Monday, January 6, 2014

The "M" word is not okay

Dear Weasley Family and Friends,
            There are some things that I don't understand in life. Here are a few...

1. Why do people assume that just because we are missionaries that that means we need to eat like obese people? I don't get it. Okay, yes I love you members and I get that you want to serve us, but I have food at home. And I eat every day. Its not like you are my one meal for the week. This has to stop. 

2. Sometimes I wonder what kind of sleepers people are. Like do you move a lot? Do you fall asleep fast? I don't know. Everyone is different. This question got to be way too much for me and so I turned to TJ in compy comp study and asked her what kind of sleeper she was. Thankfully, the perfect person she is, she didn't even hesitate to answer. Unfortunately, it wasn't enough though, so I sent Torunn a text to find out what kind of sleeper she was... #thesearethethingsthatkeepmeupatnight

3. I'm really hyper today. My brain is going really fast and its like I want to tell you guys things but at the same time I don't. Why isn't there snow in Norway? It just rains all the time. I thought at first the weather was just in enni (agreement) with me and then I was like "HOOOLLLLDDD UPPPP. I'm am not THIS sad." So now I just think that its Satan trying to make all my pictures look bad because my hair is stuck to my face. 

4. Yesterday was actually a good day, actually it was a perfect day. Church was so cool. I was going crazy. I felt so good so I was just bouncing around to everyone talking to them about their lives. Then TJ and I went to this members house, and the member flat out told TJ she didn't like her and then went on to tell her everything that was wrong with her. #teammarit #thisismissionarywork #honestlyigiveherprops 

5. The other night Tor and I had a bit of a heated conversation over the phone. I got off and was annoyed about something and then I just went to bed. When I woke up in the morning TJ told me that I sat up in the middle of the night and yelled "TOR!! OH. MY. GOSH.!" and then mumbled lots of things. This is my question.... does that burn calories? 

6. I got your package!! Okay family, where did the skills of package sending come from? I am impressed. And humbled. Not really. I don't get humbled very easy. New Years goal? I think yes. But really, I LOved LOVed LOVEd LOVED! everything in there!! Did you see that progression of loved? Nice touch, I thought. Everything was so cute and so perfect. I am wearing the scarf now #shoutouttoLucksterandBullet. I forgot Lors name, but I felt like Bullet seemed fitting. LOVED the cancer doll. I mean? Does life get better?! The necklace? Okay, really. I about cried. Its all so cute! And I have been listening to Frozen and all the CDs nonstop. I have to buy Frozen in Norwegian. Oh! It sounds so good!! 

7. Some weird stuff has been going on in the Hodgkiss & TJ soap opera of Tønsberg. We went to District meeting this last week and we started off with our usual area reports. Skien went first and then it was our turn and TJ goes "Yeah... so Tønsberg..." and then we just sat there talking and crying for an hour and a half about this area. I am a little embarrassed that all my dear fellow missionaries saw me like that, but I think that Gusty might have cried more than me. #lovehim We kinda hit rock bottom this last week. I think we were both so focused on the area that we stopped thinking about ourselves and what we need so that we can work and then it all kinda came up and hit us in the face. Wednesday we spent most of the day in "companionship inventory" trying to figure things out. Yesterday I feel like everything finally fell into place. We just both realized that we have to be happy otherwise we can't do everything for this area (and it needs ALLOT) that we are meant to do. We both feel GREAT now, but man was it a long week.
8. We had moves calls, but TJ and I get to stay in Tønsberg together at least until Feb. Its really funny because we both break down and cry all the time because this area is so hard, but we want to be here so bad. We are both talking to President and trying to be able to stay here together until April. I would LOVE that. We both work together so well and I feel so good with her. I would love to be able to stay and keep working on this area. There is SO much to do here. Its cool because we are the first sisters in 21 years. Every mission president as thought and prayed about this area, but until us, none of them received the revelation to put sisters here. Sometimes we joke that we know why, but really, it is so hard, but the small successes we are seeing make everything SO worth it! 

9. No one celebrates the New Year like the Norwegies do. They woke us up at 12 with fireworks going off at I'm not kidding, every side of our house. It was like being at Hogwarts. There was flashes of colors everywhere. I thought we were in the last battle between Harry and Voldemort. Not sure who one though. Seriously it was so cool!!! 

   Really that's everything. Its has been a really hard but good week. I feel like I have everything I want and need in my life right now, and I just feel happy. Like really really happy. I am excited about this week and I am excited to really get started on Tønsberg. Norway better watch out! TJ and I are back in business!! 
   You guys are all adorable. I love all the pictures and the emails. Sounds like everyone is back to their hectic lives!! So fun!! Stay warm over there! I've heard that the weather is worse in the US!! #thesearethelastdays #movetoNorwayitswarmer 
Keep it real. Keep it  classy. And may the odds be ever in your favor!! 


P.S. Thanks for the package again!! 

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