Tuesday, December 24, 2013

Christmas time with parties and family gatherings!

Package from home!

Our zone Christmas party that TJ and I planned. We drew names and we made stockings for everyone


Sister Burns!! She is from England and this was her FIRST ever Fruit Roll Up!! (sponsored by Hodgkiss family)

The Distrikt! Gusty, Elder Vause, Sister Mourik, Elder Collard, Elder Burt, and Sister Burns

We drew names and Elder Collard had me. He got me this cute brooch and a Norwegian Christmas CD

We did caroling and hot chocolate and Skien city square afterwards. We hand wrapped the Book of Mormons. It was so much fun!!! It just rained and rained, but I didn't care!

Love these guys! Gusty, TJ, and Vause

The Selfies continue. My hair does not do well in the rain...

Norsk Christmas tradition- Risgrøt. You put one almond in it and whoever finds the almond in their bowl wins. Weird texture. Love the tradition though!

Christmas tree decorating for Lisabeth (member)

Beautiful Beach by our house

Beach continues!

Baking with Emma (yes, bad picture... bad angle. But she is cute!)

Church yesterday! We did this instead of planning our song. I am still very good at procrastinating...

This is TJ not happy. A member called us 15 minutes before sacrament meeting started and asked us to print out her talk and read it because she wasn't going to be there! Hahahaah! Welcome to Tønsberg!!

Then we read the talk and realized that it was all scriptures and no words....

Presents from the ward

More Presents

And More Presents

And still more presents!

Today I asked TJ if we could move our beds closer to each other... she said yes :)

Our meal board. we change it every week. No cooking this week!:)

And of course the black mark on the table would be where TJ tried to burn the candles all the way down and then started a minny fire.... I saved us!

A tour of our huge apartment! entry!

Study area and desk


Living room and study area.


Kitchen table


Recliners and desks!

Laundry room!


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