Tuesday, September 9, 2014

Picking Berries and Perhaps buying a potatoe farm?

Talic Family after we all made cupcakes together 

 Selma, Erin, and Belma 

We went with our amazing friend Ann-Cathrine this last week and picked berries!! It was the coolest thing!! I felt so Norwegian. We made jam afterwards and put it on our waffles! Don't worry Mom and Dad, I save some in the freezer for you! 

Waterfall in the forest 

 Our spoils! 

Blue is the best! 

We ate lunch by this lake! Mom and Dad we will be visiting here! 

Norwegian "sack" lunch for days out hiking! Boiled hot dogs in a thermos! 

#ilovenorway #thisisnotaflatteringpicture

 Okay this a cool story... We went to the Relief Society activity this last weekend and we got to help pick potatoes! They have this huge tractor with a potatoes picker on it. It scoops up the potatoes and then you have to grab them and put them in the bucket while the tractor is moving. It was so fun! In my defense, it was raining so the hair was a mess! But, thoughts on buying a potato farm and picking? I say yes! 

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