Monday, February 24, 2014

Can Cross Dressers Be Baptized?

Emmanuel telling me I am no longer the youngest of my family because he is my little brother

10 months baby!

These shoes kill my feet, but I wear them anyway

One night we couldn't sleep so we had some hot coco at like 12 am... This is why you don't drink Pepsi Max at night...

Pepsi Max has become an addiction and boller....always boller

Cleaning the font

And this is what the week drove me to. Well...that and that the chocolate was on sell.

Of course if you have the sisters do a dåp we are going to make it all cutzie! We had people write their testimonies on pieces of paper so we can make a scrap book later for him!

TJ had to learn the piano for the dap this week. To say it was a stressful week would be an understatement

Turning the hot water on!

Floaties in the font? AEshj!

Tj and I getting ready

All the boys!


We just doped...well watched someone else dope...

Our E-man

This is how it is...I'm always talking, Tj is smiling, and Emanual is just well....

The group

Emanual and Kai. Kai baptized E-man.

After Dap

This is me after pulling everything off and feeling SO relieved! Pål, our branch president is laughing at me in the background
Dear Weasley Family and Friends,

         I drank 1.5 liters of Pepsi Max today. 
         I sang We Are Never Ever Getting Back Together while doing yoga last night.
         And I watched my new convert get baptized yesterday. 
         Not a bad week all and all! 

    So as you guys can see, Emmanuel got baptized yesterday at 1030! It was great! I was so nervous because as a missionary you just wait for something to go wrong when it comes to baptisms, but everything that didn't go quite as planned we were able to fix! Not a lot of people were there, but everyone that was important to Emmanuel was, so it didn't matter. I was SO stressed. On Wednesday Emmanuel asked me to sing. I was freaking out! You know me, if I'm going to do something then I want it to be PERFECT, but as a missionary you have limited resources. I knew the exact song that I wanted to sing because it was perfect for E-man, but I couldn't find just an instrumental version, and no one wanted to play for us slash could play, so we had to get creative. We called around until we found a MAC comp and then we asked the excommunicated member's husband if he would be willing to download this app for us. Yes people, this is missionary work in Norway... we ask excommunicated members to teach with us and download apps, and we teach ourselves piano so that we can actually sing at a baptism. So we get this program downloaded and then we go over there and mess with it for like 45 minutes. We weren't able to completely delete the voice, but we got it where it was quieter and sounded like she was under water. SO I just had to sing really loud and clear so that no one could hear her. I ended up singing Child of Light by Mindy Gledhill. Here are the lyrics.. 

Did you ever wonder who you are
do your ever wonder as you stare into the stars
Where you began
And how you got this far
from home?

Have you ever walked along the shore
Have you ever seen the water dancing back and forth
Did you look inside
To see if there was more to life

There’s a dream taking wings
There’s a voice that wants to sing
Even in the deepest darkest night
The Torch is raised to the sky
There are hands that hold it high
You were born to keep it burning bright
You were made to fly you were meant to shine
Child of light

You will never ever stand alone
You were never called to bare your burdens on your own
Where there’s fear
Love will take control
And lead you on

There’s a dream taking wings
There’s a voice that wants to sing
Even in the deepest darkest night
The Torch is raised to the sky
There are hands that hold it high
You were born to keep it burning bright
You were made to fly you were meant to shine
Child of light

There’s a dream taking wings
There’s a voice that wants to sing
Even in the deepest darkest night
The Torch is raised to the sky
There are hands that hold it high
You were born to keep it burning bright
You were made to fly you were meant to shine
Child of light 

