Wednesday, August 20, 2014

Mission Prom!!

This was a pic that we took a year ago at the Mission Tour in Trondheim

This is the one from this year!


Gusty and Ashton!! My favorite elders! 

Mac and I in Asker 

 Well... how do I explain this one? We have this joke that every conference is like "Mission Prom" because everyone puts on their best clothes and best face. This "Mission Prom" Sister Hunt, Mac, and I decided to pick elders to match with. So we all went matching. It was super fun! And we just laughed about it forever! 

Gusty, Ashton, Hunt, Mac, and Me! 

ELDER RUSHTON!!! Its been too long since I saw him last! Love him! 

Mission Prom outfit!

Ashton and I's first road trip! 

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