Monday, June 23, 2014

Miracle Week

Dear Weasley Family and Friends,
         I hope that the recording worked and that you guys all got to hear about my week! I WAS a week of miracles! We found many people and actually had REAL conversations. I got to bare my testimony! Its been awhile! We have heard a lot of No thanks in the last little bit, so being able to have good conversations was AWESOME! Thank you guys for your prayers and your fasting!! We have 2 appointments set up today and if all goes well we will have 3 new investigators. That is usually our goal for the whole week so getting that on a Monday would be amazing! We also had amazing miracles of getting tons of referrals from other missionaries. We received 5 just last week and a few of them we are planning on teaching or teaching now! That was super great! 
          This week we have lots of fun things coming up. We have St. Hans Aften tonight. We are allowed to be out with the members until 12 o'clock. HAPPY LONGEST DAY OF THE YEAR!!! The sun is up like crazy and then comes back up at 230 am. Last year it was hard to sleep but now that I've been here for a whole year I just got used to the gradual sun change. After today though the days will be getting shorter and we will be moving toward winter. I feel like with the sun here there is no pretending that winter is coming! It will be good to be able to see stars again, but that won't be until a couple of months. Its crazy!! 
          The weeks and days are passing way fast. Just like it is for yall, summer zooms by. Being a missionary in the summer is the best! I am SO glad I got two summers and not two winters! This ward is also a great ward to be in for the summer. We have tons of BBQs, activities, and dinners planned. Tonight we will be having a grill out at the beach. There are tons of kids so its almost like being at home at a Hodgkiss family get together. Things are going great! 
            I did hear about Sister Pitts and her bed bug story. Sister McArthur and I are planning on calling her tomorrow and checking in. Crazy things happen on a mission! I didn't get my package, but I will on Friday at Zone Conference. We are having a big Zone Conference with two zones so I will get to see a lot of my friends! I am way excited about that. We will be traveling to Oslo. Other than that things are great! 
              You all sound like you are doing wonderful. I am so excited to welcome KNOX into the family. I love telling Norwegians his name because they don't ever use X's. The best is getting them to say something with the "th" sound in it because they can't. Got to love them. Knox, wow this is awkward, I keep writing "know", is adorable!! I saw a pic of him sleeping on Brent's chest? Now, are you going to just let that baby sleep where ever he wants, or are you going to put him on a schedule? Hahaha, just kidding, I bet you guys are amazing parents! I hate that I'm not there to see how cute you are with him, but you tell him, 4 more months and Auntie Lee Lee is coming for him! Which reminds me of a Justin Beiber song. #obviously 
            I love you all!!! 
Keep it real. Keep it simple. And may the odds be ever in your favor! 

"What if there was a McDonalds inside a cottage? That would be pleasent." - Sister Johnson

"I would have rather DIED in my sleep that night than have woken up that morning!" - Sister McArthur 


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