Monday, February 17, 2014

10 Month Mark

Dear Weasley Family and Friends,
          Happy 10 months to TJ and I!!! It's crazy that we have been out this long. I swear I don't know where the time goes, but at the same time I can't even think about the time I have left because it gives me some serious anxiety. The question I keep asking myself is can I really do this for another 8 months? Answer? Yes. I can survive anything. As you guys can see, I'm still at kinda a blah place right now. There are a bunch of exciting things that are happening, but I feel like I'm stuck. And I was praying about this this morning and the thought came to me "If you don't want to be stuck then you are going to have to be pushed." And then I realized that if I wanted to keep moving then I was going to have to go through something new and hard. So now I'm thinking I should take back my request, because hard doesn't sound to good right now.
         They say that a mission is where you learn to feel and deal with everything that you need for life. For me I have found that its a lot about opposites. I hated silence before my mission. I always had something to say and I always wanted to talk. On my mission, I speak another language. Talking is hard for me. I get nervous and my words get fumbled. Most of the time I'm not the one leading the lessons unless its in English. I've had to learn to say the important things and let my companions take the lead in other parts. My language isn't bad at all, especially with my dialect, but I am not the talker I am in English. Before my mission I was a planner. Everything was set in stone and my life usually went as planned. On my mission its been the exact opposite. I have A LOT of anxiety, pretty much all the time. It drives me crazy! Everything is so unplanned and unexpected. It's funny because it seems that I am learning to deal with all these things that I never had to even think about. I guess it's good for me, but it's kinda a pain. Sometimes TJ and I just say that we want to just go in a dark room and not be anyone for like an hour. Not a missionary, or a sister, or a daughter. Just nothing. Missions are hard and the reason they are is because there isn't a break. For 18 months or 2 years you do the same thing over and over again. You learn so much about obedience and diligence. Your faith grows so much because there are times you literally have nothing else to go off of. It's cool and humbling. There really is nothing like a mission. #spokenlikeatrue10monther 
           This last week was a blur. Each week seems to go faster and faster and each week I look back and think "What did I do?" It's a good thing that we have planners because I can't remember anything! On Tuesday we had Zone Leader Training and a presentation to 10th graders. TJ and I rocked it! It was so much fun! The teacher had us do it in English to give the kids practice and we just went for it. It really was like we were putting on a production. We both have HUGE personalities which grows with attention. It was a blast! The kids were cool too, some were interested, others not so much. I remember being that age. I thought I was super cool, but lets be real I still think I'm super cool. #givemeanoscarsforcoolness 
            Emmanuel is rocking through life. He is getting baptized this Sunday at 1030!!! We moved the baptism from Saturday to Sunday because everyone is going to the Temple this week. He asked Søster Thurgood to give the closing prayer and for me to talk about the Holy Ghost. I am super nervous! All I can remember about baptism talks is the ones you see for kids with the soft blanket and listening ear. I mean how deep do these things go?! I am going to have to really pull myself together here and tone it down. But it will be good. I'm so excited for Emmanuel! He is so cool! I will have lots of pictures to follow next week. Keep us in your prayers. Dåp week is usually the worst weeks for the missionaries and the investigator. #satanislame 
          Did everyone have a good V-day? I was super surprised on Valentine's Day. We went and heart attacked a house of our investigators. It was so much fun! TJ and I just laughed and tried to be quiet so that we didn't get caught. We ended up getting caught anyways, but it turned out pretty cute. I'll send pics! We went to the church later that day and taught Emmanuel. We were waiting for him while he was being interviewed by our Distrikt Leader and I got a call. This man told me that he had flowers for me and that he left them at me door. What the what?! We drove home really quick and sure enough I had a bouquet of roses and carnations on my door. It took me about half a second to realize who they were from. Torunn Hansen! She is the cutest. I had sent her a V-days package earlier that week and of course she had to one up me! It was super great though! I think I'm pretty much the luckiest missionary in Norway if not the world. She's the best! 
           Other than that all is quiet on the front! We are settling in for another week of craziness and getting everything ready for Sunday! It should be a great week! I hope that you are all doing well!  The snow is melted and the sun is FINALLY out after like 45 days of straight overcast. We are hoping for a nice sunny week! I love you all! 
Keep it real. Keep it classy. And may the odds be ever in your favor!!


P.S. HAPPY LATE BDAY BUCKY!!! I hope that it was a great day!!! Oh and for the trip to NYC, make sure that you guys go to the Starlight Cafe! Its where all the singers work while trying to make it on Broadway and they sing for you! So fun!! Love you! 

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