Monday, August 11, 2014

Shortest email ever!

Dear Family and Friends,
          This is going to be super short because this week we only have like 30 minutes to email. Totally lame!! But its because we are having a huge 2 zone joint Pday on Thursday. It's actually going to be really fun. We are all meeting up in Oslo and playing games and sports. Then we are all going to different areas to spend the night. We will be staying in Asker. It will be fun because the Drammen Sisters will be staying there too, so there will be 6 of us. We will all go on Splits in Asker for the night. And Sister McArthur is in Asker so I get to see her again! That will be really fun! This last week was really slow. We taught a lot of people, but none are too positive. Yesterday we had a teach and I cried in the middle of it and then afterwards. He was not very nice! And it was in English so that meant that I was pretty much teaching alone. Yikes! Sister Hodgkiss monologuing is never a good idea! I am looking forward from some time away from the area! And it will be great to be around other missionaries!! Of course it will also be great to have the conference and listen to Elder Dykes speak. I feel like I need these conferences with him and Elder Bednar for the last push! #65days #notthatimcounting #whoamikiddingiam 
              Thanks for all the emails back to my email last week! I love getting your pictures and videos!! They are the cutest! I'm trying to think if I have anything note worthy to tell you guys. Oh! This was a cool story. This last week we were out talking to people on the street, aka kontakting, and we stopped this girl. She said that she didn't have time because her just died a few days ago. She began to cry and then said "I have never believed as much as I do now." I bore my testimony to her that she would see and live with her father again. It was a cool moment. Of course I wanted to give her the whole gospel and make everything better, but I was reminded of the way that the Savior taught. He gave them the portion of the gospel that they needed. It was the same with her. She needed to hear that life extends beyond the grave. 
               Well, I will make sure to give you guys a nice long email next week! Full of lots of details about the conference and such. I have to go shopping today. I need new clothes!!! So I am dragging my very ungirly companion to the mall with me. I love you all!! 
Talk to you soon! 

Keep it real. Keep it classy. And may the odds be always in your favor! 


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