Monday, July 28, 2014

My Norwegain Companion Who Doesn't Speak English‏

Dear Weasley Family and Friends,
              It looks like you all had a fantastic week together!! I am going to be honest, knowing that I soon will be back with you guys it makes me a little home sick. I did however wake up this morning and looked outside and thought to myself, "One day I'm going to wake up and not be in Norway." and felt kind of sad. Everything is so beautiful here, and I will really miss that. I had to look at the academic calendar today to know when school starts back. That was really weird. And the website made me a little sick. I guess for some things it takes more than 16 months to get over the classical conditioning. Crazy times! 
             This week was my first week with my new companion, Sister Trydal. It has been a busy one. We don't really have anyone to teach so we have been doing a lot of finding. Its been hotter than... well... than it should be which hasn't made the week super fun. I've been showering 3 times a day. Everyone tells me that I should be used to it because I am from Texas, but I just remind them that in Texas we stay inside where there is air conditioning! We did get a new fan though, so now we sleep with two fans and that's pretty dang glorious, if you ask me. It was a slow week, but we have some good appointments lined up for this week, so that's good.

 Spoiler alert: My Norwegian Companion Who Doesn't Speak English does speak English. And during language study we get to speak English to help her learn!! #bestthingever She just is more comfortable in Norsk, and so she sticks to that most of the time. She did however speak English for the greenie yesterday. He clapped his hands and jumped up and down. #precious 

               Our new distrik has been assembled. We have 2 new missionaries in Halden, one is a greenie, and then Sister Trydal. The Halden elders are hilarious. I keep shaking my head and asking what President was thinking, but its good to have jokes to laugh at. For some reason the bus stopped coming to Fredrikstad or Sarpsborg from Halden on Sundays, so we had to drive 45 minutes to pick them and then drive 45 minutes to church, and then drive them back and then 45 minutes back to our house. Somehow the elders managed to monologue the whole time. By the end of it I was so exhausted from laughing that I was called all we had left to do was language study. It is a fun distrikt with Elder Ashton, Elder Drage, and greenie Elder Witback, its a non-stop laugh. I told them all that we are having a distrik wide pday for my birthday next week and that they are required to make me a home-made present. No worries, I will send lots of pictures. 
                  You guys... I'm turning 22. Talk about old. I'm now 4 years older than the new elders coming in. #taylorswiftimfeeling22
                    So... yeah... thoughts about what to write? Oh, here's some funny stories. I say "Thoughts?" all the time, like when I'm trying to get other people to tell me what they think or when I'm trying to plan a lesson. Yesterday, Elder Aston taught the investigator class and after he explained a principle he said "Thoughts?" which was even funnier because he said it in Norwegian. I about died. Then fast forward to Sacrament meeting. I had one of my investigators in church yesterday! Score! He is from Iraq and is the sweetest thing ever. He doesn't speak my Norsk, and speaks no English, and he can't read in any language because he didn't go to school. BUT!! He is always so happy when we talk to him about the gospel and he wanted to come to church so we said please do! Well Elder Ashton sat by him in Sacrament meeting. I had sat by him earlier and as we sang I just moved my finger along the words so he could follow the best he could. Most people don't like to sing because they don't know the songs, but he just mumbled the notes and the words. When Ashton sat by him I bumped Ashton and told him to do the same thing, but for some reason Sadun wanted to move his finger along with the words too. So he put his finger right by Ashtons and they just followed along. I was dying trying not to laugh. I kept trying to look up at the ceiling to not burst into snorts. Afterwards, Elder Ashton told me that he felt like it was Sing Along Time with Elder Ashton. Probably one of the funniest Sundays in a long time. Sadun is the best!! I ended up teaching Sadun alone because Sister Trydal was busy talking to members. She came over afterward and was like "Sorry we didn't get to teach Sadun." And I just smiled and said "Oh, we did. I taught him!" She just laughed. You got to do, what you got to do! 
                   Hey mom, can you start looking into housing for the winter semester? I don't care where it is besides the fact that I would rather be on the BYU side of Provo. The wards are much better. But anything works. Also, can you find out when I need to register for classes for next semester? I think it will be in Okt while you guys are here, but I'm not sure. And what is the news about getting permission to come? 
              Btw... here's my address for those of you who are sending lovely wishes of birthday goodness... 
Merkurveien 19
1734 Hafslundsøy

