Monday, July 21, 2014


Dear Weasley Family and Friends,
      Well, March has come and gone and taken March Madness with it, but here in the Norway we get the excitement of having Moves Madness once every 6 weeks. For some reason this moves was the biggest we have ever had rumor wise. People were calling me all week and wouldn't get off the phone until I spilled the information that I knew. I just started a list keeping track of all the rumors I heard, and then I got smart. I made my own Moves Board, just like President's. Okay, lets be honest, this is probably not what Presidents looks like, but I was still proud of mine! I bracketed all the moves out and prayed for much inspiration. Actually I just put people together that I thought would be fun, but none the less here is the finished product! 
       I'm not saying that I won, only because there isn't a real competition, but I had 61.1% correct which did beat Elder Ashton's 47% correct. What can I say? My brothers taught me well! I guess I should say that Sister McArthur will be leaving. She is headed to Asker to be with Sister Hunt. Asker is in the same ward as the APs and President. So that will be fun for her! Right now, I'm scheduled to stay and serve with Sister Trydal. She is the only Norwegian sister in the mission. She is from 2 hours outside of Skien, my first area. I actually knew her before she came on her mission. She was baptized like 2 years ago by an elder that I served with. They actually got to serve together at the same time, so that was cool. I say that right now I'm scheduled to serve with her because I'm not 100% sure that I will be. Things are kinda crazy with this moves, so I'm waiting to talk to President today and then I will know more. But I'm 98% sure that I will be serving with her, so that will be a new adventure. Did I mention that she doesn't really speak English? Is it possible to forget English in 12 weeks? Can you really say that you know English if you don't understand grammar, or spelling, or punctuation? Are the rhetorical questions back? Did Mom send me an email with like 90 rhetorical questions at the beginning. Why yes, she she did. 
          At this moment I am drawing a blank of the week, but I do know this. There were some funny things said, so lets get that rolling.

​    Quotes of the Week! 

  "Today is one of those days where I feel like if I walked outside I would be struck by lightening." - Mac

   "She fancied him..." - Sunniva 

"You can't make judgements on things you've never tried... excpet drugs... those you can pass judgement on. " - Mac

" Rough, rough, rough.. I accidentally said rough more than one time..." - Elder Ashton

"You just want to punch those people in the face!" - Erin

"When someone is coming at you with claws... I don't know how that's inviting at all. I'm not like Oh please come claw my leg!!" - Mac

"Forget the Holy. Forget the Ghost. Numbers are what matter most!" - Elder Ashton quoting another elders song
"Today is one of those days where I'm just ready to lay in the road and hope that people go around me instead of over me." - Mac, on the next day after the first

"Is there alcohol in the lesser kingdoms?" - Mac 

"Shut the trap!" - Erin 

"How bold is George Washington?!" - Elder Ashton 

"President, I just want to know how long you were on your knees before you felt comfortable with this moves call. I just need to know so I can have an estimate of how long I'm going to be on mine..." - Mac, on a pretend call with President after Moves Call 

"Hi man with the crazy eye... do you have our tires? Can you put them on? " - Mac #wehatethecarplace 

" I wish his forehead wasn't so big. It would make it easier to love him... " - Me 

""If you jump out that window cat, I will be so FREAKING pissed!" - Mac 

"Okay... annoucements... Moves rumors. Who has them?" - Elder Ashton at Distrikt Meeting

         So other than laughing my head off all week, we didn't do too many other exciting things. We did a lot of finding and working on our street stand. I was invited to a Muslim mosque to be taught by them. I'm not really sure how to feel about that, but I guess beggars can't be choosers :) Elder Ashton has officially moved to Fredrikstad, so that's exciting! It was a good meeting. We talked about Boldness because this month is the month of boldness. We have a bold move of the week that is sent out to the mission. Mac and I wanted to get on it, but the only things we could think of doing was stuff like jumping on peoples backs or stealing someones dog and then acting like we found it and then teaching them about the gospel, but we didn't feel super good about it so we decided not to. #thatwasajoke Every time that President says a joke he always says "That was a joke." afterwards. Kills me every time. We also hit our 15 month mark on Thursday. That was exciting!! Its crazy to think that in less than 3 months we will all be back with our families again. Time flies!! I'm excited to see all of you guys. I love you all!!! Sorry that this is such a lame email. I will have lots of good stories to tell next week with the new comp! 

 Keep it real. Keep it classy. And may the odds be ever in your favor. 


Shout outs!

Millie- Happy birthday little girl!!! 

Linsey & Jordan- Happy anniversary!!! 

Brent & Lori- Happy anniversary!!! 

TJ- Happy Birthday girlie!!!

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