    It was perfect for Emmanuel. I was so nervous! I seriously have not done HALF of the things that I have done on my mission. Now someone asks me to sing and I just get up there and do it. It went well though. It was so his song so he loved it. He just light up and said "I love to hear you sing! You should sing every time!" #baptizeddrunkinsteadoflovedrunk I also gave the talk on the Holy Ghost. I am going to be honest with all of you right now... I did not prepare for this talk AT ALL. Oh man I was so worried about everything else that I just didn't have time. The good news is that the Lord loves Emmanuel a lot so he just pretty much gave me everything to say. I talked about the light that comes from the Holy Ghost and how Emmanuel said how safe he felt the first time we met with him. I focused on the peace that comes with the HG and related it to the song. It was really cool because everyone else disappeared in the room and it was just me and Emmanuel. It was so cool! I just bore my testimony to him and talked about the difference he was going to see. Man, it was great! And Emmanuel was SO happy!! 
     Afterwards we had refreshments. One of the members, Marit, brought 3 different cakes! They were so yummy! We just stuffed our faces with all of them. Emmanuel was like 10 minutes late to the church beforehand and Sister Thurgood and I freaked. We were talking to all the Elders and they were telling us to calm down and we were like we are going to go pray! So we stomped off and prayed and then when we came out he was there and the Elders all had smug looks on their faces! Hahaha! Oh man the stresses of the mish. They are a LITTLE different than the stresses of home life! #salvationtrumpsgrades #hvergang Once he came everything went well! We did have a TINY problem with the fact that he forgot underwear. We were all searching and searching and finally found these whitey tighties. Hahaha! I looked at Elder Griffin and said, "Here you go! You take care of it!" It just made everything super memorable! Sister Thurgood learned to play I'm a Child of God and Teach me to Walk in the Light. It was way good especially for only learning in a week, but I guess a member wasn't super impressed and told her not to play again "jokingly". Sister Thurgood sat down at the piano and cried afterwards. While she was crying we were both just laughing because we were so stressed and relieved and happy all at the same time. Love mish life!!!! Everything didn't go perfectly, but Emmanuel loved it and it was the perfect day for him. He is moving to the States to go to school (looking at BYU) so TJ and I promised him that we would go with him through the Temple next February. It's a crazy thing having a convert! He is great!! Yay!! 
           In other news we found a really interesting investigator last week. We had been trying to meet up with this investigator for like a month, and he finally texted us on Friday randomly and asked if we could meet. Hello, we're missionaries so of course we are going to say yes. So we go to the library and are waiting for this investigator. Its always weird waiting to meet up because there are all these people and you are rating them as they walk by on how badly you want them to be your investigator. Sometimes its a nice surprise who you get, other times... not so much. So we are just waiting and this girl walks up. I turn to TJ and said "If that's our investigator than I'm going home.." and then we see her pull out her phone and make a call and then our phone starts ringing. So now I'm confused. I thought the record we had said it was a boy... it was a couple though so maybe we got the numbers confused? So the awkwardness begins... the library is closed so we