Monday, June 30, 2014

Sprained Ankles and Broken Water Pumps

Dear Weasley Family and Friends,
              Well this week started off with a bang. We taught two people on Monday and got two new investigators. It was a productive day, and good thing because who knew that the rest of the week would be as slow as molasses. Monday night we went to our Sank Hans Aften ward activity. We grilled out down on the beach. The weather was perfect. Many members came and we just had a good time talking and sticking our feet in the water. It was actually warm enough (Norwegian standards) to swim, so all the kids played in the water. We got invited to come and play volleyball by the members, so we started playing with them. There were a lot of kids playing so it was just a nice fun game. Things were going well until the ball came back over on my side and I went to get it. The problem was that my foot got stuck in the sand and when I turned to go get the ball, my ankle twisted and I heard a pop. I dropped to the ground and no one really noticed until Mac looked over and said "Are you okay?" And I just shook my head. Everyone ran over and it was a huge dramatic scene. Honestly, I felt like a beached whale giving birth or something. Everyone was around me, and Wellah, a nurse, had my foot up in the air. I went as white as a piece of paper because of the pain. I just closed me eyes. If it was broken or something I had ZERO desire to see that. We decided to go to the hospital and get it checked out. I had to HOP over to the car which was like 90 THOUSAND MILES AWAY. Okay that was an over exaggeration, but you get the point. I am not in hopping shape! Or any shape for that matter!! We drove to a doctor in Sarpsborg who checked it out and sent me to get a Xray in Fredrikstad. So I went there and waited to hear my results. They came out and said, its not broken you can go home now. By this time its like 1030 at night. We have permission to be out until 12 with the members, and we had a fun evening planned, but we ended up just spending it at the hospital. Thankfully Wellah came with us and stayed the whole time!! Being in pain and trying to keep your Norwegian and English straight is kinda hard. 
             So I give Sister Evans the call the next day and we talked about what happened. She encouraged me to walk on it as much as I could. I didn't think that was a very good idea, but I figured I would give it a try. The swelling and coloring only got worse, and when we went and visited the Evans (in our ward) they demanded that I take crutches that they had. Later that night we went to another members house and they wrapped my foot. I'm lucky because we have so many nurses in this ward. The members started signing bandage with notes wishing me good bedering. So I spent a few days on crutches. I actually ended up going to Zone Conference with them, which was a mess. And that brings me to our second story...
             Thursday our check engine light kept coming on so we decided to take it in. Plus with me being on crutches we were limited to what we could do this week so we were kinda running out of ideas to keep us entertained. So we take our car in and they look it over for about 30 minutes. After they were done the head guy comes over to us and tells us that we have a broken water pump and that he doesn't want us to drive it until our appointment to get it fixed on July 15. This of course is the day before we are supposed to be driving to Oslo for ZC. So I call the office and let them know about the car. The APs get on the phone and we have a group chat about our options. They asked if we needed a car and I told them that I was on crutches so it might be helpful, plus we didn't have any way to get to ZC the next day. They told us that they could get us a new car, and that they could either come pick us up, or we could take a train. Of course, we wanted a road trip with the APs, but we felt bad so we called a member to ask if they could take us to a train station in the morning. As luck would have it, they could, so the APs bought us tickets. We had to drive our car home and keep it there, which put us in our apartment at 4 with no car and me on crutches and lots of rain. I don't think I have looked at our area book more than I did this last week. It could have been an awful week, but instead of being upset Mac and I just died laughing every time something else happened. It was kind of super funny how many things went wrong. But that means that a good week is coming up! 
               ZC was good. We talked about the Book of Mormon and the importance of it in our lives and our teaching. I came out with a stronger testimony of the Book of Mormon and a stronger desire to read it everyday. That is actually one of my goals this month, to read the Book of Mormon every day. President has extended a challenge to us. He gave us each a brand new copy of the Book of Mormon and told us to highlight every time a form of Christ's name appears, his attributes, and his words. I am going through and highlighting them in different colors. I have only been doing it for a few days, but I already feel like I am learning more about the Savior and his characteristics. Its a cool challenge!! 
                 At ZC many we had burnamonies (last testimonies before you die). There are 10 missionaries going home in 3 weeks, and 5 of them were at the ZC and gave theirs. It was crazy because at the next ZC I will be giving mine. I remember the first time I heard one and I thought, I will never get there! Sister HIlton was first. I cried through her whole testimony. She trained me at only 3 months of being out, so I have been able to see her grow so much! I have had the awesome chance to have so much of my mission with her still in the land with me. She is amazing. Something she said that really struck me was that "Gods love is not created, its revealed." I think I have learned that on my mission too. There have been so many times that I didn't feel Gods love and I used to think it was because it might not be there. Coming on a mission didn't make the Lord love me more, it only showed me how much he has always loved me. It wasn't created. It was revealed. 
               After the conference we came home and checked the mail and what did we find? Our release papers..... Woah. It is official, we are scheduled to go home on Okt 16. That's about 15 weeks from now. We have 3 weeks left in this transfer and then I will have my last 12 weeks in the land. Many of you have asked if I think I will die here in Sarpsborg. I think I will. I have had 7 areas so I don't think that President will move me again. If I had it my way he would. I would like to go up to Trondheim for my last 12 weeks, but I think that is a little bit too good to be true. We will see though! Next moves call is July 20. Btw... when did July get here? And, what is everyone's plans for the 4th of July? I think Mac and I are going to celebrate it on our own. Show Norway some American spirit! 
                  I got to see Gusty last week! It was so good! I hadn't seen him in 4 1/2 months. The kid is still losing weight, I swear. Such a boy. Does nothing and loses weight! But I was telling him how I felt like it had been FOREVER since I saw him and he looked at me and said...
    "Are you saying that a day without seeing me is like a week without p-day?" 
   I died. #thelifeofamissionary 
    Its been an eventful week! I am so glad that I didn't have any breaks or stress fractures with my ankle. It is still sore, but it is slowly getting better. I think it just needs some more time. I hope that you are all doing well. I love you all!! 


P.S. I got my package! I love it!! Its perfect! We are going to the city to talk to them about getting permission as soon as possible! Lots of love! 

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