Sunday, July 20, 2014

Pirates of the Caribbean and 'Merica

. Last Monday we went down to the city center in Fredrikstad and looked at all the boats that came in for the boat race. It was like being on the real live Pirates of the Caribbean

Merica!! But until I'm back, I will just have to settle for homemade peanut butter and ritz!

We are watching someone's cats right now and we found this fun little hat among other things!

This is obviously a horrid picture. But we finished our sign for our gata stand! We didn't get the chance to do it last week though :(

. Mac and I love making Distrikt lunches super cute and girly

. Elder Weaver and Badger came to town!! They are the traveling APs and were making their way through. We put all the elders in the back and had to drive for 20 minutes. Kinda uncomfortable for all involved.

We gave Familien Olsen their gift. They are the family that live right next door to us and they love the missionaries. We got as many of their favorite missionaries to put their hand print on this canvas and then wrote the scripture Alma 26.3. They loved it!

Norwegians are crazy. When the gas gets really low they all go fill up and the tempers come out. Today there was almost a fight!

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