have to find a cafe to talk. It was a long awkward walk to the cafe because she wasn't very talkative. So not girl like.... so we sit down in the cafe and we get to talking. This is where the funny part comes in. So this lesson is in Norwegian right? Not our native tongue to say the least.. so we ask about the missionaries and where she met them. She says "Oh I met them with my kjæreste (which can be a boy or a girl friend) and we met with them, but I was a boy then." Okay so I hear that, but what TJ hears is that the other person was a girl, so I'm sitting there thinking this is a boy gone girl and TJ is sitting there thinking this is a girl who likes other girls. So I flip. And TJ flips and so we both start rambling. I don't think I have ever talked about more random things about the gospel, or TJ. In the middle the investigator gets up and gets some coffee. TJ slams her hands on the table and her eyes get really big and she says "What are we going to teach her?"  and I slam my hands down beside her and say "That her is a him!" And she goes "......WHAT?!" So I have to catch her all up in between. By the time the investigator came back we were both in shock and wanted out as fast as possible. Not because we hate people like but because we were so unprepared and I was questioning if I even heard that right. So we get a return appointment for a later date and book it home to check the record. The record was vague so we called the missionary who met with him/her first. We asked about the investigator and he said that he always had a teddy bear with him and was super femi. I said "Well he is all femi now..." And that my friends and loved ones is how we got a cross dressing investigator. So the question remains. Can one be baptized? Distrikt leader says if he has been changed than yes. Sister Thurgood was on the phone with him just joking around and laughing because everyone is really uncomfortable and Elder Burt goes "THE ATONEMENT IS FOR EVERYONE HODGKISS!!" And then we all laughed because it wasn't even me on the phone and because we really don't know what to do. So mission president will be getting a call soon. The cool thing is that this investigator really really REALLY wants to learn. And lets be honest if anyone needs love and acceptance its this kid. So we are going to see what we can do! Until then I'll be training myself to say you are a child of God instead of daughter of God... #iampostivenoonehasweirderthingshappentothem 
                Other than that its just normal missionary life. Well actually nothing is normal in Tønsberg life. This is just a weird place. Actually I just think I'm weird so weirdness follows me. This week we have our two deaf investigators in town (love them!), the Valentine's Day Party, and the Sister APs coming to visit us. So its another way busy week. I can't believe that March is coming up! Where does the time go? Honestly sometimes I just think how is it possible I've been on my mission this long and other times I think how is it possible I still have this much left of my mission? Next Transfer is in about 4 weeks. TJ and I are positive that we are going to be split up. We have been together for 4 1/2 months now! We are both way sad because we are besties, but we are both kinda like well maybe we should share our awesomeness with other people. We both think we might be headed to the West Coast. Maybe I'll be back with Elder Ashton in K-sand. Who knows though? I really want to go back North, but I don't think I will get that lucky. We will see though! It sounds like everyone is doing well! Glad the surgery went well, Mom :) 
                   Love you all!
 Keep it real. Keep it classy. And may the odds be ever in your favor! 


