Friday, June 20, 2014

Sweden, Malls, and Candy

Giant mall in Sweden

The candy stores here are crazy! Lori would be in heaven!

If I wasn't on a no carb diet I would eat this. #gottobeweddingbodyready

We made a cute cake for one of our member's son! Happy Birthday Liam!

Okay... these are baby seagulls! I didn't even know how to spell that word, thank goodness for spell check!! They are SO cute! I thought about Lori the whole time because she just loves baby animals. Remember how upset she was when she found out that Daniel wasn't going to work at a zoo so she wouldn't be able to pet all the animals? #storyofmylife #youliveandyoulearn Well these cute little guys are now being watched over by humans. Is this a good idea? Probs not. Did our 16 year old neighbor do it anyway? Yes. Have the rhetorical questions come back? YES!!! But seriously someone google baby seagull upbringing!

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