                    Sorry if that's a little big.... I mean it's not like I want mail or anything. Well.. actually I was going to ask you guys if you could maybe kinda sorta send me mail? I know that it's the last 12 weeks and that I will be home so soon, but I am feeling just a little bit idk... lonely with only speaking Norsk all day. So if you guys could send some love my way, I would be forever grateful!! No need to like over night it or anything or to even write that much. Just send me some pics the kids drew or like a receipt from your most recent trip to the store. I am open to anything! #Imahypocrite #Ineversendmail #forgiveme

    Let's just get on with everyone's favorite part.... FUNNY QUOTES!!! Now that I'm living with a Norwegian I think they happen all the time. I either say something weird in Norsk or she thinks that I said something else, so we laugh a lot. 

Me: "Double eww?"  Trydal: "No. Just a normal eww."  - Okay this is funny because when you say W in Norwegian its pronounced as literally double-u. So she thought I was saying with a W when what I was asking was are their two Us? Okay this probably isn't that funny if I have to explain it, but I will look back and laugh! 

Conversations on the heat with missionaries, Me: "Its so hot. Am i in the Philipean or Norway?"   " I've never wanted to swear more in my life." 

Me:  "Anything else?"  Trydal: "Yes!!" sticking her hands in the air and looking victorious  Me: "What?"  Trydal: "I won!"   - That moment when your comp thinks you said something totally different because you guys don't speak the same language

         Okay, I thought that I had a bunch of other quotes, but I re-read them and they weren't that funny. So let's pray the people around me start saying some brilliant things! I am sure they will. Its only a matter of time before I see the Elders again. 
           Hey, quick random question. Its been on my mind all week. I got a blessing last week because I was having a really hard time, and in my blessing it talked about my family. Is everyone doing okay? I don't know, the wording was kind of weird. But it sounds like everyone is doing well. And those pictures were to die for!! I want a copy of all the grand kids together!! That was so cute!! Man, I can't believe I get to meet so many new additions soon! Anyways, I just hope you guys know that I love you all and that you are always in my thoughts and prayers. I've always told myself, when times get hard that even if I've done nothing else, at least my family has been blessed by me serving. It was kinda crazy because in my blessing those exact words were used. I know the Lord is watching over each and everyone of you. I love you! 
             Go enjoy my birthday week for me!! 
Keep it real. Keep it classy. And may the odds be ever in your favor! 


Shout outs!

Mom & Dad- Hey! Thanks for getting married so that I could be born. Okay, that was selfish. Obviously my mission hasn't changed me at all... Lets try again. Thanks for getting married so that the world could be a better place by your wonderful example and the amazingly wonderful children that you have! I hope that you guys eat some Mint Ice Cream Cake for me. They don't have that flavor here! Love you! 

*Also, can I have some more pictures of Knox? Thanks! 

Monday, July 21, 2014


Dear Weasley Family and Friends,
      Well, March has come and gone and taken March Madness with it, but here in the Norway we get the excitement of having Moves Madness once every 6 weeks. For some reason this moves was the biggest we have ever had rumor wise. People were calling me all week and wouldn't get off the phone until I spilled the information that I knew. I just started a list keeping track of all the rumors I heard, and then I got smart. I made my own Moves Board, just like President's. Okay, lets be honest, this is probably not what Presidents looks like, but I was still proud of mine! I bracketed all the moves out and prayed for much inspiration. Actually I just put people together that I thought would be fun, but none the less here is the finished product! 
       I'm not saying that I won, only because there isn't a real competition, but I had 61.1% correct which did beat Elder Ashton's 47% correct. What can I say? My brothers taught me well! I guess I should say that Sister McArthur will be leaving. She is headed to Asker to be with Sister Hunt. Asker is in the same ward as the APs and President. So that will be fun for her! Right now, I'm scheduled to stay and serve with Sister Trydal. She is the only Norwegian sister in the mission. She is from 2 hours outside of Skien, my first area. I actually knew her before she came on her mission. She was baptized like 2 years ago by an elder that I served with. They actually got to serve together at the same time, so that was cool. I say that right now I'm scheduled to serve with her because I'm not 100% sure that I will be. Things are kinda crazy with this moves, so I'm waiting to talk to President today and then I will know more. But I'm 98% sure that I will be serving with her, so that will be a new adventure. Did I mention that she doesn't really speak English? Is it possible to forget English in 12 weeks? Can you really say that you know English if you don't understand grammar, or spelling, or punctuation? Are the rhetorical questions back? Did Mom send me an email with like 90 rhetorical questions at the beginning. Why yes, she she did. 
          At this moment I am drawing a blank of the week, but I do know this. There were some funny things said, so lets get that rolling.