   Seriously... someone take the Pepsi Max away.... 

         Inline image 1

Tuesday, February 18, 2014

Seeing the sun, and Flowers for vday?

 This is what happens when TJ sees the sun for the first time in what feels like years
. I brought the Spring clothes out... it snowed the next day..


Happy Vday folks!



Love me some Torunn! :)

Vday dinner party with Emma!

Monday, February 17, 2014

10 Month Mark

Dear Weasley Family and Friends,
          Happy 10 months to TJ and I!!! It's crazy that we have been out this long. I swear I don't know where the time goes, but at the same time I can't even think about the time I have left because it gives me some serious anxiety. The question I keep asking myself is can I really do this for another 8 months? Answer? Yes. I can survive anything. As you guys can see, I'm still at kinda a blah place right now. There are a bunch of exciting things that are happening, but I feel like I'm stuck. And I was praying about this this morning and the thought came to me "If you don't want to be stuck then you are going to have to be pushed." And then I realized that if I wanted to keep moving then I was going to have to go through something new and hard. So now I'm thinking I should take back my request, because hard doesn't sound to good right now.
         They say that a mission is where you learn to feel and deal with everything that you need for life. For me I have found that its a lot about opposites. I hated silence before my mission. I always had something to say and I always wanted to talk. On my mission, I speak another language. Talking is hard for me. I get nervous and my words get fumbled. Most of the time I'm not the one leading the lessons unless its in English. I've had to learn to say the important things and let my companions take the lead in other parts. My language isn't bad at all, especially with my dialect, but I am not the talker I am in English. Before my mission I was a planner. Everything was set in stone and my life usually went as planned. On my mission its been the exact opposite. I have A LOT of anxiety, pretty much all the time. It drives me crazy! Everything is so unplanned and unexpected. It's funny because it seems that I am learning to deal with all these things that I never had to even think about. I guess it's good for me, but it's kinda a pain. Sometimes TJ and I just say that we want to just go in a dark room and not be anyone for like an hour. Not a missionary, or a sister, or a daughter. Just nothing. Missions are hard and the reason they are is because there isn't a break. For 18 months or 2 years you do the same thing over and over again. You learn so much about obedience and diligence. Your faith grows so much because there are times you literally have nothing else to go off of. It's cool and humbling. There really is nothing like a mission. #spokenlikeatrue10monther 
           This last week was a blur. Each week seems to go faster and faster and each week I look back and think "What did I do?" It's a good thing that we have planners because I can't remember anything! On Tuesday we had Zone Leader Training and a presentation to 10th graders. TJ and I rocked it! It was so much fun! The teacher had us do it in English to give the kids practice and we just went for it. It really was like we were putting on a production. We both have HUGE personalities which grows with attention. It was a blast! The kids were cool too, some were interested, others not so much. I remember being that age. I thought I was super cool, but lets be real I still think I'm super cool. #givemeanoscarsforcoolness 
            Emmanuel is rocking through life. He is getting baptized this Sunday at 1030!!! We moved the baptism from Saturday to Sunday because everyone is going to the Temple this week. He asked Søster Thurgood to give the closing prayer and for me to talk about the Holy Ghost. I am super nervous! All I can remember about baptism talks is the ones you see for kids with the soft blanket and listening ear. I mean how deep do these things go?! I am going to have to really pull myself together here and tone it down. But it will be good. I'm so excited for Emmanuel! He is so cool! I will have lots of pictures to follow next week. Keep us in your prayers. Dåp week is usually the worst weeks for the missionaries and the investigator. #satanislame 
          Did everyone have a good V-day? I was super surprised on Valentine's Day. We went and heart attacked a house of our investigators. It was so much fun! TJ and I just laughed and tried to be quiet so that we didn't get caught. We ended up getting caught anyways, but it turned out pretty cute. I'll send pics! We went to the church later that day and taught Emmanuel. We were waiting for him while he was being interviewed by our Distrikt Leader and I got a call. This man told me that he had flowers for me and that he left them at me door. What the what?! We drove home really quick and sure enough I had a bouquet of roses and carnations on my door. It took me about half a second to realize who they were from. Torunn Hansen! She is the cutest. I had sent her a V-days package earlier that week and of course she had to one up me! It was super great though! I think I'm pretty much the luckiest missionary in Norway if not the world. She's the best! 
           Other than that all is quiet on the front! We are settling in for another week of craziness and getting everything ready for Sunday! It should be a great week! I hope that you are all doing well!  The snow is melted and the sun is FINALLY out after like 45 days of straight overcast. We are hoping for a nice sunny week! I love you all! 
Keep it real. Keep it classy. And may the odds be ever in your favor!!


P.S. HAPPY LATE BDAY BUCKY!!! I hope that it was a great day!!! Oh and for the trip to NYC, make sure that you guys go to the Starlight Cafe! Its where all the singers work while trying to make it on Broadway and they sing for you! So fun!! Love you! 

Tuesday, February 11, 2014

Teaching Norway about Valentines Day

 Distrikt pictures before transfers!

Last picture with Gusty and Vause! I probably won't see Gus in the land again. He got shipped up to Bodø

Worst night ever... story to come! Read the blog post!

Mother's Day weird cookie things

I have a package! yeah! Excitement!


