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 Okay. I really feel like I am having trouble concentrating. Like is this real life?! #someonepinchme #christmasskypeisgoingtobesogood #wishingihadwhattoexpectwhenyourareexpecting #willpresidentgivemepermissiontoreadit  I am going to try to focus here and tell you guys about my week, but I am not sure I really can. #babyfocusalldaylong 
      So this last week was a really good week. We found a lot of cool people and we are having great success with Oliver. We had a busy week. We met with tons of members and we also had Zone Conference. We also had a lot of funny things that happened to our district this week. Just hang tight as I get my thoughts together. 
     Let's start with Oliver. So Oliver is doing awesome. We really struggled last week because he didn't come to church. Honestly, Satan. We met with him early and the week and taught him the 10 commandments and keeping the Sabbath day holy. When we explained that the Sabbath day he was so sure and so positive and really understood that he needed to come to church. We explained that he really needed to tell his family about meeting with us. I was so nervous. I was one of those things I asked him to do, but really I secretly hoped that he would turn 18 and move out just overnight so he didn't have to talk to them. Is that wrong? Probably. We met with him later in the week and he said that he hadn't talked to them. Bummer #1. He is so positive and still reading the Book of Mormon like a champ, but we can't push baptism without knowing what his parents think! We left on a good note and recommitted him to telling them and planned to see him the next day at church. Well church roles around and he doesn't come. Doesn't come for the first hour. #strike1 Then doesn't come for the second hour. #strike2 At this point I am now standing out in the foyer talking to Elder Leighton making him give me a pep talk. I was so mad. I said Elder Leighton I don't know how I am going to focus because I am so bugged right now, and he said in his perfect British voice, "That's what the sacrament is for." I was like A-men to that. #wishIknewwherethiskidlivedsoIcoulddraghimtochruch 
       I was just listening to Elder Leighton give me advice when Elder Shanklin says "Hey! I think that's your boy!" I ran to the door and sure enough there is Oliver! I about died. I wish I could explain the excitement that comes from watching your investigator overcome something that has been hard in the past, but I really can't explain it. It is just one of the best feelings in the world. I was so happy. I really felt like I was walking on air and I knew I was just glowing. We went into the chapel and sat together. It was Fast and Testimony meeting and I was a little worried, but I couldn't have hand picked who bore testimonies any better. It was a great feeling. The Spirit was strong, and Oliver took the sacrament! Afterwards I took him around and introduced him to everyone. Everyone was so nice and just perfect. I felt like I had given them scripts or something. It couldn't have been better. 
       After the meeting we went downstairs and had a short lesson with him. We watched "For the Safety of the Soul" by Elder Holland. Listen, if that doesn't change your life, I don't know what will. Oliver agrees with everything we say, but he just wants to make absolutely sure he knows before he gets baptized. We are right now working through knowing the Book of Mormon is true. After the video (which he loved, and loved church) I bore my testimony of the Book of Mormon and how God answers prayers. Seriously, I monologue about it for a long time and then I got done and apologized for my rant and he said "That's okay that just shows that it's true, that it's something you really believe in." I was like alright Oliver, let's make this real. He had told us earlier in the week that when he reads the Book of Mormon he feels like he already knows it. That is like the key words every missionary wants to hear! You know it's true!! 
      We decided to ask Oliver to get baptized on a specific date so that we could have a goal to work towards. He was really nervous about it, but said "Okay, how about May 13th, my birthday?" I almost fell out of my chair. Oliver! We managed to bring the date a little closer in to November 9th. He is a little skeptical, but I know that he can get his answer by then. Plus, we are kinda running out of things to teach him, so I am not really sure how much longer we can draw this out.....yeah.... 
      Norwegians are really into smiley faces, so I think I probably overuse them a little bit now. #Ohwell 
        So, things with Oliver are going well! Please keep him in your prayers! He so already has an answer, but he just isn't ready. I love that he thinks so much and wants to understand everything, but at the same time I mean can we think about it later? 
        Funny stories to break up the spiritual stuff 
   So Thursday night Elder Jones comes in and is like "I have a crazy story for you." So he tells me this story...
