Tuesday, March 18, 2014


Dear Weasley Family and Friends,
         I'VE BEEN ON MY MISSION FOR 11 MONTHS!!!!!!!!! What the what?! And some how I have managed to not lose any weight. I blame the chocolate...and the members... and the ups and downs... and the food... and anything that I can blame it on other than the fact that I have no self control. I mean I thought about a diet. And then I got a package from Linsey with lots of candy it, and I said to myself... "I can start that diet I thought about ORRRR I can sit down and eat all of this right now. All of it." So I picked the obvious choice and I ate it. I have zero regrets. :)
          I am sure that you are all wondering where I'm headed.... the anticipation kills us all huh? Well I told you guys that I was 98% sure that I was headed out right? Well last week I was thinking about it and looking at a map and nothing was sticking out. I felt like I was leaving, but I didn't feel like I was going anywhere else. It was weird. So when the moves call came I wasn't surprised. I'm headed to Sandefjord. That probably sounds super cool and mysterious to yall, but its actually about 30 minutes from where I live now and in the same ward.. So basically what is happening is that Elder Rushton and Elder Griffin are taking over my AMAZING apartment, and I am moving into their tiny baby lame apartment. Good news though? I keep the car :) Or is it bad news? #crossreferencediets 
            So the next 24 hours is going to be moving back and forth between the me and the Elders. As soon as calls were over I got a text and the boys start putting me through the ringer on what my apartment has. Then I asked about the bed situation because some have bunk beds and others don't and they sent a text back telling me who slept in which bed and then asked which one I would be picking... Was this the best idea President? 
               Actually, I am really struggling with this moves a bit... I don't really get why I am opening a new sisters area that still in the same ward and still with the same elders. I wanted President to put in new blood. I started fasting Saturday night to have peace and reassurance about the moves call. I was already ansey to begin with because Sister Thurgood and I have been together here for so long. When I got off the moves call I was ticked. I don't doubt that the Lord wants me there and that its where I need to be, but I just don't want to do it... does that make sense? So after freaking out I tried to simmer myself down. I put my Ipod on shuffle and let God play DJ for which talks I should listen to. Talk #1. Where is thy pavilion? It was about how God never puts a pavilion in our way to separate us from Him but that we put our own pavilions up. It was about being humble and patient, and willing to follow him. Talk #2. Waiting upon the Lord. Well played, Heavenly Father, well played. I listened to several talks and they were all about how we don't see what Heavenly Father sees. He has a plan and he wants us to be happy, and so sometimes we have to do things that are hard or that we don't want to do because it will help us become who we need to be. It will help us go to a higher plan and change for the better. Now of course I'm a missionary so I'm good at knowing all these things. Does that mean that I am any less anxious about these next 6 weeks? Ummmm... no comment. But I am holding on to the hope that I am going to understand better why I am here and what I need to learn. I obviously haven't learned what I'm supposed to here otherwise I would be up in Alta with President closer to the missionaries in Rome than me. So its at least another 6 weeks in this "area" (because we are technically 2 separate areas, but they overlap and we all share stuff) and then I guess I am off to the next adventure. 
                 Oh, and my comp. I completely forgot about her! Sister Johnson will be joining me there as we blaze the trail of S-town together. She and I came out together from the MTC. She was comps with Sister Thurgood in the MTC. I'm keeping positive thoughts for our companionship, but you guys know how much I love change.... as in not at all! But every time, as much as I have hated it, it has always been what I needed. Not always what I wanted, but what I needed. So I have A LOT of humbling to do and A LOT of praying. I think that God is trying to tell me that I am stubborn and prideful... and that I need to listen to my leaders... Are these the same things that you have all told me all my life? Yes. Will I change? I hope so, otherwise I'm stuck in Sandefjord for the rest of forever!
    If you would like to send me something to make these next 6 weeks a little more fun this is where you would do it... 

