Monday, December 23, 2013


Dear Weasley Family and Friends,
            Warning: When you fall down stairs it hurts. Bad. Just saying. So I would love to tell you that I fell down the stairs because it was super icy and wet and I was so busy baring my testimony to someone that I just didn't see....but.... lezzz be honest. I was at a members house, walked out of the bathroom and then fell down a nice long stair case. Did I cry more of embarrassment or pain? The jury is still out on that one. Its all good though. I have a nice 2 inch by 2 inch bruise on my right leg. I mean it builds character right? 
              Update on my hand though,... yeah... probs should have gotten stitches because it never really came back together, but I think that its dryer now so maybe it will just keep peeling off until its even? Its cool though. I mean not like I ever have to hold hands with anyone again....
               Winter weather has started while still not starting. I can't remember the last time I wore a jacket. My lips have started to crack open and bleed though. Today while we were shopping I just had my skirt, tights, and my button up jean shirt. Did my middle button keep coming undone in the mall? Absolutely. #sistermissionarylife 
             So things are pretty chill now. I don't know if you guys know, but Christmas time is, like no missionary work time. It's kinda crazy. Some missionaries just stay in the week of Christmas, but we are lucky. Members have been calling us to have us come over and spend the whole day. You kinda have to spend the whole day with them because Norwegians are pretty serious about their Christmases. This one member who is having us over on Sunday, every time she talks to us she makes to mention that its "ALL DAY LONG". Cracks me up. They are pretty cute about it. The love the missionaries coming over for Christmas. So tomorrow we are going to our MMK's house, and on the 25th. Then Thursday we are cooking and caroling. Friday we are going to a members house for brunch, and then to the Isaksens. Do you guys remember the Isaksens? They have 4 boys. Ben and Robin are our age? Killer? Yes. But I'm a missionary, so yeah. But anywho, its kinda awkward actually because they live in Skien, where both TJ and I started out. And Skien at this point has 4 missionaries. 2 Elders and 2 Sisters. Well usually they missionaries come over, but the year I don't think things are too happy down there between members and missionaries, so they weren't invited over. But then we got a call and were invited over.... and we live an 1 1/2 away.... awkward.... But we are pumped! They are so awesome! And we get to spend the whole day with them!! Yay!! Saturday we have a mission conference with the East zone and our zone. It will be good. I don't get to see everyone, but I get to see Hilton!!! So that will be good. All my best friends are in West or North right now, besides Gusty. But yeah... Good stuff! Sunday is another members house. Then next monday is another members house. And then we have new years eve parties, and then probably new years day parties, and then in a few weeks we have a Christmas Tree party. I really feel exhausted thinking about it already. So pretty much my point of telling you all this is that I am definitely over celebrating this Holiday. Is that sacrilegious? Probably. But I'm going to be having like 6 Christmases! It will be good though. The ward is so cute! They gave us TONS of food and then a card with 500 KR in it!!! That's like 100 US dollars!! Man, being a missionary in Norway is cool! :) 
                 I got the first package!!! Thank you!! My clothing that is not going to fit does not thank you, but I do!! You guys are awesome! I think with all the Christmas stuff coming in mail is a little behind, so hopefully I will get it when mail starts back up at the end of the week! 
              This last week was good. We tried to meet with as many people as we could, but everyone is heading out for the Holidays. Really we just did tons of service. Here in the Norway people clean like crazy for Jul. I don't know if you guys have ever experienced Norsk cleaning, but its intense. It's like Heather cleaning, but a notch above it. If that is even possible. Anywho, we have been helping clean and cook like crazy people. At one point I forgot the house that I was cooking and cleaning at wasn't mine. Does my OCD kick in and I start to get paranoid? Yes. Do people love their houses after I'm done with them? Absolutely. I wish I had my label maker. I think that could be the only thing to top it. But it has been so fun! On Saturday I baked with Emma, this adorable 9 year old, for like 4 hours. We made sugar cookies and cocoa kiss cookies. Thank goodness for my huge cook book!! It was so much fun! Lets be honest guys...I've gotten a little baby hungry on my mission. No worries. Real life will slap it back out of me, but right now I'm just like okay yes you are cute. Probs because I get to just say goodbye afterwards. But it has been fun!! We have done lots of singing too! 
               Speaking of singing we got stuck singing in Church yesterday. We planned to sing with this other 9 year old, Helene, but she dropped out last minute. Had TJ and I really practiced the song? NO!! And so we were like okay we can just get out of it, right? Wrong! They still wanted us to sing! So we decided a song to do and tried to arrange something 15 minutes before church. What did we sing? Oh Holy Night. Who practiced the song in the wrong key? Us. Who forgot how high that song is when its in the right key? Me. So TJ is just chilling over there in Alto land and I'm up in the sky trying to breathe and get those notes out. Oh.My. I wanted to die. Only thing that kept me going was Elder Burt lip singing accompanied by hand motions and facial expressions. Welcome to Tønsberg, my friends. 
                 You guys, I forgot my list of quotes from TJ. No worries though, I'll just add it on to next week! 
                  Funny story though.... TJ went to the bathroom at a members house and when she was done she saw this blue button and decided it would be a good idea push it. Here I am putting water in a Christmas tree and decorating this member's house when I hear blood curdling screams coming from the bathroom. The member jumps up and is like "PUSH THE BLUE BUTTON!!" And is trying to get in the bathroom, but TJ had locked it. I guess TJ unlocks it and the members goes running in. By the time I get there they are both socked and laughing. TJ looked terrified. The blue button was the button to activate the debut... yeah.... remember that SNL, Lins?... It was hilarious. She had no idea what it was. I had to tell her afterwards. And she just jumped against the wall screaming because the water went EVERYWHERE! Hahaaha. Guys... missionary life! 
                Other than that we are just enjoying the Christmas time. Not the ice though... We almost got in a wreck on Thursday. I know that angels exist and watch over us. That is for sure. We were coming down this tiny baby hill and I tried to stop and the breaks wouldn't work. All the sudden it came to my mind something that Elder Burt said to me randomly a few weeks ago. He said if your breaks won't catch then pump them over and over again, don't just slam on them. I did just that and I was freaking out because we were going into oncoming traffic. You guys. It was so scary! And we didn't think that we were going to stop, but all of the sudden we just stopped. It was like we hit a huge wall of angels. It was crazy. I know that we are watched over. And its okay, Mom, I can drive :) Just got to be more careful about the black ice!
                 Thursday and Friday were the longest nights of the year!! The sun has now turned and we will be gaining light for now on! It isn't bad down here in the south, but it will be nice to be moving back towards summer time! LOVE summer here! 
                Other than that, I don't think there is much going on. I had a dream in full Norwegian yesterday. I'm looking forward to talking to you guys, but I'm a little nervous. Will it be weird? I have to know. Will you guys still like me? Hopefully. Will you sound so ridiculously American to me? Absolutely. I think it will be weird to have a full conversation in English. I speak English a lot, but it always is like Norwegian-English-Norwegian. So that will be different. But I am excited. I just think its been so long that my nerves are getting to me! Seriously though... don't mention the obesity... Touchy subject!!!
                Welp! I am going to get going! We have to go and pick up so Christmas presents from some members! Love you all and see you in 2 days!!!
Keep it real. Keep it classy. And may the odds be ever in your favor!


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