Tuesday, April 29, 2014

Headed to Sarpsborg

Dear Weasley Family and Friends,
1. I am headed to Sarpsborg, Norway which is about 15 minutes outside
of Fredrikstad. Basically is going to be WARM this summer!! It will be
SEVENTH area. That's right, I've been everywhere except the West. I'm
hoping to get there!
2. I am going to be with Sister McArthur, my MTC comp. I actually prayed
and fasted that we would serve together last transfer, but Sister Johnson
and I were put together instead. Its been great with SoJo, and I am a
little bit worried to leave, but I am excited to be with Sister McArthur
3. I may or may not have gone shopping today.... I was going through my
clothes and I realized I hated all of my shirts, so I went shopping and
bought some things... like... 2 shirts, 1 cardi, 1 skirt, 1 dress, and 1
pair of boots... I apologize ahead of time for the money I spent... but for
Norsk prices, I did good!
      So here's the low down, Torunn and Pelle came down and saw me for
Stake Conf. I about died I was so happy. It was cool because it was a bit
of a Trondheim reunion. Benjamin Weggerson (one of my heros), the MMK in
Trondheim was there. I was so excited to see him! And a lot of my Trondheim
distrikt was there: Elder Jones, Nielson, Leighton, and Shanklin. A big
hunk of my favorite elders! And then Tor and Pell which was SO great! I
know I just saw Tor like a month ago, but it has been a LONG 6 weeks, so I
was really happy to see her. Of course now I miss her like crazy and I'm
trying to get used to the fact that I don't get to see her once a month,
but other than that its good.
    I am excited to be with Sister McArthur again. Its been over a
year and we have wanted to serve together for a long time. I saw her
at the conference and she had talked to President already. President
wanted to give her the heads up about kinda where I am so that she is
prepared. If there is one thing about Mc its that she loves more than
anyone I know. She and I had a perfect companionship in the MTC. I'm
grateful that we are getting to serve together now. Of course I have
tons of anxiety about the move and starting over in a new place (this
is my 7th area and I still haven't gotten used to it). I honestly
believe that Sister McArthur is exactly what I need, its just hard
opening up and starting the whole "I'm a mess" all over again. It
seems like I just did that with SoJo! Its crazy how fast 6 weeks goes,
but yet it seems like its been an eternity at the same time. I guess
when we go through trials time has a way of slowing down and speeding
up at the same time.
    Today is just full of last minute packing (its what I always do,
guess I still haven't learned my lesson), last minute to-dos in Oslo,
and some good-byes with the distrikt and some members. It is really
nice not leaving an area that I have been in for 6 months. When you
get moved from those areas the last few days are filled with 4 middags
(dinners) and you are running around like crazy trying to see every
member you ever had a basic conversation with. Leaving Trondheim was
crazy. I miss that place. Last summer was heaven on earth. I remember
lots of struggles, but man did I have fun. My distrikt was awesome, I
loved my trainer, and I laughed my head off. I miss everything about
that place. I am hoping that I get to go back, but Sarpsborg could be
my last area. I can't believe that I even can say that, but its true.
I come home in 5 1/2 months! That's crazy! To say that my diet starts
tomorrow would be an understatement! It should have started like 1
MILLION YEARS AGO!! But really... that's soon. I am hoping that
Sarpsborg isn't my last area. Thinking of spending 6 months in another
area makes me want to shoot myself. So I am hoping that its only 3
months (2 transfers) there and then I can head to my last area to die!
Side note, when missionaries go home we call it "dying", and the
missionary that is with them up until they leave we say "he killed
him". Mission lingo, right? Who comes up with this stuff? But yes,
that would be my dream plan.
    Other than that I don't have much information. My head is all
boggled up with thoughts of what I need to do before Sister McArthur
comes to pick me up at 1030 tomorrow. I'm really nervous and anxious
about all the changes, but I feel good about Sister McArthur. It's
going to be a good transfer. I hope that you are all doing well. I
love you guys. Thanks for the emails of support. Heather and Mom, I
printed off your emails. They were way good. I miss you all a ton.
Lori, your belly is adorable!! I can't believe she is moving so much
that you can see! Yes, I said she.. I am just going to trust my
dreams!! I will talk to you all soon.

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