​    Quotes of the Week! 

  "Today is one of those days where I feel like if I walked outside I would be struck by lightening." - Mac

   "She fancied him..." - Sunniva 

"You can't make judgements on things you've never tried... excpet drugs... those you can pass judgement on. " - Mac

" Rough, rough, rough.. I accidentally said rough more than one time..." - Elder Ashton

"You just want to punch those people in the face!" - Erin

"When someone is coming at you with claws... I don't know how that's inviting at all. I'm not like Oh please come claw my leg!!" - Mac

"Forget the Holy. Forget the Ghost. Numbers are what matter most!" - Elder Ashton quoting another elders song
"Today is one of those days where I'm just ready to lay in the road and hope that people go around me instead of over me." - Mac, on the next day after the first

"Is there alcohol in the lesser kingdoms?" - Mac 

"Shut the trap!" - Erin 

"How bold is George Washington?!" - Elder Ashton 

"President, I just want to know how long you were on your knees before you felt comfortable with this moves call. I just need to know so I can have an estimate of how long I'm going to be on mine..." - Mac, on a pretend call with President after Moves Call 

"Hi man with the crazy eye... do you have our tires? Can you put them on? " - Mac #wehatethecarplace 

" I wish his forehead wasn't so big. It would make it easier to love him... " - Me 

""If you jump out that window cat, I will be so FREAKING pissed!" - Mac 

"Okay... annoucements... Moves rumors. Who has them?" - Elder Ashton at Distrikt Meeting

         So other than laughing my head off all week, we didn't do too many other exciting things. We did a lot of finding and working on our street stand. I was invited to a Muslim mosque to be taught by them. I'm not really sure how to feel about that, but I guess beggars can't be choosers :) Elder Ashton has officially moved to Fredrikstad, so that's exciting! It was a good meeting. We talked about Boldness because this month is the month of boldness. We have a bold move of the week that is sent out to the mission. Mac and I wanted to get on it, but the only things we could think of doing was stuff like jumping on peoples backs or stealing someones dog and then acting like we found it and then teaching them about the gospel, but we didn't feel super good about it so we decided not to. #thatwasajoke Every time that President says a joke he always says "That was a joke." afterwards. Kills me every time. We also hit our 15 month mark on Thursday. That was exciting!! Its crazy to think that in less than 3 months we will all be back with our families again. Time flies!! I'm excited to see all of you guys. I love you all!!! Sorry that this is such a lame email. I will have lots of good stories to tell next week with the new comp! 

 Keep it real. Keep it classy. And may the odds be ever in your favor. 


Shout outs!

Millie- Happy birthday little girl!!! 

Linsey & Jordan- Happy anniversary!!! 

Brent & Lori- Happy anniversary!!! 

TJ- Happy Birthday girlie!!!

Sunday, July 20, 2014

Pirates of the Caribbean and 'Merica

. Last Monday we went down to the city center in Fredrikstad and looked at all the boats that came in for the boat race. It was like being on the real live Pirates of the Caribbean

Merica!! But until I'm back, I will just have to settle for homemade peanut butter and ritz!

We are watching someone's cats right now and we found this fun little hat among other things!

This is obviously a horrid picture. But we finished our sign for our gata stand! We didn't get the chance to do it last week though :(

. Mac and I love making Distrikt lunches super cute and girly

. Elder Weaver and Badger came to town!! They are the traveling APs and were making their way through. We put all the elders in the back and had to drive for 20 minutes. Kinda uncomfortable for all involved.