                                         Thor Bryns Gata 7 #4302 
                                  3211 Sandefjord Norway 
       Oh and since I know that all of you are ever so crusious, TJ is headed West Coast to Stavanger!! She will be serving with Sister Roe who is like the only sister I would really trust her to, so I feel good about it. We both wanted her to go to Stavanger and we wanted her with Sister Roe, so yay!!! She is way excited! She has served her whole mission in an 1 1/2 hour radius, so I am glad that she is finally being able to branch out! It will be way good for her! We only cry like every other 20 minutes about leaving each other, but we've promised to call each other the rest of our missions. Only 7 months left!! EEEEEKKKK!! 
       Oh and I forgot the best part!!!!!! Sister Hilton is going to be in my district!! She trained me up in Trondheim!! I am so pumped. I'm kinda in a hard place and I really really REALLY need her, so I'm glad that she is going to be so close!! I will get to see her every week for district meeting! It will be great!! 
        So last week was a lot of visiting and last chance time with members and investigators. Torunn came down from Monday to Thursday which was awesome!! In Trondheim we did this thing called "In da club". We would basically pick a random chapter from the BOM and then everyone would read it and then we would discuss it together. It was awesome. We always did it in Norwegian so that they could help us out. Torunn has a crazy dialect. Mine is American-Trøndisk, but hers is back-woods-every-dialect-in-norway-slash-way-high-north-trøndisk. In Trondheim I could hardly understand anything she said. It was so cool to teach her again because I didn't miss a beat. I just got it all! Her dialect is my favorite so it was way cool to hear it so much! It was good for me to see her. Things had been really hard for awhile and we had a lot of time to just talk about everything. She served her mission here too, and we have a lot of the same experiences so its good for me. Love that girl! 
         The funniest thing happened this week. We were at a members house and she is a YSA so we decided after our lesson we wanted cookies. So TJ starts to make these cookies right? Well the flour was on the top of the cabinets and she had to jump to get it, but she couldn't reach it. I was busy talking so I was like "I'm not getting up..." and then BAM! the flour is falling and TJ is drenched in it. Hahaah I don't think I have ever laughed that hard. It was like 30 minutes later and I would remember what happened and just start laughing all over again. Man, am I going to miss that girl!!! 
        You guys.... my convert put his head on my shoulder during sacrament meeting yesterday.... yeah I'm going to have to have a DTR-this-is-not-okay conversation with him VERY soon! Or maybe I can convince the Elders to do it.... #dangit #youreinlovewiththespiritnotme #happenseverytime 
        What else happened this week.... hmmmm... PI DAY!! Last week was 3.14 day and as missionaries we look for ANY excuse to celebrate that we can!! We knew we were going to be in the Sandefjord area so we made a pie and took it down to meet up with the Elders after our teach. The problem was that there wasn't any seating around so we just ate our pie together in our car. It was super fun!! We really do love the Elders here! I hope Sister Johnson does too because we are with them a lot. Our areas and work just kinda cross paths often!
        Its been awhile sense I have had good Elders to talk about. Elder Griffin is from Cali but has moved a lot. He is a huge nerd! He is super weird and out there, but we love him. He is the best validater so when we are upset we talk to him. He basically makes you feel like you can be and do anything and he will be okay with it. Super funny and super great!! Elder Rushton is from this tiny town outside of Vernal, Utah. He's a fireman. I spent the first week making as many fire jokes as possible. My material is getting low though... He is basically a Brent. He is super witty and finds things that I hate and does them on purpose ie. saying mo%&t, walking into the kitchen where I'm cooking or cleaning and opening all the cabinets, making it as silent and awkward as possible... and many other things. To say that we have a blast together would be an understatement. I feel like I'm back with B living in our imaginary world! They are both way cool! 
         We saw our Swedish investigators for the last time yesterday! They weren't really going anywhere investigator wise, but we love them to death. Emma and Channette! They made us Tacos and we all exchanged presents. We made them quilts (I cut some things this time!) and they got us Friendship bracelets. They are super cute!! So talented too! They are both actresses and singers! We are going to miss them! 
         Quotes of the week...
   AR (elder Rushton) sent me this text earlier this week: 
     "Sometimes I feel like a dog. I don't really do a lot, just like follow people around, but every now and then I get to make someone happy. I just do what I'm told until someone thinks I should get a treat, ya know?"
    EG (Elder Griffin): "Violence isn't the answer, it's the question, and the answer is ALWAYS yes." 
     Everyone sounds like they are doing great!!! I love you all!! I will send pics after this :)
Keep it real. Keep it classy. And may the odds be ever in your favor!


Shout outs!!!
  Heather- HAPPY BIRTHDAY!! Looks like we are both celebrating today!!! I am throughly sad that we aren't going to Winger's together, but we can get caught up on all of that food when I get back! #eatingthereforaweekstraight #americanbound #myhashtagsarecomingback #happybirthday I hope that you had an AWESOME week with the fam and that you got spoiled a little bit!! I love you!!! Happy Birthday again!! 

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