Monday, September 15, 2014

"The Lord is in the details of our lives."

Dear Weasley Family and Friends,
              I would like to formally announce that I bought books 2-5 of the Harry Potter series in Norwegian. Are we excited? Yes! Are we worried that I won't be able to read them because I don't have magic/wizard vocabulary? Absolutely! Am I going to read them anyways? Yes! In like a month because I don't think it talks about Christ in those books. Exciting times. Exciting times! 
            So another week has come and gone and I look back and think "What have I even done?" I really don't even remember the details of the weeks anymore, they seem to just clash together. Jumping on the trampoline with the Talics, baking brownies, eating too much. It all just wraps itself up into one episode that I call "my mission". And today is the 15th meaning that I see Mom and Dad in exactly a month. I feel like I should be losing weight for this, but the members have other ideas. One day last week all I honestly did all day was teach and eat cake. Every house we went to had cake. What am I supposed to do? Probably tell them I am terrified of di-a-beat-is, but instead I just put on this surprised look and say "Cake?! My favorite!" I have perfected the "I'm so happy you made more bad food for me to eat" face. Also, the "I know what you are saying" face. I gained that talent when I came into the land and people started speaking a million words an hour. The probably is that now I'm too good at the face, so when I'm with Familien Talic and they start speaking Bosnisk I put the face on and then they think I know what they are saying. The gift of tongues is a gift of the Spirit, but I don't got it, that's for sure! #Moroni10 #rambling 
                  I saw the pic of Lins and Brent and Lori and Baby Knox! You guys are all adorable! Knox is getting so big. I know it's hard on him that I'm gone, but I will be there soon! Can't wait to meet him and Nixon. And get to know Heston because I held him like "ah" time before my mish. And Mills probs doesn't even remember me, so that will be new. And Gavin still thinks I'm bringing a dragon home for him, so I don't know what to do about that. And Tommye is like almost in YW. And Brylee is talking up a storm and probably has enough sass for all of us. And Jade's hair is longer than mine and prettier. And the rest of you are all skinny. So I guess there is some proof that its really been 18 months? At least we have some mile stones. As for me, I've just gained weight and my teeth are stupid now because my dang retainer broke a few months ago. Yes Mom, this is me breaking it to you lightly that my retainer is broken. I figured since you have 4 weeks, you will be able to forgive me by the time I see you. Hey, at least I was using it! 
                    We did have a really cool miracle at the beginning of the week! So the week before last week, Sister Trydal and I were doing our weekly planning. We were talking about working with the youth because we really felt like that would help them a lot. So as we were discussing ways that we could help the youth. We decided that it would be really great if we invited one of the YW to be with us for an entire day. She lives a long way out and has a hard time coming to church, and we wanted her to be at the Sister's Conference Broadcast so we decided that we could have her on Tuesday. We wrote in in our planners and planned most of the day so that we would have good activities to do with her. That was Thursday. Well the week gets busy and we kind of forgot to call her and talk to her about it. So Monday night comes and we give her a call. No answer. So we decided that we could just do it another time. Tuesday comes and we have some time so we go into the city center and are kontakting and talking to people. Sister Trydal stopped this Muslim man and said "We are from the Church of Jesus Christ..." he didn't really understand her and so he said "No, but she is really beautiful" and pointed at me. Sorry, that had nothing to do with the miracle, but nonetheless.. Anywho, so we were talking to people and I was tired so we decided to go inside the mall, find a bench, and make some phone calls. We sit down and who do we see on the bottom floor below us? The Young Woman we had planned to spend the day with! We went up to her and we asked what she was doing in Sarpsborg and she told us that her bus card wasn't working and she didn't know how she was going to be able to get home. I told her that I had a good idea, she could just come spend the day with us. She quickly called her parents and we got the green light and she was able to spend the whole day with us, including going to the Sister's Meeting. It was a wonderful day! On the way home, she said "Would it be okay if we did this one day every week?" I tried to hide my excitement and play it cool, but really I was jumping for joy! It was so cool because everything worked out just as we had planned it. It was a huge tender mercy and the Lord really led us, without us even knowing it. It reminds me of the quote by President Monson, "The Lord is in the details of our lives." He loves his children and he works all the details out so that we can be blessed. 
                     Things are still going well with the Talic family! We teach them everyday and they are getting into better routines. They are going to be singing "A child's prayer" for Salko's baptism, so I have been teaching them that. Belma is 5 and can't read so we sing it over and over again. It will make sure they are at the baptism, and it will just be the cutest. Salko also wants me to sing in English at the baptism, so I dragged Elder Drage, my distrikt leader into singing with me. Its the last few weeks before Salko is baptized, so things are pretty crazy. It always last minute teaching, hair pulling, someone forgot to bake brownies kind of ordeal, but its always a happy ending! Salko is so excited to be baptized and the ward has been great with welcoming him. The kids are fitting in well with the other kids, and love primary. They have a primary program coming up and they have been promised cake if they sing well. To say the least, they are very excited for that! I feel a little bit like a mom because my days are filled with bicycle rides, and family home evening, and homemade treats and meals, but man do I love it. Working with families is the best! It definitely has its challenges that single investigators don't have, but its so much more rewarding. I have learned that I really just love kids. I don't know exactly what I want to do with my life, but I know that it has to do with kids because I'm the happiest with them. It's been a huge blessing to be with them so often! This ward has so many kids and families and I am lucky to be in so many of their homes. 
                          Yesterday we were able to eat dinner at CeCe's house. She is the professional golfer and basically the coolest. The discussions at her house are always so enriching and uplifting! Her friend from Tyland was also with us. She spoke in church and CeCe translated! Mom and Dad do you guys want to speak in church when you are here? ;) I am so grateful for the people that I've met here on my mission. There are so many amazing wonderful people who have uplifted me and inspired me to reach my potential. CeCe and so many of the other members here are some of those people. There is just a light that comes from them that is unmistakable! Elder Bednar talked about this in his talks. He quoted D&C 50 "light will case away the darkness". As I meet with these members and families, and investigators I see how that light is what we all need, its what we cling to. This gospel chases away the darkness. It chases away questions, doubts, weaknesses, and insecurities. A life in Christ is a life in the light. 
                I hope that you guys all had a wonderful week! I love you all and you know I am so looking forward to seeing you! You're always in my thoughts and prayers!

Keep it real. Keep it classy. And may the odds be ever in your favor! 


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