Monday, January 27, 2014


Dear Weasley Family and Friends,
    If my life were a movie....
       I'd leave early. 
      Just kidding! But really. No, life is good here in the Tønsberg atmosphere! TJ and I are doing well. We killed it with numbers last week! We even had our rocking investigator (Emmanuel) in church. I did not get called sexy by one of the members, which is a plus. And it stopped snowing for a few days. Sad news? The snow has begun again. 
        You know the life of a missionary is kinda boring. We do the same kinds of things every day. Honestly, I am just impressed that I find new things to talk to you guys about every week. Right now, I'm just blabbing until a good topic comes to mind. Sometimes (meaning all the time) I look back on my week and I think "Did I do anything AT ALL?" And then I remember something and then I'm like wait, no that was a month ago. Time has a weird way of passing on a mission. February is coming snartly! How did we get here?! The time left on my mission seems to be zooming by! We have transfers next week and Sister Thurgood and I are praying our hearts out that we aren't transferred. I think if we tell President in one more email that we don't want to be separated, he will just separate us just for funzies. #canweuseTJsdepressionasanexcusetostaytogether #justkidding #butreally Speaking of TJ.... quote time! 
   TJ Quotes and another Randos: 

"I don't know what to do right now. Your awkwardness is affecting my body. Keep your awkward rays out of my cellular structure. Don't speak... for at least 12 hours!" 

"I can't believe she is up at this ungodly hour!" 

"When I study talks, I want facts, or I want Holland!" 

"I could literally stare at this picture of us for the rest of my life and be happy."

"Did I punch a dog one time because it walked past me while I was sleeping? Yes." 

"HODGKISS. We HAVE to get married in that first year we are back! Our window of opportunity is closing!" 

Elder Vause: Sister Hodgkiss did you bring pictures of your old face?
Me: No.... 
Elder Vause: Dang it. I was hoping to hang it up on our street stand, so that you could stand there and we could have a sign that says "THIS is what the gospel does for you!" 

"When it comes to Tai Chi, I don't know. But when it comes to Jesus, I'm there." 

    Tune in next week to see what other crazy things are said! 

  Real Chat Time:
      Guys. What are our thoughts about me still having things that I HATE doing has a missionary? What if I told you that doing something every day for 9 months DOES NOT mean that it starts to feel natural. Ek! I guess some things just take time. Going out and kontakting, aka, stopping people on the street is HARD! I get really nervous! I'm not really sure why because the worst thing they could say is no, but still! Ek! We haven't been able to do much since I've been here, but this week we started back up. Its good! Almost like a rollar coaster. Its freezing though. But you have to find new investigators to teach! #missionarylife #atleasttheyrenicertousbecauseweregirls 
       I needed Katie here with me this week to sing some Backstreet Boys... I'll be the onnnneee! 
     We have moved our V-Day party to the 28th of Feb. Its late but they don't celebrate it anyways so we can basically do whatever we want! It is going to be great! We are to invite Skien, Sister Thurgood and I's first area. Its about 1 1/2 hours away, but I guess here that's not a big deal. All of the Bishops had a meeting and our Bishop had to drive 8 hours for the weekend of meetings. Crazy right? These people definitely have the energy to be involved in the church here. We are really excited about the party though. It will be good to see people from Skien and it will be good to have lots of families come in the church. I'm kinda excited about the food too. Well.. let's be honest Norwegians don't know the proper use of sugar. #whippedcreamtastelikeoldmilk #alotofsugarneverhurtanyone #isthatwhatobesepeoplesay 
        Our star investigator, Emmanuel is doing well! He is just really excited and anxious to know all he can! I really think that he already sees himself as a member. He came to church on Sunday and the topics were  crazy. People were dropping deep doctrine like it was no one's business. Craziness! So I grabbed him after church and a member (Sister Thurgood and I went on splits) and we re-grouped with him. He loved it! Big sigh of relief! And is really excited about next week. He said that the only thing he wished was that he had paper and a pen to write down all his questions. Precious. We are really excited about him though! I think it's going to be good :) I've got a good feeling! 
           Btw, I don't think I am moving. Honestly I would be SHOCKED if I did. So feel free to send the package :) 
          Oh, exciting news.. this week I taught TJ how to use a tampon. It was a proud moment in the Tønsberg Sisters House. #sistermissionarylife #mompoints 
          Also, walking to the car today TJ fell in the snow. Bad. All the way in the snow. Pictures to follow. She missed the last step because of all the snow. I laughed hard. 
          We had the Sister-APs (real name: Sister Training Leaders) come this week. I always freak out when they do. Oh man I wanted to die. I only had ONE break down before they came though, so that's an improvement. This time two came so they wanted us to go with each of them. #nothappycampers So we double booked our whole day so we wouldn't have to go contacting or bonking with them for hours on end. #oratall You know, you got to show them your best. That stuff goes back to the Pres! But it turned out okay. We survived and we got a lot done. We were basically shot after their stay though! 
           I think our members here think we are fat....
  In the last week we have received TWO pieces of exercise equipment. 
     It's probably because every time someone asks how we are doing we tell them we are trying to lose weight! We really have become a part of these people's families. It's really cool! I love it here in the T-berg. 
     Basically its been the perfect area, with the perfect companion, with the perfect house. Not that it hasn't been hard, it's actually been my hardest area, but it's been the most rewarding. TJ and I talk a lot about when we have to move and we are really nervous. Everything is so good right now. If we have a bad day at least we get to be with someone that we LOVE and would choose to be with even if we weren't on a mission. We both are kinda freaking out about what will come next. I guess it's that whole can it get any better than this question. I'm almost afraid that this is it. I just have to go back to suffering and not really loving my mission. Eh! It makes me think of a quote by Elder Holland. He said "We look back to claim the embers from glowing experiences but not the ashes. And when we have learned what we need to learn and have brought with us the best that we have experienced, then we look ahead and remember that faith is always pointed toward the future. Faith always has to do with blessings and truths and events that will yet be efficacious in our lives."
        All and all I am doing well!!! We have a bunch of fun things coming up and some really great people that we are teaching. I hope that everyone is doing well back home! I learned how to make these cool slippers by knitting, so that's cool! Finding time to do it though can be tough, but TJ and I got this :) I'm just going all Norwegian! Love you guys!
    Keep it real. Keep it classy. And may the odds be ever in your favor! 


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