Tuesday, May 13, 2014

Budnads, childrens parade, and 30 days of service!T

Train ride into Oslo

Celine came in from Sardefjord to see me!

BARNETOG or child's parade. Look how far it goes back!

The tradition goes like this...Norwegians dress up in their budnads. Americans ask if they can take pictures with them. Repeat

This guys budnad is from North Norway, the Smies. They are like Norwegian Indians. they have reindeer herds!

Record broken for most Norwegians in Budnads with the missionaries!

Record REALLY broken!

Doing weekly planning outside!!! Love summer!

30 days of service: Day 1-Spa day with the Langbach girls!

Selfies with Nielson! I love this kid! We served in Trondheim together. He is off to Bergen!

Day three--Cleaning the church after the Elders cooked!

Day four-Washing Ann-Catrin's car.

I ate whale? I felt like I was breaking so many laws...sorry Gavin

Day five-Yard work with Familien Strard

Lil Clarissa (yes that is really her name). she is 10 and lives next door to us.

Our last picture with Elder Leighton!! He goes home TODAY!! One of my heroes on the mish!

Day six of 30 days of service-Secret Santa cookie deliveries.

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