Tuesday, February 4, 2014

Cross country skiing and do you know what a "kick" is? Snow outside our door!!! Æshj

 Snow outside our door!!! Æshj 

The Elders got our car stuck. We just stayed inside and laughed. #boys

Gå på ski!!

This is a KICK and you can ride on it like a sled!

Lots of snow after shoveling a driveway!

Do you guys remember my precious investigator in Trondheim, Oliver? The 16 year old. Oh he is the best! I know he is going to get baptized one day, but he hasn't yet. Right now he won't talk to the mishes up there so I thought I would text him. I told him who I was and said that I didn't know if he remembered me or not. He texted me back and said "It goes well with me, and I don't forget you." It made my whole day! I love this kid! I am sending him a letter and a triple combination. He is so great!

Texts from Emmanuel!

This is a man.... on his roof... Everyone this weekend got on their roofs and pushed all of the snow off. They literally shoveled the snow off their roofs. Crazy! I sat there for 5 minutes watching. #welcometonorway

I thought you needed an updated cute picture of your missionary!

Hair cut! Sorry it took so long!

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