We gave Familien Olsen their gift. They are the family that live right next door to us and they love the missionaries. We got as many of their favorite missionaries to put their hand print on this canvas and then wrote the scripture Alma 26.3. They loved it!

Norwegians are crazy. When the gas gets really low they all go fill up and the tempers come out. Today there was almost a fight!

Monday, July 14, 2014

Humidity, Old People, and Ice Cream Dates‏

Dear Weasley Family and Friends,
       Another week has come and gone. President called like 9 times last week and each time he had ZERO moves rumors for us. Seeing as it is less than one week until Moves Call (Sunday), the mission is obsessed with trying to figure out what is happening. The 17 Miracles are headed home in 12 weeks, so many of us have to be moved to our dying areas, not to mention we have 10 new missionaries coming in, so this moves will be a big one. I had a interview with President this week and asked him to spilled the beans but he just smiled and shook his head at me like you do when you find your 18 month old playing in the flour. To say the least, I got no where with my investigating, which is saying a lot because I always have all the rumors in this mission. I do know however two things. #1. Elder Ashton is on his way here, to Fredrikstad, to become my new District Leader. I told him before the beginning of this transfer that I would see him soon because I was dead set that he was coming. When we had moves call and he didn't get transferred here, I decided that he would still be coming soon, and I was right! He is being moved early because our old District Leader, Elder Hurst, is going to be white washing K-sand with a greenie, and President wanted him to have time to get used to the area before his greenie came in. So that's exciting! Everyone says that I'm going to be transferred since he is my DL because we are such good friends and have wanted to serve together forever. #2. I know that either Mac or I are leaving. I also know that Mac will be in East or Telemark zones for the big conf. in Sept, so if she moves she isn't going far. That's all I got. Lame right? I could be staying or I could be going. No idea!! I think President did the moves board blind this time because it sounds like lots of people are moving around. It will be exciting though!! I will let you guys know next Monday.      
           So other than that we had a AP training meeting where the APs went over all of the skills we need and we had an opportunity to talk about each of them and then do lots of practicing. It was from 10-5:30. At first we were all very much not looking forward to it, but it actually turned out to be really great. I felt really inspired and uplifted. I wrote down a million thoughts and goals I want to work on for these last 3 months. I felt almost like a greenie again, that's how many notes I took. Here are some of the quotes that I loved from the meeting...

  "Some where along the way you have to learn to like it and that will make the world of difference." - Elder Whetten 

   "It's not just what He does or teaches, its who He is." - Jones talking about Christ

  "...willing to look for the Spirit every day." - Elder Whetten

    "He's the message not for everyone else, but for himself." - Jones

    "You realize how much your actions influence your success." - Jones

    "I love the smell of old people." - Elder Edwards 

   "Our goal is that we are natural missionaries." - Jones

     "People need the portion of what they need, not everything we have." - Jones

   " Eternity is made up of right nows." -Sister Aasen 

"We can decide that we are going to continue to continue." - Jones 

"The Narvik push. You push all four door bells at the same time." - Jones

"Yeah... I would usually say that invading someone's home is too bold." - Jones

"Let me ask her if she will join us... MILLLLLDDDDRREEEEEDDDDD!!!!... No she won't join us." -Elder Edwards (acting like an old man in a practice teach)

"Ultimately it doesn't matter what the end result is because we do it to do it." - Jones

"I don't even know what to say to you! You have nothing in your head at all!!" - Jones

