Monday, November 18, 2013


Dear Weasley Family and Friends,
       "Change, obey, grow, be better than you knew to be before. Step on a fast track and keep moving, all the way to glory." -Elder Holland
         You guys. I'm in Drammen. This is real life. Drammen's ward is HUGE. It is basically a Utah ward but just in Norway. It's really weird and really crazy and I feel out of place. In Trondheim I kinda just owned the ward. I knew everyone and everyone knew me and it was really comfortable. In Drammen, I'm not even sure there is a new missionary. It is good though, a rocking ward, I just have to get used to all those names!!! 
         Drammen is in the south of Norway so it isn't quite as cold or dark. It's still pretty dark though! I don't really know how we function because the sun goes down so early, but I guess we are just blessed with that. They just had a baptism the WEEK before I got here!! I was like drats! Other than that we don't have any really positive investigators right now, but I know that we will soon! We are focusing this week to find those nice golden investigators! I know they exist. If they exist in the North, they def exist here! 
            I don't really have much to say today. I don't know anyone's name and things are really new and confusing. I am loving it though. I was way worried about being with Sister Landry again because we had a hard time our first 3 weeks together, but seriously it has been AWESOME! I was worried about being in a 3some, but I don't think I have laughed this hard in like 6 months. They are great and are amazing missionaries! I am way lucky to be serving with them! 
            I am really bad at names. I really am. Can't remember anyone's name for the life of me. And no one understands me down here because of my Northern Norsk. Crazy right? I realized how bad I am at Norwegian now that I am with Søster Landry and Hornback. Honestly guys. I am far from perfect. It's good though. They help me. I think I have just gotten lazy because I know the vocabulary and so I just want to speak now and I forget that I actually have to pronounce words the right way. Awkward. Its good though. 
               Really I don't have much to say guys. Sorry about that. I just don't really know anything about Drammen yet. Its so weird being in a new area after being in the same area for 5 months. Leaving was really really really hard. My heart pretty much broke in two. I hated leaving Torunn. I miss her like crazy! It's hard with leaving because you feel like you are never going back, and some of the places you leave you really don't go back.
         Lezzzz be honest, someone just got in a fight in the library beside us.....
   Landry tried to stop it.
 I just sat there and starred. Not okay. 
        The other day we were in our church clothes because we had just come from a teach and we needed to change so we could go paint, so I proposed that we changed in the car. We did. The car is really little and basically all windows, so I'm not saying it was the smartest thing we have ever done. I laughed a lot though. 
         I miss the Elders up in Trondheim like crazy! It's so weird not knowing what is going on! I missed the baptism this weekend which is way lame, but I was told that we got another baptism date with Oliver. Oliver is kinda my other half guys! I love him to death. I am keeping up with what is going on there! 
          Christmas stuff was put up like the day after Halloween! Everything is so cute! There are tons of lights in the city centers and everything is just adorable! We are going to be having a Christmas Conf. with the WHOLE mission!!! It will be a 2 day conf. and everyone will fly into Oslo and be able to be together!! I am so excited! I get to see everyone!! It will be great! 
         Lately I have been thinking about my purpose as a missionary, and in other roles that I have had. I know that I have a lot of weaknesses, but it really doesn't matter. All I have to do is qualify for the Spirit and then I am a successful missionary. I know that I need to work on a lot of things like language and contacting and having people actually get baptized, but right now I am not going to stress over it. That stuff all comes through a mission. The longer you are here, the longer you see that some things just take time and that progress is always constant. So, I'm over my weaknesses. Who cares? The Lord definitely doesn't, so why should anyone else? 
          Lezz be honest this email is lame, and I am sorry! I hope to have a better one next week when I can actually remember some people's names! Is everyone excited for Christmas? Hope to hear from you all soon! Love you guys!!
Keep it real. Keep it classy. May the odds be ever in your favor!


Shout Outs!

Mom- HAPPY BIRTHDAY MOM! You are the best! Thank you for everything that you do for us! You have had a life time of work raising so many kids, but you have done an amazing job! You have 7 children that are all grown and married and working! I would say you are an success :) Thank you for the example that you have always been to me. I could not be here without the things that you taught me! I love you!! 

Me- Well guys, the time has flown, but on the 21st I will hit my 5 years of treatment, which means.... drum roll please....
I'M CURED!!!!!! 
Yep. It's official. Cancer is gone for good!! YAY!!!!! :) 

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