Monday, July 7, 2014

Car troubles, Sugar Daddies, and Sweden

Dear Weasley Family and Friends,
    "Success is how high you bounce when you hit bottom." 
     Well another week has come and gone! I feel like I have to get really creative these days to send these emails home. Life has become pretty vanlig, eller normal på English. Family, I have only 13 more emails home to you, and I'm going to be honest.... I know that we teach the principle of Enduring to the End, but I don't know if these emails can hang in there. I mean, of course I will keep sending them, but I feel like the quality of them is going down hill. So I want to apologize now for the coming weeks. But lets get on with the real stuff now... 
         So this week we had two cars!! Yay!! Our other car was out of order because of a broken water pump, so we had the Traveling APs car to borrow. It was a complete travesty of situation trying to get the car fixed. One where the Traveling APs ended up having to take a train here so that they could pay for our car because we got it fixed at a bit of a ghetto (for Norway) place that only took cash or card. I felt like I was walking in with my Sugar Daddies when they came to pay for everything. But Sister McArthur and I had the exciting experience of being able to drive our two separate cars to the place. We needed to be able to get both cars to the shop so we called President and got permission to drive separately. Wow! I forgot how weird it is to be alone. I think when I get home I am just going to have to talk to myself so that it isn't so awkwardly quiet. The good news is that our car is back up and working and I am back at spending lots of money to fill it up. #firstworldproblems
            Tuesday we had a cool experience. We went to the library to do something things and when I walked in I saw two guys sitting on the couch. I just had the thought that I should talk to them. I asked Mac for 2 cards and then once we were done I went over to talk to them. Only one of them was there, but I gave him a card and we started talking. He had met with missionaries before way up in the North, and has a strong belief in God. He believes in God and Jesus Christ but he said he is really confused because the Bible is super confusing. He was asking my about my mission and I told him that it was volunteer and that I paid (well, my parents...) to be here. Sister McArthur had gone to the bathroom, but I was just sitting there talking to him for about 10 minutes until he said "Sit down. I have to ask you some questions!" We started talking about missions and beliefs and some of the questions he has. A few minutes later Sister McArthur came back and we talked to him for about 30 minutes. We were able to teach him about the Book of Mormon. At first he said that he had one, but after I read a scripture from it and bore my testimony he asked if he could take it. It was a really neat experience, and a testimony to me that 1. God leads us to those that we need to meet. Whether as a friend, missionary, random person, God watches over us and knows what we need to grow. 2. Our weaknesses are meant to be overcome through the Atonement, but God can still use us to do bless those around us. Before my mission you couldn't have paid me to do that, but I've been strengthened and molded as I've served the Lord. 
                 His name is Chigga, he's from the Congo, and he is the most sassy person I have ever met besides myself and Elder Gusty. He first told us that God told Adam to not listen to women, in which I responded that he was greatly confused. Later I was trying to say something and he kept talking over me and I stuck up my finger and said "Let me finish." After that, he was nice and respectful. He is def going to be one of those investigators I love, but drives me nuts. Guess its good for me to get a taste of my own medicine. 
                   Quote of the Week:
 Mac: "I want to go to bed so that I can wake up and it not be today." 
           How was everyone's Fourth of July?? Man, was I missing home on that day!! I wanted to be there to have a nice Fourth of July eat everything you can fest! But I guess that will be next year! This week I have had a lot of dreams about going home. Æshj.. Its terrible. Also I keep having these dreams where people I knew before the mish or people I dated are my Zone Leaders. Cross reference... well I'm not going to cross reference. I think I've been on a mission too long. Not too long as I'm ready for it to be over, but too long where I don't remember life outside of the mish. 
              In exciting news, I have officially gotten Torunn to switch to only speaking Norwegian to me. I've been working on my dialect lately so she has been helping me learn hers. Actually what usually ends up happening is that I speak Norwegian to her and she answers in English. The other day we were on the phone and were speaking Norwegian and then she switched to English and I kept talking to her in Norweigan for abotu 5 minutes before I was like "Wait... this is backwards..." Now that my Norwegian is better its much easier to learn a dialect. Fun times!!! I can't wait for Mom and Dad to come and here all the different dialects. We will be with members a lot so they will get to hear plenty of Norsk! 
                  We also went to Sweden this week. The family in our ward that lives over the boarder invited us over for dinner. It was so much fun! They live out in teh county so it was so nice and peaceful. We sat outside and played with the kids while dinner was being made. It was great! We also got to see the beautiful views that are around there. Its fun thinking that you were in two separate countries in one day. It was gorgeous!! And I adore the Isaksen family!! 
        All in all it was a good week. This week we are going to Oslo for an ALL DAY TRAINING!!! Yeah, we have been told to bring lots of pain meds for headaches. Should be fun! I hope that you are all doing well!! I love you guys! 

Keep it real. Keep it classy. And may the odds be ever in your favor! 


P.S. Linsey and Jordan are in Costa Rica? Woah!! Fun!!!!

P.P.S. The ankle is doing way better!

P.P.P.S. Knox is adorable!!


P.P.P.P.P.S. Seriously these p.s. things are over-rated. Unless we are talking about P.S. I Love You, and then that just makes me cry! 

 Ha det! 

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