Thursday, August 21, 2014

BOLDNESS or SASSINESS--I'm running out of time!

Dear Weasley Family and Friends,
               It's Pday!! Again? Our pdays have been super weird lately. Today I'm in Oslo. We came on splits here yesterday and I stayed for my pday. We are going to the chocolate Freia factory today. I'm just going to put this out there... I will be buying the cheap chocolate!! And of course Oslo shopping later! We just found out that our Bednar conference on Sept. 7th is going to be an ENTIRE mission conference!! That never happens!! I am so excited to see everyone!! It's been 15 months since I last saw some! It will be good to be together as a mission. All of the members are coming to the conference, so that will be fun too! And then afterwards we are going to have a 3 hour meeting with Elder Bednar. I'm kind of nervous.. Like... is he going to yell? No, I am sure that he is going to be super inspiring and uplifting! Well... I hope! 
                 Last week we had Elder Dyches and his wife come for the mission tour. It was a great meeting! They talked about a lot of different things. It was cool! I wanted to know how to have more faith, and that was discussed a lot! That was a cool because we were asked to pick one question and come to the meeting with it, and that was my question!! God really does hear our prayers! I have a confession.... and this is a confession on all the sisters that are going home soon... marriage is everywhere... I was looking over my notes and half of them were about marriage! I don't even know how I got them! I'm like COME ON!! Everyone says that its trying to prepare us for the next stage. Its an awkward stage, people. Being on splits I was able to be with Sister Aasen and Harrison, which was awesome! But we decided that dying is just a weird thing. Like I know that my place isn't here anymore because I can feel it, but I don't know how to have my place at home either, so its just this weird in-between area. And let me tell you, as the days grow shorter so does my patience and sweetness. I guess you can call it boldness, if you will. I just feel like I don't have time for this! I don't have time to sit there and listen to you bash the Book of Mormon or Joseph Smith or Christ. So my sassiness has gone up, and I'm not sure if that's good, but I'm labeling it as boldness to make myself feel better about it. They say in the scriptures we are supposed to be bold, right?
                 Honestly, these last few weeks I feel like I've been on one sleepover to the next. Last week we stayed in Asker with Sister Hunt and Sister McArthur. Sister McArthur and I had our mattresses on the floor and just pushed them together and talked until around 12. Of course this was with the lights off, so all rules were followed! #obedience #D&C130:20-21 We fell asleep for a little bit only to wake up at 345 to Sister Hunt hysterically laughing. I knew that she slept talked, but I didn't realize how much. We had two choices here. We could either #1. Wake her up so we could go back to sleep or #2. Let her keep talking and record her and tell everyone about it the next day at conference. So of course, we chose number two. She talked for 45 minutes and I was sore the next day from laughing so hard. I will have to give you guys some quotes, because it was CRAZY!! Seriously, probably the best night of my mission. Love the sister life! I also got to go on splits with MAC!! That was way fun! Even though we just served together, it was fun to be together again in a new city. I love that girl! 
                 Did I tell you guys that we are having a Sisters conference before we go? I guess they want to get all the good stuff done before the 17 miracles head out, because we are jammed packed with activities until we leave!!
                 Today we went to the chocolate factory!! It was so much fun. Mom and dad, we will have to go when you get here. You have to get the experience of the Norwegian chocolate! We took tons of pics and we had about 20 other missionaries there. That was so much! Really, its been one adventure after the other.
                  We have a cool investigator named Lauren. She is from the Congo. She is way sincere and humble. The cutest! She knows that God lives and answers prayers. We asked her how she knew that and she told us about a dream she had. She dreamed that her country would have a war and that she needed to stay inside. Later war came to her land and she stayed inside and was safe. She was later lead by God to Norway. She used to be catholic, but she said that she believed in a prophet so she left and became Lutheran. I was like we have a prophet! She is really sweet, and I look forward to teaching her in the future.
                We were in Oslo yesterday and today and then we will be back on Friday for a meeting run by the APs. I hate driving in Oslo! Its the worse!!! But it has been fun to be here and fun to be with so many other missionaries. I feel like really I don't have much to talk about because I have hardly been in my area. But things are going well. Time is speeding by and I don't know how to feel about that. I miss you guys. Want to just move here so I can have the best of both worlds? Thoughts? No, it will be good to see you guys! I can't wait to hug you! I'm sorry that I talk about it so much, but I mean its so soon! Hey, lets get some quotes going, because there are a lot!!
Quotes that were so funny they should be in a book!
Me: The clouds are so cool here. Witback: Yeah... clouds are... neat...
Me: I can't date him again. Mac: You can't. That's like telling God that you want to go to hell.
Ashton: I want to smack that water bottle out of your hand. Me: What is wrong with you?  Ashton: I sewed up my pants and you're not even excited!
Ashton: I wish I could go back in time... actually this has nothing to do with time travel...
Sister Trydal: I'm turning into an American pumpkin!

Witback: When I read that Elder Dyches was coming I thought, why are we being visited by traveling lesbians?
Ashton after a pause of silence: I feel like this road trip just became just me because no one is talking back to me.
Sister Trydal: If you could ask God one question what would it be?
Me: Who I'm going to marry.
Sister Trydal: ..... Oh....

Hunt sleep talking quotes...

When the sun rises in the sky... well I guess the earth... you can hear Paul McCartney sing... and Jesus. Its practically the same except Jesus died for us. I'm pretty sure that's doctrinally sound.
If  Dallin AP Jones and C James fought who would win? Ap Jones is taller... CJ fights dirty! We have to bring them to a cock fight to see who wins!
In a perfect world, I'm pretty sure Paul McCartney would be everywhere. You look into his eyes and see heaven. *recites the preamble* Rooster crow! Rooster crow! God bless America! I love America so much I have to spray paint it on walls. Its a civil justice!

    Sister Hunt so MANY other things, but I think a lot of it is socially acceptable. I laughed so hard though!
     Well, besides all the fun, things are going well. I feel like this week is almost already over! Not this Sunday but next Sunday is moves call and we will have transfers again. I love my distrikt, so I hope nothing really changes there. We will see though! You never know! I heard about Kyle and Lizette and that is so exciting! I am excited to meet her! She sounds awesome! And its way cool you guys got to help teach so much. Member missionary work! The best way! Læll, I love you guys and I hope all is well!! Talk to you next week! Oh, btw my pday will be on Monday so no changes there! You guys are the best!
Keep it real. Keep it classy. And may the odds be ever in your favor!

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