Monday, February 10, 2014

Mission Impossible: Tønsberg edition‏

Dear Weasley Family and Friends,
   Fact: High council members are boring to listen to in sacrament in ever country and in every language. #somethingneverchange
    This week has been an eventful one! We are one week closer to Emmanuel's baptism! #12days And Sister Thurgood and I locked everything we owned in our car. Wait what?... maybe I should explain that one... 
     So this week has been a HARD one. I am completely convinced that Satan hates us. We all know that when we try to do good things that Satan comes in and works even harder. With a baptism you always have to saddle yourself up for hell, because its coming. He either works on you or on your investigator. Obviously I would much rather be the one to take it, but still, you know, it isn't the funnest. So it was a week of self loathing, crying, no motivation, and long talks about feelings. Saturday came and TJ and I both had had enough. We were exhausted and overwhelmed. We sat in our kitchen and we talked about the anxiety we felt. TJ said "I think we should go for a run." We had 20 minutes before we had to be some where and we decided that it would be good for us to let our steam off and then carry on. We dropped everything we were doing sprinted down the stairs and changed into running clothes. I had had it so I decided that I wanted to run in as little clothing as possible. #thingsyouwillregret We got all of our clothes and shoes and everything we would need and we put it in our car so that after we ran we could jump in it and go to our appointment. In AMERICA, the cars don't self lock, so I put the keys in the back seat. This is Norway people, no one steals. They just go to the government and ask for more money. 
    So we take off. We just sprint and let it all go. I started yelling about everything I hated, everything that was bothering me, and TJ joined in. It sounds completely stupid but yelling at the top of your lungs is actually quite helpful! We ran down this street and it came to a dead end because there was this huge field. TJ and I looked at each other and then started run in the field. It was freezing!! There was 3 feet of snow and we had bare skin showing! Our whole bodies went numb. We stood in the middle of that stupid field with the wind blowing and the snow/rain falling on us, completely numb and soaked, and we screamed as loud as we could. It kept going until TJ said "I hate that the Savior had to feel all of this." And I turned to her and I started bearing my testimony of the Savior and his love for us. As we talked about it, the Spirit was so strong. It was like everything that had sucked all week didn't matter anymore because we had this moment in the middle of some dumb field. We both sprinted to the top of the hill and then walked back hand and hand to the apartment. By the time we got there I was dead. All I wanted was a nice warm place to lay down in. My clothes were soaked through and my hand were bring red. I went to the door to open it, and nothing. I went to the other door and then nothing. I turned around and looked at TJ and she just knew, and we both started hysterically laughing. Everything we owned was in that car. #were21
       We decided to walk to Mariana's house which ended up being about a 45 minute walk. I don't know how we made it. The weather was awful, but it was like there was a light all around us. I didn't feel tired or that I couldn't go on, it felt like someone was pushing me the whole way. We splashed each other in puddles, talked about how our mothers would kill us, and sang Miley Cyrus at the top of our lungs. Oh I didn't mention that we didn't even have name tags on... #missionaryfail When we got to the members house she was in shock. She made us change in as soon as we steped in. She got us new clothes and warm drinks and food. It was so funny! Her and her husband were like our parents. They told us we couldn't ever do it again. I think they were even a little disappointed #toomanysetsofparentals We had a good laugh though. We just kept saying "Well we're 21, that's for sure!" We had a HUGE issue with the mission office and trying to figure out what to do, but finally we just called a locks smith. In the end it all worked out :) The member's husband isn't a member and he told his wife that we were the funniest and best missionaries that they had EVER had over. #thisiswhatapersonalitywillgetyou
         So yeah.... I'm still and idiot :) #noteverythingchanges
