Monday, August 25, 2014

Making Chocalate and playing soccer!

The Chocolate Factory!! With these clothes on, it through me back to the old days #cancerthrowback

This is me making my own chocolate! 

 We went to the Artzens this week and while I was sitting out on their porch I saw the clouds and just had to take a picture! Its my favorite thing about Norway! *minus the members 

Its been raining like crazy, and it hailed so much that it looked like snow! 

This is mish life: driving to places together (Zone meetings, activities, etc.) and stopping to discuss where we are going to buy Boller 

We played soccer, eller "fotball", with the stake. We got creamed... 

Our MVP, Zalko! 

 Selfies live on! 

 Love getting letters!! Celine sent me funny mimes about spiders. #foreverhatingspiders #youguyshavenoideahowbigtheyare #gross 

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