        I've been studying obedience and the will of God since the meeting. Mac and I were talking about it and she said, "The only thing that God doesn't have is our will." I've been thinking about how a lot of times in my life I have "sacrificed" or "offered" things to God thinking that it would be enough to be blessed or to get what I wanted, but really the only thing he really wants or needs is our will. Once we give him our will and we follow the guidance He gives us our sacrifices or offerings become opportunities. They become strengths, memories, testimony builders, and we are happier. We come closer to the Lord and we see that what we had to give up or do without wasn't a sacrifice at all.  The Lord can do more with our time, abilities, relationships, skills, and talents than we ever could. As we live our lives based on the principles of the gospel we build on a sturdy foundation. 
           Yesterday we met with an inactive girl. She is 28 and has the most adorable 2 year old boy. She was raised in the church, her parents are still very active. Her dad was even biskopen for many years. She is so cute! She has the adorable personality and cute house. She was very open to having us come in to talk. As we started talking I asked her what it was that she believed in. She explained that she didn't know if God really existed. She never felt that when she prayed that she was actually talking to anyone. Having a child, she hoped that there was more after this life, but she didn't know. She doesn't really like religion and she didn't like some of the social ideas she gained because she was raised a member. I was really glad that she was so open and so willing to talk about her experiences. I know that its quite common to grow up in the church and to never feel anything, but I looked at her cute little family and I thought "Don't you want to be together forever?"
                Meeting with her reminded me of how personal our relationships with God really are. There are people that we meet with that feel the Spirit a lot, receive many answers to prayers, and have great experiences with the Church, and still decide not to join it. Mac and I have talked about this a lot lately. We can bare our testimonies and teach until we are blue in the face, but until they experience it for themselves and the Spirit touches them in the way that they need, it won't work. I'm grateful that God knows us and what we need, that he can give us the answers we need in the way we need them. Personal testimonies are sacred. 
                  You guys... the weather the has been disgusting!!!! It's so ÆSHJ!!!!!!!! It has been so humid and so hot! I felt like I was back in Texas!! One day we met with one of our investigators, Øystein. He asked if we wanted to go get an ice cream and then go sit in the park. So we ate ice cream and sat in the shade and talked about prayer and the Book of Mormon. Øystein is awesome! He used to be an atheist when the missionaries first met him, but now he believes in God. He thinks the Word of Wisdom is a bit crazy and always tells us that that's where it stops for him. We tell him that he needs to get a better testimony of the Book of Mormon and Joseph Smith and then we will talk to him about it. Love that guy! 
                  Mac and I are going to be enjoying the last full week together! Next Wednesday, 23 Juli, we will have moves, but we will know what's happening on the 20th. We FINALLY got all of our stuff worked out for our Gate stand, so we will be doing that this week too. I'm excited! Thanks again for all the stuff!! It should be a great week! I hope that this email finds you all well. I love you!
Keep it real. Keep it classy. And may the odds be ever in your favor! 


P.S. Hahah made you read this! :) 

Sunday, July 13, 2014

Mission conference

. President and Elder Edwards sporting British flag sunglasses. President said "God bless the queen!" after he put them on

 Elder Jones, Kirk, and Hurst had to fix the sink that got clogged in the Oslo church. Yuck!

Cake at the Pederson's house!

