Monday, January 20, 2014


Dear Weasley Family and Friends,
    Let me tell you about a conversation I had with a member yesterday. 
     Member: "Lucy."
     Me: Yes?
     Member: I just wanted to tell you (looking me up and down) that you are looking exceptionally lovely today in your stockings. You have a sexy body. If every woman on this planet had a body like yours, it would be a perfect world. In the 60s and 70s the sister missionaries didn't know how to dress, but you... you do. If the missionaries always looked like this I would introduce all my friends. You... *interrupted by another member*
      People. This is not a drill!! This is my life yesterday after church. I was bright red!!! And I turned around to the other members (yes that is plural) that heard it and just about died. I had never met this member before yesterday and apparently he is heavy on the love and has a few mental problems. I was just my bubbly self with him and BAM! He's in love. I mean it wasn't enough to come into RS and tell me that I'm welcome at his apartment any time in front of all the other sisters, or that he waved at me all through church trying to get my attention, no no, he had to come and tell me that I was the one. The one that every boy wants. I mean honestly, I'm just grateful. How long have I gone around not knowing this? Hahaha! You guys, I get bright red just thinking about it!!! Eeekk!! 
      The funny thing is that I talked to Elder Ashton (up in Tromsø) about it a bit ago. I am in his first area, so he was asking about members and asked if I had met this very special member yet. I was super confused because I hadn't met him, but now I understand!! Oh man, the things that happen as a missionary. Who knew? 
      This week has been a crazy week!! Oh man, it saw a lot of tears, a lot of hysterical laughing, and more a lot of snow. It snowed all week. ÆSHJ. Not okay. I seriously get sick every time I get in the car. I hate driving in snow! We would completely clear off our car, go in somewhere for 20 minutes and come back an do it again. It was nasty. The snow has stopped now though, and the roads are clear. We just have tons and tons and tons of snow all piled up on the sides of the roads. Question: What do you do with all the snow you plow? Answer: It just stays there. Until Spring. 
        So we hit our 9 month mark this week! We had a milkshake and a taco dinner with a family here to celebrate. We went sledding too! It was my first time to go really sledding! It was awesome and terrifying. The kids were loving it though. Walking in the snow is exhausting. We had to walk 20 minutes there and then 20 minutes back and I wanted to just lay down and die after that. I am starting to understand why these Norwegians are so skinny. #hatethem. #thinspo 
          We had a good week numbers wise. We found 4 new investigators!! Yay! And one is super sick! His name is Emmanuel and he is 19. We only taught him once, but he is super positive. I've got a good feeling about him. Don't know if he will be baptized, but he will definitely be around for awhile! He is awesome! We got a soft baptism commitment from him. He kept saying "I feel safe here." over and over again. I will keep you posted on him! 
            We do A LOT of member work here. We are with the members as much as we can be. It is a big area to support and we have a lot of inactive members. This week the family that Sister Thurgood baptized was deported. Yeah. Welcome to missionary life. We went to go visit them on Tuesday and the neighbors came and answered the door and said that the Police had come at 5 am and taken them away. So that was the drama for the week, and let me tell you with a branch this small and everyone knowing each others business, it was DRAMA! Sister Thurgood and I had to do some kicking in the snow many times this week! To say that we both have tempers would be an understatement :)
              In other news, the member that told TJ that she didn't like her is back on the pro-missionary list!!! She invited us over for pizza and chit chat this last week. She even bought us a huge bag of groceries! I was a happy camper. The pizza here is Æshj though, so don't even take a second dreaming about that. 
                TJ and I are being way good about what we are eating. We are on the point-competition band wagon. We aren't even in the competition, but T and I are so competitive that me just beating her is enough motivation! We made a bunch of signs and hung them all around the apartment. We even printed a picture off of Jillian Michaels and put a sign next to it that says "If Jillian was here would she be smiling?" I think the answer to that one is obvious: No. There is always room for improvement right? :)
                   T and I are planning a Valentine's Day party for anyone and everyone with children. The last party was such a big hit we decided we needed some more fun in this branch. Nothing like a couple of two Americans with big personalities to lighten it up! If you see any cute things or ideas, send them my way! Btw Mom, I was going to tell you that you can send stuff through UPS mail if you want. TJ's mom just sends those prepaid boxes. You know the ones you can do for a flat rate? We are trying to find more families to teach and we figured that since so many families came to the last one, we would do a re-hash. Right now we are in the process of getting it cleared with the Branch President. But he can't say no to women, so I think we are good to go ;) 
                  I hope that everyone is doing well in the good ol' USA. I have heard some crazy things about the gay rights laws and drug laws. I can't tell you how nice it is to not be over there having to hear about it all the time. You really are set apart from the world as a missionary! Things are going well. We are loving life here in Tønsberg. TJ and I are praying that we get to spend the rest of our missions together. You meet the coolest people on your mish, that's for sure. I love you all, and remember, I'm sexy and I know it! 
Keep it real. Keep it classy. And may the odds be ever in your favor! 


P.S. No one can say my last name so I have them call me Lucy instead. Am I regreting that with said member above? Absolutely. #fail 

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