksgiving dinners this week. Now I know what you guys are asking yourselves. You are saying "Isn't Thanksgiving an American holiday?" Yes. Actually it is. And I am proud of you guys for thinking that :) But I guess when you have tons of American missionaries around all the time you start to pick up on some of their habits, so we had to different members cook us REAL Thanksgiving dinners with pies and everything. It was AMAZING! It was so good because it was familiar enough that it tasted just like Thanksgiving, but different enough circumstances that it didn't make me homesick. Honestly, with everything else going on I really don't have time to be homesick. I can't handle another thing on my plate! 
         I feel like our area has completely changed in the last week. Things are still a little overwhelming and we are still trying to figure things out, but we have a routine now and it feels good. Sister Thurgood is doing good. It is still hard for her right now, especially around Christmas time, but we are rocking it together. Everything she is going through is either something that I feel a little bit or something I have been through so I completely understand how frustrating it can be. She is handling everything so well though, and really we just have a blast. We laugh all the time. I love serving with her. She has taught me so much and we have seen so many miracles already. 
        Thanks for fasting for us yesterday! I am pretty sure that the appointments we got set up for this week were due to your prayers. We called people old investigators that are in our area book and so many people said yes. I was like "Why is this so easy?!" Well now we know! I know that you guys help to add to this work in so many ways. How is everyone doing with coming up with names to give to the missionaries? :D Just think of me in another country asking members in Norwegian for referrals. At least you can understand your missionaries :) 
       We met a awesome girl named Willow this week. You guys. I am obsessed with the name Willow. I was just telling Thurgood about it the other day and then we met this girl. It was a hard day to go out and contact. We REALLY wanted to stay in, but we needed new people. We went out and everyone turned us down. Contacting is already hard enough, but we have some extra challenges so its even tougher. We decided that we needed to have a prayer. We prayed and then set back out to talk to people. Side note I have said so many prayers standing in random corners, closets, and in the middle of cities. About 2 minutes after our prayer we met Willow. She was sitting on a bench and I just felt like I needed to talk to her. She is here on vacation and we were just standing up talking to her while she was sitting with a coffee cup. I kid you not guys, this old senile guy came up and put money on her coffee cup and then pointed at a Cafe. I think that he thought she was homeless. So funny. I laughed for like 5 minutes. Could not keep it under control. She is so cute! She is super Indy! She is from South Norway and she had time so we just sat down and taught her right there. She is only staying here for another week but happily agreed to meeting us again on Tuesday. So awesome! It was a miracle!! An answer to many prayers!! 
          I just want you guys to know that today we cleaned our whole house (its huge!) and our car. Then Sister Thurgood checked our oil and realized that we had NONE!!! Honestly guys... what are people thinking?! So here we go two American girls in a Norwegian car going to a Norwegian dealership trying to explain what we need. Did I secretly wish that Sean the Pickup was there to fix my car problems again? Yes. But that's okay because the car guy found us very amusing. Oh were we supposed to know our drivers license number? Awkward... let me go get that... 
         Also, our car got stuck in the mud today and Sister Thurgood had to help push it out while I pushed the gas.... #sistermissionarylife 
        Welp, besides lots of break downs and laughing fits I think that is about all that is appropriate to say on a blog. The ward here is a little different. There were 23 people in church yesterday and 4 of them were missionaries. We have a Christmas concert on the 13th and the practice for that has been insane. I basically feel like I am giving a solo at all times because my voice is so loud. Really I should be in the MoTab. 
        I hope you are all doing well!! 23 days!!! And the google video chat thing lets you have multiple people on it at once :) I would rather do it later in the day so that the babies will be awake, but we will see how it goes!!! I love you guys!!
    Keep it real. Keep it classy. And may the odds be ever in your favor.
Æ e gla i dåkker,

P.S. 10 days till the Grinch's birthday!! 

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