     He was out on the streets contacting and a guy in his 20's comes up to Elder Jones and get in his face. He is about less than a foot away from Elder Jones' face and Elder Jones is thinking that this kid wants to fight him. The kids says to him "Kan jeg kysse deg?" and Elder Jones just doesn't understand, and so he asks what he said. The guy continues to look him and eye and says "Kan jeg kysse deg?" and Elder Jones says "Ka?" and at this point the guys friends starts walking back and say " What are you doing man?" and the friend says "Hold on!" And he looks Elder Jones in the eyes again and says "Can I kiss you?" I don't know what Elder Jones' face looked like, but I can only imagine. Seriously, just watching him reenact it had me almost on the floor. Just so funny! #missionarylife 
     The next story is about Sister Knapp. I love Sister Knapp! She is so funny and so much fun! I look forward to the time when I get home so that we can talk! This story happened to her on Saturday. She was out contacting and saw this younger guy that was standing there waiting for something. They started talking and had a really good conversation. She wanted to meet with him again, but he is really busy, so she asked for his number so that she could call and follow up. They exchanged numbers and she walked away. She gets around the corner and about 1/2 a second later her phone goes off and she gets this text that says this " Du var utrolig vakker må jeg si, takk for samtalen. Hilsen aleks" Translation -> You were unbelievably beautiful, I must say. Thank you for the conversation. Best wishes, aleks. Hahaha I was rolling on the ground! She was so uncomfortable! I made her let me take a picture of her with the text on her phone. It was great! 
    Unfortunately, no one wanted to kiss me or tell me I was beautiful this week. Maybe next week?
Back to real life... 
    So we had zone conference this last week which was great. President and Sister Evans came up and the APs. It was a great conference. I had an interview with President, which was really great. It is hard to feel like you have a relationship with President because you see him so little, but when you are in a interview you really can feel the love that he has for us and the mission. It was way good. I wanted him to tell me where I was going or if I was training, but no dice. I secretly really want to train this next transfer. I don't think I will because there are only 3 girls coming, but I would love it. I have been really focusing on my skills these last few weeks so that if I do train then I will be ready. 
     Zone Conference was great. We are a young young young mission so we talked a lot about how we can get better at language skills. They gave a lot of good ideas for getting pumped about language study, and I feel like I have really seen a difference as I have used their ideas. The language is coming along! I still feel like I have forever to go. I feel like I have been here forever and my language should be better, but not all of us are Elder Joneses. And not many girls are good at the language. Elders have that one up on us! 
      Thursday night we got permission to go Northern Lights chasing with Pelle. We didn't see anything because it was too cloudy! I was so mad! This is the second time that they were supposed to be really good and I didn't see them! Man! Pelle has really good pictures from the last time. Torunn and him stayed up on a mountain until like 2 am looking at them. 
     This week we taught a guy that only speaks French. We watched with him the Joseph Smith movie in French, and it was probably the most spiritual time that I have watched it. Just as Joseph was kneeling down to pray the investigator answers the phone, gets off, looks at me and says "I have to leave." Satan! I have never had that happen to me! Sister Bradley and I laughed about it for a long time afterwards! 
      The next transfer is November 11, and then we will have one in December as well. I don't know how they are affording all these moves now with so many missionaries here! I don't know where I will be heading, but I am pretty sure that my time in Trondheim is almost up! I guess it will be time for a new adventure! 
       At Zone Conf. I got to see Sister Harrison and Aasen, and Elder Ashton. It was so great. They all came with me from the MTC, and I just love them so much. I got to go on splits with Sister Harrison! She is just the best. I felt like it was a dream come true! She is so happy and such a normal contacter. She just makes it a part of her. President talked to me a lot about using my big personality to contact and work with the members. He is so right. I have got to use my love of talking for SOMETHING! 
    Babies, babies, babies!
        Other than that it was a pretty normal week! I am trying to get better at writing things down that happen so that I can tell you guys fun stories! Yesterday, the 13th, was my 1 year until I am released date. It's now under 1 year! Crazy right?! Let's just hope in this next year that my language gets a lot better! 
       Thank you for all the emails this week! It was so good to hear details from your lives! You know I love living through you guys. Almost as much as I love eating through you... cough, cough... state fair time. I think next year I need to try to be home in time for the state fair! How long does it take to ship food over here? I love each and everyone of you! I think about you guys more than you know and talk about you all the time! I am so happy that things are going well! Um....question.... is it girl scott cookie time? 
     I hope you are all doing well!! Love you guys to pieces!!!
Shout out:
Ashley Hill: Happy Birthday as of yesterday!!!!! You need to write me girl!!! I miss you like crazy and need to know about your life!! I love you and I hope that everything went well on your SPECIAL DAY!! 
1. Congrats!
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3. Sister Aasen, Sister Harrison, and Elder Ashton 

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