Monday, July 7, 2014

Car troubles, Sugar Daddies, and Sweden

Dear Weasley Family and Friends,
    "Success is how high you bounce when you hit bottom." 
     Well another week has come and gone! I feel like I have to get really creative these days to send these emails home. Life has become pretty vanlig, eller normal på English. Family, I have only 13 more emails home to you, and I'm going to be honest.... I know that we teach the principle of Enduring to the End, but I don't know if these emails can hang in there. I mean, of course I will keep sending them, but I feel like the quality of them is going down hill. So I want to apologize now for the coming weeks. But lets get on with the real stuff now... 
         So this week we had two cars!! Yay!! Our other car was out of order because of a broken water pump, so we had the Traveling APs car to borrow. It was a complete travesty of situation trying to get the car fixed. One where the Traveling APs ended up having to take a train here so that they could pay for our car because we got it fixed at a bit of a ghetto (for Norway) place that only took cash or card. I felt like I was walking in with my Sugar Daddies when they came to pay for everything. But Sister McArthur and I had the exciting experience of being able to drive our two separate cars to the place. We needed to be able to get both cars to the shop so we called President and got permission to drive separately. Wow! I forgot how weird it is to be alone. I think when I get home I am just going to have to talk to myself so that it isn't so awkwardly quiet. The good news is that our car is back up and working and I am back at spending lots of money to fill it up. #firstworldproblems
            Tuesday we had a cool experience. We went to the library to do something things and when I walked in I saw two guys sitting on the couch. I just had the thought that I should talk to them. I asked Mac for 2 cards and then once we were done I went over to talk to them. Only one of them was there, but I gave him a card and we started talking. He had met with missionaries before way up in the North, and has a strong belief in God. He believes in God and Jesus Christ but he said he is really confused because the Bible is super confusing. He was asking my about my mission and I told him that it was volunteer and that I paid (well, my parents...) to be here. Sister McArthur had gone to the bathroom, but I was just sitting there talking to him for about 10 minutes until he said "Sit down. I have to ask you some questions!" We started talking about missions and beliefs and some of the questions he has. A few minutes later Sister McArthur came back and we talked to him for about 30 minutes. We were able to teach him about the Book of Mormon. At first he said that he had one, but after I read a scripture from it and bore my testimony he asked if he could take it. It was a really neat experience, and a testimony to me that 1. God leads us to those that we need to meet. Whether as a friend, missionary, random person, God watches over us and knows what we need to grow. 2. Our weaknesses are meant to be overcome through the Atonement, but God can still use us to do bless those around us. Before my mission you couldn't have paid me to do that, but I've been strengthened and molded as I've served the Lord. 
                 His name is Chigga, he's from the Congo, and he is the most sassy person I have ever met besides myself and Elder Gusty. He first told us that God told Adam to not listen to women, in which I responded that he was greatly confused. Later I was trying to say something and he kept talking over me and I stuck up my finger and said "Let me finish." After that, he was nice and respectful. He is def going to be one of those investigators I love, but drives me nuts. Guess its good for me to get a taste of my own medicine. 
                   Quote of the Week:
 Mac: "I want to go to bed so that I can wake up and it not be today." 
           How was everyone's Fourth of July?? Man, was I missing home on that day!! I wanted to be there to have a nice Fourth of July eat everything you can fest! But I guess that will be next year! This week I have had a lot of dreams about going home. Æshj.. Its terrible. Also I keep having these dreams where people I knew before the mish or people I dated are my Zone Leaders. Cross reference... well I'm not going to cross reference. I think I've been on a mission too long. Not too long as I'm ready for it to be over, but too long where I don't remember life outside of the mish. 
              In exciting news, I have officially gotten Torunn to switch to only speaking Norwegian to me. I've been working on my dialect lately so she has been helping me learn hers. Actually what usually ends up happening is that I speak Norwegian to her and she answers in English. The other day we were on the phone and were speaking Norwegian and then she switched to English and I kept talking to her in Norweigan for abotu 5 minutes before I was like "Wait... this is backwards..." Now that my Norwegian is better its much easier to learn a dialect. Fun times!!! I can't wait for Mom and Dad to come and here all the different dialects. We will be with members a lot so they will get to hear plenty of Norsk! 
                  We also went to Sweden this week. The family in our ward that lives over the boarder invited us over for dinner. It was so much fun! They live out in teh county so it was so nice and peaceful. We sat outside and played with the kids while dinner was being made. It was great! We also got to see the beautiful views that are around there. Its fun thinking that you were in two separate countries in one day. It was gorgeous!! And I adore the Isaksen family!! 
        All in all it was a good week. This week we are going to Oslo for an ALL DAY TRAINING!!! Yeah, we have been told to bring lots of pain meds for headaches. Should be fun! I hope that you are all doing well!! I love you guys! 

Keep it real. Keep it classy. And may the odds be ever in your favor! 


P.S. Linsey and Jordan are in Costa Rica? Woah!! Fun!!!!

P.P.S. The ankle is doing way better!

P.P.P.S. Knox is adorable!!


P.P.P.P.P.S. Seriously these p.s. things are over-rated. Unless we are talking about P.S. I Love You, and then that just makes me cry! 

 Ha det! 

Sunday, July 6, 2014

Being in 2 places at once!

Tor bought me a new shirt!
Gusty, Mac, Collard, and me #notmybestpicture

Sister MacArthur built us a shelf

Happy 4th of July!

. This was at the Isaksen's house in Sweden. I think Gavin needs one of these!


. I don't know what this says... Just kidding, I can read Swedish!

The bridge between Sweden and Norway!

. If I could update my facebook picture, this would be it