Monday, November 4, 2013


Dear Weasley Family and Friends,
       Okay guys. I don't even really remember this week because it pretty much sucked. Not like in a missionary way, as in with investigators, more just in a personal way, as in like there is something wrong with me. BUT. The good news is that I think it's getting better? Or maybe I'm just getting better as not thinking about it and focusing on other things.... 
          So, fair warning, this email will probably not be too good. I loved all the Halloween pictures and stories. I didn't hear from Lins and Jord! What we're they for Halloween? It sounds like everyone had a really good time. Norway doesn't really celebrate Halloween, but I live in a college town so there were tons of student parties. One guy was Edward Cullen. Okay, here I am in Norway with a Norwegian boy dressed up as Edward Cullen... is this real life? I purposely did not talk to him 
        We did however have a huge Halloween party here on Saturday night. It was so much fun! There were tons of investigators and non-members there, and tons of members too, so the mix was great! Nothing is better than members being friends with your investigators. Sometimes as missionaries I feel like we play a game. We try to put our investigators in every situation possible to become friends with the members, and then we focus all of our attention to make sure they don't talk to those weirdy members who want to monologue about family history. Everyone dressed up for the party too! It was good. That day was actually a cool day. We met a guy on the street and talked to him for like 40 minutes. He is from Iran and has been in Norway for 10 years, but only moved to Trondheim 2 days before we met him. He was really sad. We asked him what makes him happy and he just told us about his sad life. I wanted to hug him! But I kept it cool. He is super super worried about people finding out information about him so he wouldn't give us his name or his number, but we invited him to the party and told him we would meet him in town at 7 to walk with him to church.
          Well the thing was that we had a dinner at 5 to go to at our MMKs (missionary leader), Benjamin, house and we had 3 different investigators (not all mine) going and then all the Elders. It was a full house and so much fun. I love the Elders! I am grateful everyday that I have tons of Elders in my area because they are like a breath of fresh air! We had a good time. There was 11 of us at the dinner, and Benjamin has two kids who are to die for. Olea is 3 1/2 and much like Jade. She is always the life of the party. She stands in the middle and dances! It is so cute! And her face is so serious. We just die. We shared the spiritual thought which was cool. We talked about prayer and things that make it difficult for us to communicate with Heavenly Father. It was way good, but we were super late coming to the party. On the bus ride over I realized that we were late and we told that guy we would meet him there, but I thought oh well he probably didn't come. Then I got a call from the other sisters and they said he was at the church! When we weren't there he just found his way to the church! It was kinda crazy! He is awesome. I came in and he was already talking to everyone. He has had a hard life. Really doesn't believe in God but then some how does at the same time? I don't know. He likes when I speak Norwegian because he thinks my accent is funny. Rude. That is not a compliment! He is 50 and just loves to talk. I don't know how it will go with him, but we will see! 
            Guys, I have no idea what is going on with Oliver. He is just not keeping commitments very well. Boo! Pull yourself together Oliver! This is not a drill! 
            Have I told you guys how funny Elder Nielsen is? He is JUST like Jordan. It kills me. The one thing that he loves to do, probably more than anything, is make me feel awkward. And he does it a lot. In Norway you have to get really used to making eye contact with people. They just stare into your eyes like a lot. Its kinda weird.Anywho, I think that we get a little too used to it sometimes and then we forget we are just starring at people. Elder Nielsen struggles with this, so a lot of the time we will make eye contact from across the room and he will just stare at me and I get super uncomfortable because I'm confused and I don't know what's going on. Then he usually just laughs really hard. Well the other day him and Jonsey were cleaning the bathroom, the girls bathroom in fact, and we came in to talk to them so we are all just sitting there talking in the bathroom and Nielsen comes out after having cleaned a toilet and what does he do? He just makes eye contact and then keeps the contact. And I'm just like Nielsen! And he starts laughing and says " I need to work on actually just not starring at you." Oh guys, you know I couldn't let this moment pass. I gave Jonsey a wide eye look and then sat back and watched Nielsen stumble over trying to clarify what he meant. Priceless. 
            The next day we were talking about dreams and he turned to me and said...
  "Hey do you guys want to be in my dream tonight?" #missionarylife #thisdistrictistooclose #goingtomissthem
            I am about 98% sure that I am leaving Trondheim after this week. So positive that I have started to go through my stuff and get a game plan for packing. Now, this will probably be way awkward if I end up staying, but I don't think that I will. I kinda just feel it. I think Trondheim is just done with me. I'm sad because I love it here and I love the dialect and I love the North, and I don't want to serve down south, BUT I am trying to accept it. Of course, I don't know anything for sure, so I might stay. Elder Leighton and I have been here the same amount of time and President told him that that isn't long at all, so maybe I am staying? Either way, I won't know until next Sunday, and then moves will be the next Wednesday or Thursday. 