       What else happened? Hmm... I got my package!! HOLY COW!! Mom, you did good! TJ and I were freaking out because we could just see it in our heads! We are SO excited for this party!! It is going to be so cute! So Hodgkiss style! Over and beyond! The branch is just going to eat it all up. I will be sending lots of pictures!!!! Yay!! 
      We had Norwegian Mother's Day yesterday. No one was doing anything so TJ and I took matters into our own hands. We made sugar cookies and then decorated them like little people and we made hand made cards. When we handed them out all of the women were shocked. I was just like People, this is not a drill. You should expect these things! It is a very different culture than America! We also sang "Mother I love you" in Norwegian for sacrament meeting. I felt like a complete idiot, but all the women were in a haze. It was precious. The things you do on a mission... 
       Emmanuel is rocking along. This Friday is his baptismal interview. He is so ready! He wants to get baptized faster, but we don't have enough time to teach him everything, so it is still planned on the 22nd. We might be moving it to the 23rd because that is Temple week and a lot of the members are going to be gone, but it will be that weekend. He seriously is the cutest. He told me that he wished he could go home with us in our suit cases. He is precious! Love it! 
       Tomorrow we are going to a high school to give a presentation on the church. Sister Thurgood and I are pretty excited! We also have Zone Leader Training and interviews with President. This week is going to be a busy one! 
       I got a blessing last week and I asked a member to give it to me. That's right, I had a blessing in Norsk and I understood it. It was actually a really weird moment when i realized that I had more possibilities than just English. But it was a great blessing and the member had a really cool experience with it. Yay for double purposes! 
        Quote time: 
"We don't have roll over minutes as missionaries."
"I don't know what these people think, taking a break from the church. Yeah, I'm going to take a break from the Celestial Kingdom. I'm just going to go and live at a lower degree of glory for a few days..." 
     I think the quotes weren't up to par this week due to unforeseen forces of evil A.K.A. -> Satan. 
      I studied a lot this week for peace. I really really REALLY had a hard time finding it. I thought a lot about Elder Holland's talk, Like A Broken Vessel. Being happy is something that I have struggled with my whole life. I find it hard. I used to think that it was something that came from outside circumstances, but as I have gotten older my view of that has changed. This last week things were really hard, but at the same time they weren't. Our numbers were good, our area is good, we have a baptism coming up, everything was great, except I still didn't feel great. Happiness is a fleeting feeling in this life. We are promised peace, but true happiness won't come until the next life. That doesn't mean that life is all boring and bleak, but it does mean that to imagine that you can stay at a perfect 10 your whole life is crazy talk. In my head that's what I want, but then I think back to those dark times, and I see the things I learned. I remember the moment I saw light again, and the feeling of being saved. Those things are inexpiable and unforgettable. We have to experience pain and sadness so that we can know peace and happiness. We have to experience periods of real darkness so that we  can come to know what true light is. Elder Holland said, "We are living- and chose to live- in a fallen world where for divine purposes our pursuit of Godliness will be tested and tried again and again." I think that it is easy to accept, because that we live in this fallen world, that all things will be fallen. For me, in my head, sometimes I just think well I'm sad right now and then some other day I'm going to be sad again, so what is even the point of all of this? Let's just skip the work and be sad all the time. Sometimes in my darkest moments, I feel that hope is lost. But we have been taught that "Hope is never lost. If those miracles do not come soon or fully or seemingly at all, remember the Savior's own anguished example: if the bitter cup does not pass, drink it and be strong, trusting in happier days ahead." I know that happier days are always ahead. I sure as heck know, that they aren't behind, I'll tell you that for free. And its always good that we remember that "We are infinitely more than our limitations or our afflictions." We have a father in heaven who loves us. That love never changes. It is always there, and he is always there. 
         I love you all. 
Keep it real. Keep it classy. And may the odds be ever in your favor!


