Wednesday, September 10, 2014

Reunions and 17 miracles

Benedikte's birthday party

 We had a ward party in the park and I brought all the games that mom sent me. I did bubbles with the kids for like 30 minutes! This is Liam, Wellah's kid. He loved it! 

R-Pitts! I love this girl! 

TJ, after 6 months of being apart

Me, Celine, and TJ

Me, Gusty, and Roe 

Me, Nielson, and Shank! These guys were greenies in Trondheim, and now they have been out over a year and are ZLs and DLs! I love them! 

Ap Dallin Jonesy! Got to love him! And I don't know what TJ is doing in the back there..

Sister Hartley! She is my sister because we were both trained by Hilty. She is the cutest! 

17 Miracles 

17 Miracles 

My MTC district 

All the Sisters in the mission 

My entire mission

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