            Like I said things have been rough this week. I'm not going to go into detail about it. You guys know how I can talk about one subject for like 12 hours straight. How long did we discuss Daniel's letters in detail? As a family? Yeah. Case and Point. or is it Point in Case? Or is this like the time that I was 19 and I found out that people were actually saying "from the git-go" and not "from the geico". That was an awkward time in my life.Anywho, you get the point! I cried a lot this week. But as I have been talking with people it seems that EVERYBODY is depressed lately. Everyone has had a hard time in these last few weeks. This is what I'm thinking it is.... SATAN. And I think that he is out to ruin CHRISTMAS! I will not allow it! I just can't allow him to do that!! Seriously, I'm being sarcastic and funny because if I'm real with you guys I think you will personally call me. Which would be weird, because I forgot how to speak English. Just kidding. I didn't, but I wish I could because then people would probably actually be able to understand me on the street! Anywho, I think there really is something in the water. Or air. Air is universal right? The darkness doesn't help here. It gets dark about 4pm, and the sun starts going down at 3:30. What the what? It's okay though. 3 more months. #shootmenow Things are good though. Positive thinking! Really though, they are getting better. So don't stress! Today though I am spending the whole day with the Bradfords, our senior couple. I just needed some time away from everything. What I have really wanted more than anything lately is time with the family and time with Mom and Dad. I can't have that for another 11 months, so I asked the Bradfords to be my substitute for today. They actually remind me a lot of Mom and Dad. Elder Bradford called me this morning and said "This is 6 flags calling to confirm reservations for Hodgkiss and Bradford!" I died. Really looking forward to this! 
               So have I told you guys that lately I have been obsessed with Norwegian sweaters? I'm talking about hand-made by your bestemor Norwegian sweaters. They are really expensive to buy and take forever to make so you with either have to have someone that loves you a lot, or a lot of money. I have been talking about it a lot with all the members. You know, just trying to figure out my options, who I should single in on to get one from. There are several members here that I just love. One is Ingrid. She is amazing and always is there for me when times are a bit hard. She always seems to text me something encouraging or I run into at the exact time I need her. It's crazy. Well we went to her house on Tuesday. She has been having a hard time and we felt like we should talk about the most important thing anyone can know, which is that we are children of God. This is something that I really needed this week too! So when I taught the lesson it was just different because I was all in. I maybe even teared up a little, I'm not sure. But it was a good lesson. I told her how things had been for me lately too and we talked about that for a long time. It was good. The next day things kinda hit rock bottom again. You're asking how can you hit rock bottom twice? Well, my friends, I will tell you how. It's because you think you hit rock bottom the first time and then the Lord kinda laughs at you and lets you hit rock bottom for reals. This is called the growing process. Well anywho, things were bad and I was crying a lot and I had to sit through a meeting with my district and try to not make eye contact with anyone. And then afterwards Elder Jones hands me a bag, and said "Santa came early!"
              Now, this is what I am thinking at this point. I'm thinking okay so the Elders gave me a gift. Okay. Yeah, its been a bit rough, but this is weird. So I go home and I open it up. First thing I see is a heart shaped tag with my name on it. Okay.... this is weird... but we're close, it's fine. Then I open it up and find a card. It's a love card with bears and hearts. I'm thinking this is not okay. This is way over the line. Then I flip it over and see the hand writing and I realize that its a girl, but no name. I open the present up more to find.... drum roll please.... a real Norwegian sweater. Are you kidding me? I scream! I call Jonsey to tell me who its from and he won't, and then I get smart. I start doing some hand writing investigating. And I find out it was Ingrid! You guys. I about died. I can't believe it! Its real! Its the soft wool so its so warm! I wear it all the time! I love it. And I love her. Really, missions are crazy guys. 
         I really hope everyone is doing well. Just keep pushing through guys. Winter and coldness can only last for so long. Plus leeezzzz be honest you guys get to see my face in about 
7 weeks. Let's hope that I lose about 90 pounds by then and learn how to actually speak Norwegian. I miss you all! Your babies are so stinking cute! Stay warm out there! And send your positive thoughts my way :)
Keep it real. Keep it classy. And may the odds be ever in your favor!
Shout Outs!
Shawn-a-lot: HAPPY BIRTHDAY OLD MAN! I love you so much! Just accept you're getting old. Or in other words.... Just let it happen!! You are the best!! :)

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