Tuesday, February 4, 2014

Cross country skiing and do you know what a "kick" is? Snow outside our door!!! Æshj

 Snow outside our door!!! Æshj 

The Elders got our car stuck. We just stayed inside and laughed. #boys

Gå på ski!!

This is a KICK and you can ride on it like a sled!

Lots of snow after shoveling a driveway!

Do you guys remember my precious investigator in Trondheim, Oliver? The 16 year old. Oh he is the best! I know he is going to get baptized one day, but he hasn't yet. Right now he won't talk to the mishes up there so I thought I would text him. I told him who I was and said that I didn't know if he remembered me or not. He texted me back and said "It goes well with me, and I don't forget you." It made my whole day! I love this kid! I am sending him a letter and a triple combination. He is so great!

Texts from Emmanuel!

This is a man.... on his roof... Everyone this weekend got on their roofs and pushed all of the snow off. They literally shoveled the snow off their roofs. Crazy! I sat there for 5 minutes watching. #welcometonorway

I thought you needed an updated cute picture of your missionary!

Hair cut! Sorry it took so long!

Monday, February 3, 2014


Dear Family and Friends,
    T-minus 19 days until Emmanuel is baptized.
       That's right people, we have a baptism on its way. 
      Emmanuel is awesome!! Oh man! We taught him on Sunday and he said "I have one question. When and where was our first church built?" I love it. And then I was telling him about the temple and he said, "I'm looking forward to that!" My heart just melted. He is so cool guys! He is learning so much and growing so fast. And he just loves the church! He comes from a really hard childhood and the church brings him peace. He told me that he sleeps with the Book of Mormon under his pillow. SO dang cute!! He is 19 and Norwegian. He is also half African, but was raised here so has perfect norsk. He loves church and he already has an in with everyone. He really does just fit right into this ward. Its the perfect place for him. We have only taught him 3 times so we have TONS to do before the baptism, but its exciting!! Keep Emmanuel in your thoughts and prayers. Things always try to go crazy before baptisms! But he is so great! Yay!! 
     We had move calls på Søndag and I about died. T-Hansen (Torunn) swore that I wasn't going anywhere, but you know you always have those worries. We heard that it was the biggest move that President had ever had so we were freaking out! Good news though.... TJ and I are going to be together for another 6 weeks! After this TJ and I will have spent a total of 6 months together of our missions. Crazy right? We have been on and off and it looks like 1/3 of our missions will be spent serving together. I am pumped! I love TJ! We work way good together and its so easy. We just fly because there aren't any problems between us. Its like serving with your best friend. And now we get to baptize together!! Eeeekkk!! #livingthedream
        My first trainer goes home next week. You know what that means? I'm old. I remember when TJ and I first got here and paired off with Sister Landry. Sister Landry had about 8 months left in her mission. Man, that flew. It was like it was yesterday. Now TJ and I are at the point that Sister Landry was when we came. Time is flying people!! #crazywhathappensin18months #dietstartingnow #ohwaitimalreadyonadiet 
         T-Han sent me Wicked. I have been signing it non-stop. Poor TJ too because I don't just sing it, I sing it at the top of my lungs. Annnddd I try to reach all those really high notes. #broadwaystatus
          Sandefjord, its a city that is about 30 minutes away from us, has Elders in it. They come to our ward here in Tønsberg and we all work together. But they are getting white-washed and two brand new elders will be coming. I'm actually really excited. Sandefjord is a hard area and not much has been going on, so I think two fresh elders will be good. But they have these two deaf investigators that they are working with right now. Cool story about them. Magne and Susanne, the family that we had Christmas with have daughters from previous relationships. They were baptized about 2 years ago, but their older daughters have never been interested in the church. Ize and Veronica came for a school break and we all spent a lot of time with them. They are 14 and 16 and of course they really gravitated towards the elders. Well the elders started teaching them, and it has been awesome. They live in Stavanger with their dad right now, but are moving here to live with Mag and Sus, and they want to be baptized. They are so cool guys! Because they are deaf they really are so in tune with the spirit. And the coolest thing is that we get to start teaching them :) Sister Thurgood already learned sign language in Skien for an investigator, so she is going to help me learn. Fun fact: Norsk sign language is not the same as English sign language. Who knew? I am way excited to teach them! Its really cool to see Mag and Sus so happy! Its connecting a family :) #thisiswhatmissionaryworkisabout
              We got in a wreck this week. Funny thing? Nothing happend. It was crazy! This person hit us from behind but there wasn't a scratch on it. #miraclesdohappen
             Also, I went cross country skiing this last week for like ah-minute and tried the kick! I will send pictures to show you them! It was way fun! 
        Here are some quotes from the week:
           "Are we going to look back on our mission and say we had fun? Yes. Why? Because we won't be on missions anymore."
           "All I want to do is eat, sleep, and occasionally go the the bathroom. I have regressed to infantdom. Essentially I am a baby in Gs. Great." 
          Me: We're obese!!
          TJ: I know....but... I'm hungry... 
      It was a fast week and these next few weeks are going to go even faster! The snow started to melt and it has started to rain. I think this might just be a sick joke the weather is playing on me, but I am going to enjoy it while it lasts! I hope that you are all doing well! I love you! 
    Keep it real. Keep it classy. And may the odds be ever in your favor! 


Shout outs:
  Kyle!! Happy birthday!! Nice gun!! It sounds like you are having a great birthday so far! Enjoy it man!
   Gavin! Oh man! Gav Gav!! I love you! You can't even read this, but one day I am sure that I will show you all of your Auntie Lee Lee's mission emails. Can't wait to see all the pictures! Heather, give him a big hug from me! Love you buddie!!